31 August 2016

Our Wedding: Be Our Guest

The wedding invitation process went a little something like this:
- picked a local design company to work with
- pinned invitations that I liked on my wedding board
- got incredibly overwhelmed with all of the invitation options
- picked out one idea
- went the completely opposite way in the next meeting
- debated on end about what to do
There are SO MANY options when it comes to wedding invitations. It's unreal. I think that I said "I don't know!" the most during this part of the planning process.
I have been working with print and typography since high school and have been exposed to so many cool things. I wanted to do them all. Every single one of them. But you get one wedding invitation design, not a thousand, so I had to somehow figure out a way to narrow down the options.
In the end, it came down to this: the designer showed me an invitation suite that they had just completed and I fell in love with it. I was sold as soon as I saw it... you know, once I made a few tweaks to it to make it our own invitation.

{sorry for all of the blurring & the boxes! but for privacy, I'm keeping full names/addresses off the internets ;)}
I wanted something unique and elegant while maintaining a very traditional style. Our invitations turned out just like that and even better than I could have ever imagined!

Our invitation suite was simple: one outer grey envelope with a pale pink lining, invitation, reply card, and a white reply envelope. No inner envelopes, no fancy band around all of the elements, no pocket folder things, no ribbon, nothing. Just simple & classy which is exactly what we wanted.

The invitation itself is on a thick, navy blue paper stock and we picked a not-super-shiny silver foil to foil stamp the invitation with. And yes, I loved my invitation enough to snag a picture or two with it during my bridal portraits.

Special Thanks to...
Design: Bailee at By Farr
Wedding Planner: Melanie Murphy of By Invitation Only {for keeping me in check during this whole process!}
All photographs in this post were taken by: Jessica Roberts at Jessica Roberts Photography

29 August 2016


Happy Monday, y'all!
Is anyone else absolutely thrilled that this week is FINALLY here? College football is back! In our house, we're currently counting down the days and hours until 8pm Thursday evening. But we're also currently...
Celebrating: Patrick's 31st birthday! We had a great weekend full of fun things from the Clemson/USC soccer game {Go Tigers!} to dinner out at a new restaurant on Main Street {Main Street Public House} to trying out a new watering hole in town {The Casual Pint}.
And: celebrating my favorite {and only} sister-in-law Amy's birthday. Happy Birthday, Amy!
Training for: I was on the fence about whether or not I wanted to run the Kiawah Half Marathon again this year and quite a few of y'all talked me into it. Plus, they have a new course route this year. It eliminates the out & back portion of the course and miles 8-13 are in a completely new area. This is awesome because the back half of the race is always hardest for me {especially miles 11-13} and those miles this year are on the part of the island that I most frequently run on. Hopefully that translates into a better finish for me this year!
A Year Ago Today: I ran the Stomp the Swamp 5K & placed first in my age group. Yes, there were only two total people in my age group but first place is first place, right?

And: I think something pretty awesome happened a year ago today. Maybe.
Looking Forward to: THURSDAY! While we won't be in Nashville this time to see the USC/Vandy game in person, we'll be tuning in from our house with a few friends.
Oddly Excited About: ... the blinds in our living room. Y'all already know my obsession with the new blinds in our new house but it's been months since we've been able to complete a room & hang up blinds. We checked another room off our list this weekend {the front living room} and got to hang up blinds!
{& the last of my furniture is out of the storage unit and into our house, hallelujah.}
Painting: we're moving on to the trim in our dining room this week. It needs to be cleaned/prepped, primed, and then painted. We are SO close to being done with paint in our house!
Watching: Quantico Season 1. It's finally on Netflix and after being completely obsessed with the show last year, I finally get to watch it again and get Patrick hooked on it. We're 4 episodes on and I think it's safe to say he likes the show as much as I do.
Drinking: ... Coast 32/50 Kolsch which is currently one of the many craft beer selections on tap at The Casual Pint. This is a new craft beer bar in The Vista that we have fallen in love with. It's similar to our favorite Craft & Draft on Devine Street but this place is closer to our house, has a bunch of board games & cards you can play with, and has a great atmosphere. We might have gone here both Friday & Saturday night this weekend. Oops?
Obsessing Over: wedding pictures. I will probably never get tired of posting these.
{& you can check back on Wednesday to see another edition of Wedding Wednesday/more pictures!}

26 August 2016

Five on Friday

Happy Friday, y'all!
Happy 31st birthday to this handsome husband of mine!

