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Welcome to Magnoila & Main!

About Chesson

Hi! I’m Chesson, the 30-something voice behind the Magnolia & Main Blog and I call Lexington, South Carolina home.

I love to explore the South, one brewery at a time, with my husband (Patrick) and our daughters (Riley and Evans) in tow. You'll often find me behind the lens of a camera, biking the day away on Kiawah, running a 5K, cheering on my Clemson Tigers, or hosting family and friends. I'm passionate about sharing my love for all things local through my writing and photography, and I'm fortunate to have a career that allows me to do just that.

I’m excited to dive back into my running journey this year (after spending much of the last three years pregnant or living the newborn life). For me, nothing beats biking around Kiawah with Riley in the Burley Bee behind my bike. Well, maybe a brewery hoppin’ day date around Charleston or Asheville with Patrick.

Meet Patrick

Patrick and I met at the beginning of my senior year at Clemson (2009) at a mutual friend’s wedding

We had a long distance relationship for almost six years while I was at Clemson and then while I spent five years after college working in Charlotte. I finally decided that I did want to live in South Carolina after all and I moved back home. Patrick proposed a few months later and the following summer we said “I do!” and celebrated all night long with family and friends.

He’s a tailgate enthusiast that loves to host the ones we love most with great food and plenty of fun. His favorite days are the ones that are spent out on the lake, at the beach, with friends at a brewery, or relaxing at home with his girls.

Meet Riley & Evans

From the minute that her 9lbs 2oz and 22” self arrived, Riley has rocked our world in all of the best ways possible. She’s been the bright spot in our day every day from the first day, and we say that every current age is our favorite. But really. Two years old is definitely our favorite. She’s so talkative, has a big personality, is as sweet as she is sassy, and she keeps us on our toes.

Two years and a couple of months later, Evans joined in the fun to make our family complete. We can’t wait to watch her grow and see her personality develop! Right now, as a newborn, she’s super chill—she’s looks a lot like Riley but is the complete opposite of her so far in every other way.

One thing that Patrick and I don’t do: share too much about our daughters on social media / the internet. We firmly believe in protecting their privacy—it’s why you won’t see pictures of their faces often (I can count on one hand the number of times that Riley’s face has appeared) and why you won’t hear all the details or stories of their lives.

Things I Love to Write About

Over the years, I’ve written a little bit about everything from brewery explorations to beach trips, recipes, running adventures, tailgates, and more. From the early days of my blog (2013) to now, I’ve gone through and documented big life changes including moving from Charlotte to Columbia, getting engaged and married, buying our first home, welcoming Riley and Evans, and moving into our second home. I love documenting my experiences—and sharing more about what I love with you!

Sit back, grab a pint of craft beer or a glass of wine, and stay awhile!


  1. Hi there, I'm Kristina! I'm also from Charlotte & I just discovered your blog, very cute! I'm nominating you for a Liebster Award. To find out more about it, go can go here:


    Have a great day :)

  2. I'm in Charleston! We have a lot of family in Charlotte so visit often. I love the zoo...we are "members" and just went last weekend! Glad I found your blog!
    California To Carolina
    The Gym Bunny

  3. You're pretty much the cutest thing ever! Loved learning a little bit about you! I agree with you on so many things...except the running. I don't really like to sweat! :)

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