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{photo by Forrest Clonts}

There's a little babe on the way!

Patrick and I, and our families, are beyond thrilled at the new addition that will be joining our family this fall. It has been so hard keeping it a secret... and to be honest, we did a pretty terrible job of keeping this secret. We have been pretty excited to share our news with our friends and family, so once we hit about 9 weeks, we started sharing left and right. Oops?

How far along are you?
I'm 13.5 weeks and officially in the second trimester {insert all the praise hands here}. We've known since I was three weeks along so the first trimester felt like it lasted for-freaking-ever. It felt even longer due to the fact that we originally thought I was two weeks further along than I actually was.

When are you due?
We're due in November... and of course, the first child of this divided house would have a due date of the Clemson/South Carolina weekend. It's anybody's guess as to whether or not baby will make his or her grand appearance that weekend, but let's hope that game isn't so stressful that it puts me into labor. Ha!

{photo by Forrest Clonts}

How did you find out?
You mean other than the positive pregnancy test? Because we found out so early, I really didn't have any "yup, definitely pregnant" symptoms before I took the test other than a missed period. After the first test, I think I took a test every single day for the next two weeks until I ran out of tests. Yup. I was that pregnant woman.

How did you tell Patrick?
In my head, I had all of these cute ideas planned. In reality? That's another story for another day, but Patrick found out about .2 seconds after I found out.

How are you feeling?
I had about 4-5 days where I felt nauseous but mostly I've just been flat out exhausted. There were about 6-7 weeks there of wake up late, go to work, work all day, come home and take a two hour nap, wake up for dinner, and then get right back in the bed. I'm still impressed with myself that I made it through our whirlwind trip to New York City in April with zero naps. In the last week or so, I've managed to mostly cut out the naps.

{photo by Forrest Clonts}

Are you going to find out the gender?
My original vote was to not find out the gender while Patrick definitely did want to find it out. Now we've flipped - I do want to know and he doesn't. We still have a little while before our anatomy scan and I can imagine we'll both change our minds a few times before then.

So yep, Baby M is on the way! While it partially explains the loooooong absence here on the blog, hopefully that'll be changing as I get my energy back and am not falling asleep everyday after work. I've missed this space of mine and have lots of things to catch up on on here!
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