31 October 2013

Pumpkin Carving!

You know how you see all of those fancy pumpkins now with their fancy designs? Y'all know what I'm talking about.

The witch flying on a broomstick.

The werewolf howling at a moon.

The super elaborate underwater scene.

Absolutely none of that is my style. Props to all y'all that can actually carve something like that into your pumpkin and not get 100% irritated with your stencil or your design. Seriously. 

I love to carve pumpkins but I can only handle it for about 10 minutes. Any design that takes longer than that isn't going to happen.

Remember that Fall Bucket List of mine? Carving a pumpkin was on that list and I was running out of time to get this done. Patrick to the rescue! I stopped in Columbia on my way back to Charlotte on Sunday and he had two pumpkins {already scooped out & cleaned up!} ready to carve.

Someone please take note of the hammer & knife combo Patrick's got going on here.

Masterpieces. Pure genius y'all.

My little pumpkin at home on my balcony with my Clemson lights.

Um, does anyone else see the similarity between my pumpkin this year & the one from my bucket list? Good to know I've got that creative gene.


30 October 2013

Kiawah House: Deck

One of the first projects that my dad tackled at the Kiawah house was the old deck overlooking the lagoon {the same lagoon that is home to a big gator named CJ}.

The deck was old, kind of falling apart, and had steps that led straight down to the lagoon. Seriously. The steps stopped about 5 yards away from it, so we decided that the steps needed to be on the other side of the deck {away from the lagoon} when it was rebuilt.


All of these pictures are compliments of my dad. Somehow, in all the pictures I took of the house, I never got the deck. Probably because I was too focused on trying to see a little gator.

 & if you look closely, these weren't even supposed to be pictures of the deck. My dad was taking pictures of all of the birds in the background. Check out the back right of the deck, you can see the old steps heading down towards the lagoon.

More steps, birds, & hooks.

 Again, this wasn't supposed to be a picture of the deck. It was supposed to be of the sunlight streaming through.

 Check out the icky old table & chairs. 


 View from the living room door.

 New steps leading towards the front of the house/street rather than the lagoon - yay!

Other side of the deck.

The new steps! Woo! Yay!

There's still some staining and painting to do, but for now, the construction is complete. Because you can see these steps at the same time as the front steps, they might get painted/stained in the same fashion. But we'll have to wait and see!

29 October 2013

Kiawah House: Introduction

Welcome to my parents' little house by the beach...

Advance apology: all of these pictures were taken in a hurry while we had a quick minute to look at the house while we were at Kiawah for our vacation this summer. Some are crooked, some have my parents in them, whatever. I was too excited and too busy running around trying to see everything to get super great pictures.

Things to note: most of the furniture stayed {with the exception of a few pieces} and everything on the walls left with the old owners.

 Front steps & door. Sidewalk is getting replaced this week.

 Inside the front door.

Hallway to the right of the front door. Closets on the right side of the hallway, then Bedroom 1, bathroom at the end, Bedroom 2 on the back left, and front left is the laundry room/office area.

Bedroom 1: the bunk bed room or Laurel's room, whichever you prefer.

Just in case there wasn't enough sleeping space in this room, there's a trundle under this bunk bed, too. However... these bunk beds & the trundle left about a month ago.

 Wait. Are the bunk beds in the closet?

Yup. Bunk beds in the closet.

But, there's still a closet within the closet.

 1 of 3 full baths. This one is my favorite! Except for the crazy shower.

 Bedroom 2: otherwise known as my bedroom. It's now painted a pretty, very pale light blue.

Bedroom 2's bathroom from eons ago. You can barely see the bookshelf type thing on the left, but that was the first thing my dad tore out of that bathroom. The second will be the carpet.

 Everything has got to go! I'm sure this bathroom will be my favorite when it's all said and done {I love what my mom has picked out for it!}

 The teeny tiny office.

Laundry room.

 The best area of the house: the living room, dining room, and kitchen areas.

 That table is gone.

The futon on the left, the lamps, and that awesome kitchen table are all gone.

Master bedroom. It has already been repainted & I think the paint color is called "bejeweld"? I'm not sure how to describe it other than very pale blueish/purpleish color.

Master bedroom closet into bathroom.

 Master bath.

 Master bedroom... right off of the living room & the double doors open out onto the deck.

 The pretty kitchen table is now gone, but my parents have already bought a new one from Carolina Imports to replace it. Pictures of the new one to come once the rest of the little dining area is complete.

 I love the kitchen. Stainless steel, subway tile, open, bright, airy.

 Another thing that I love about the house: the little door within a door on the fridge. I use it as much as possible, even when not completely necessary or practical.

& that's the house!

Come back tomorrow to see the deck {not pictured here} and the changes we {my dad} has already made to it.

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