{Photo by Jessica Roberts}
We've got a weekend of celebrations on tap: a surprise date night tonight for him, dinner & drinks with his friends tomorrow evening, and a Sunday afternoon full of housework {per his request}
Cheers to birthday #31!
Cheers also to these cheddar biscuits from Silver Spoon Bake shop that were at the Fig Launch Party last night.

I'm pretty sure that my friend and I both had at least 4. Each. Now I'm on a mission to figure out how to make these at home!
One day, this blog will move on from my wedding. One day. Not today though! My photographer got our wedding pictures back to us and I am in LOVE.

 {Photo by Jessica Roberts}

 {Photo by Jessica Roberts}

 {Photo by Jessica Roberts}
In case you missed it this week, I've started recapping all things wedding related starting with my bridal portraits. I have a whole bunch of posts written out & ready to hit publish on... so get ready to relive my entire wedding weekend with me on Wednesdays.

{Photo by Jessica Roberts}
& did you catch my recipe for pimento cheese?

We polished off the batch I made this past weekend on like Tuesday. It's delicious. And Patrick has already put in his request that I make more ASAP.
Did you really think I was going to let this post go by without a mention of college football? Ha!
I'm not the only blogger that's super excited for college football season to be here. I've teamed up with some of my favorite bloggers to bring you all sorts of football related posts next week... everything from game day wear to tailgate recipes. Check back in on Thursday for all things football!
Hope that everyone has a great weekend!

25 August 2016

Recipe: Kiawah Pimento Cheese

Pimento cheese is a staple in two places in my life - Clemson football game tailgates and weekends at the beach. Neither is complete without a little pimento cheese!

But it hasn't always been that way. I've only just begun to enjoy pimento cheese. In fact, the very first time that I tried it was down at Edisto Beach with Patrick's family - I had been watching them eat it all week long and finally tried it {on a steak!} when we went out to dinner at the end of the week.
I haven't looked back since. Pimento cheese is so good and can be found in pretty much any southern home at any given time. There's usually always a container of Palmetto Pimento Cheese in my fridge.
Although it was high time that I finally learned how to make it on my own. This past weekend, my mom and I took over the kitchen at our beach house on Kiawah and got to work on our recipe.
Kiawah Pimento Cheese
1 & 1/2 cups mayonnaise
3/4 tsp Worcestershire sauce
1 tsp mustard
1/4 tsp black pepper*
1/4 tsp red pepper*
1/4 tsp garlic powder*
7oz pimentos, drained & minced
8oz block of extra sharp cheddar cheese, shredded
8oz block of sharp cheddar cheese, shredded
* - add to taste! We ended up adding about a 1/2 tsp each of these three ingredients because in our house, we like things spicier & we love garlic!

1. In a large mixing bowl, mix together mayonnaise, worchestershire sauce, mustard, black pepper, red pepper, and garlic powder.
2. Mince up pimentos on a plate using a fork - add to bowl and mix together.
3. Grate cheese and slowly add to bowl, mixing as you go along.
4. Refrigerate & enjoy!

Ok, so the trickiest part of the entire process? Mincing up the pimentos. They're too large when you get them out of the jar and they're best in smaller pieces.

My mom suggested that I take a taste of the recipe halfway through mixing in the cheese. Um, nope. I do not like mayonnaise {the only exception I'll make is for pimento cheese!} and there was no way I was going to try this recipe with only half the amount of cheese in it.

Nope. Nope. Nope.

Y'all - I made a massive bowl of this stuff on Sunday morning. Want to know how long it lasted?
Two days.
Between my husband, my friend who sits next to me at work, and me... we did work on that pimento cheese. Patrick was extremely sad when it was gone but luckily, he only has to wait until next week when it'll get made again for the first football game of the season.

Because when it comes to football in the south, pimento cheese is a must.

It's also, oddly enough, a must as a topping for my steak the next time that we grill out. I think the addition of the Worcestershire sauce to the recipe is what would make it perfect on top of a grilled piece of filet mignon. No? Just me? Patrick thinks so, too!
Let me know what y'all think!
{PS - ONE WEEK until football is back!}

24 August 2016

Our Wedding: Bridal Portraits... on a Carousel!

{Warning! Complete & total picture overload ahead for you. Sorry. Can't help it. I love these pictures!}

My first location and date choice for bridal portraits didn't quite pan out the way it was supposed to.
It rained. A lot. My shoes didn't arrive in time. I didn't have my jewelry picked out. I wasn't ready at all for those portraits and it was kind of a relief when the forecast called for 100% chance of rain. Outdoor bridal portraits just don't happen in the rain.
On to the second location option... which actually turned out better than I could have ever hoped.

I decided to go with the Botanical Garden at Riverbanks Zoo and it was the perfect choice on so many levels. It was local {first location choice was 2 hours away} and meaningful. Not only is the zoo one of my favorite places in Columbia but the gardens are where Patrick proposed.

To say that taking the bridal portraits here was quite an adventure would be an understatement. There was one point in time where we thought that it was going to be a complete disaster & were contemplating rescheduling {which would have been a nightmare}. However, one of the guys at the zoo totally stepped up and helped us turn the experience around. I could not be more grateful to all that he did to help us out!

The talented Jessica Roberts worked her magic {along with Amy at Metropolis Salon who did my hair and make up} and my bridal portraits came out even better than I could have ever hoped! I absolutely love them all. I have been dying to share these with y'all for about two months now and I'm so glad that I finally can!

{this shot was the winning shot & ended up being blown up to portrait size/framed}

Who doesn't love a wrought iron gate with a gorgeous garden in the background?

Jessica got some great detail shots of my bouquet, the back of my dress, the lace detail, and of the jeweled belt we had added onto the dress after the fact.

This veil was uncooperative about 97% of the time. I'm impressed that we were able to wrangle it for some decent pictures.

I had to get a shot in the exact spot where Patrick proposed... with a picture from the proposal making a guest appearance.

But then we took the bridal portrait session to the next level: we headed into the actual zoo and to the carousel.

So yes, I had completely unconventional engagement pictures taken in a brewery and went even more unconventional and had bridal portraits taken on a carousel in the middle of a zoo. Both were all kinds of perfect if you ask me!

Taking these pictures were absolutely hysterical. C'mon. I'm sitting in a peacock.

... and on an elephant.

I seriously thought my mom was going to have a heart attack when she saw me trying to climb up on this thing in my wedding dress.

Here are a few "behind the scenes, for the blog!" shots that Jessica took while we were there. I'm so glad that she captured some of these moments, too.

Dress - Fabulous Frocks in Charleston, SC
Shoes - Pink Eyelet Jack Rogers {no longer sold}
Earrings - Hand Picked {no longer sold}
Photographer - Jessica Roberts Photography 
Location - Riverbanks Zoo & Botanical Garden
& special thanks to Andy {the Director of the Botanical Gardens} who was a huge, huge help to us while we were there. So much that we needed to get a picture with him when it was all said and done:

22 August 2016

Weekending in Kiawah Style

Ah, Kiawah.

I never get tired of going down to this island. It doesn't matter what time of year it is or what the weather is like outside. It's one of the best places to visit and it's always so hard to leave at the end of a trip.

Friday night, my parents, brother, Jen, and I all met up out on Johns Island at two of the best places: Low Tide Brewing for some drinks and The Southern General for supper. If you're ever on your way out to Kiawah from Charleston, these are two places you MUST stop by on your way. They're so good.

Saturday was all about three things: walking, biking, & beaching.

& of course, it wouldn't be a weekend at Kiawah without sunset drinks at the boardwalk one night.

How crazy is this sky? We watched one storm roll in and right past us... but totally got caught in the second one that came through.

Sunday morning, my mom and I bartered our skills with one another and helped each other out: I gave her a refresher course in using her camera before she & my dad jet off on their next big adventure and in return, she finally taught me how to make pimento cheese {just in time for football season!}

Stay tuned - this delicious pimento cheese recipe is coming to you later this week.

There was also a little bike riding around the island with my parents.

& more beach time!

But the best part of my weekend wasn't actually on Kiawah. It was coming back to our house and spending Sunday evening cooking dinner and watching some TV with my husband. This whole being married thing? Still awesome. We spent our longest amount of time together ever {20 days!} before having our first weekend apart.
Hope y'all are ready for some wedding posts! Wednesdays for the foreseeable future will be for all things wedding related. First up? Our invitations followed by my {slightly untraditional} bridal portraits. I cannot wait to begin sharing things about our day with y'all so I hope you're excited, too!

PS - it's the LAST week without college football! Hurry up, September!

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