31 December 2014

Where Did 2014 Go?

I am totally stealing this idea from Biana, but when I saw it on her blog yesterday, I knew that I wanted to do the exact same thing for my last blog post of 2014.

2014 has been pretty great and the wonderful thing about blogging is that I can look back on the year and know what I did and relive it all over again. So let's relive it! ... well, at least the Top 14 Moments:

Drinking wine to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Wine, a bunch of friends, and a great cause? Yes, please.

I was able to see two of my very good friends a lot more this year than the last couple of year's. There was a color run, a beach trip, a few Clemson tailgates, a tour of downtown North Augusta, and a lake weekend... and hopefully it continues in 2015!

Running in the Governor's Cup 8K. Not only was it my first 8K, but it was {briefly} my favorite race ever. It's still my favorite 8K ever if that counts for anything.

I had one of those moments this summer where everything was great and perfect and couldn't possibly get any better {unless, of course, I was able to see a sea turtle come up out of the ocean to lay her eggs while we were all sitting up on the boardwalk checking out the Super Moon}.

And then a sea turtle came up out of the ocean to lay her eggs.


Our two person, 1 brewery bar crawl this summer for my birthday.

I knocked three cities off of my list of places that I've always wanted to go. Savannah, Nashville, and Asheville. The only problem now is that I want to go back to all three cities but I still have so many more that I need to make it to a first time. Up next for 2015? Cities like Louisville, KY and Columbia, MO.

I built a table. Well, Patrick helped {a lot} but I did quite a bit of work too!

finally moved out of my old apartment into a brand new apartment that I absolutely adore.

It isn't even fair to compare them side by side.

We had an epic wedding weekend at Kiawah when a family friend's son got married there back in May. There was a lot of beach time, quite a few alligators, and some {not so fantastic} dancing.

A weekend in Charleston to celebrate my two friends, Laurel & Steven, finally tying the knot.

Patrick took me to Asheville to see The Biltmore at Christmas! We also checked out the Grove Park Inn and a couple of breweries. It was a perfect weekend-long date.

Eleven days in Kiawah. My vacation this year worked out wonderfully and I was able to spend the 4th of July + the entire week after + one extra day in Kiawah this summer. Do you know how hard it was to leave at the end of that? I won't be doing that again this summer though :(

Clemson beat USC for the first time in foooooorever in football and I was there to see it in person. Any other year, this would have taken the top spot because of how fantastic it was.


Y'all all knew that was going to be the top moment from 2014.


I hope that everyone has a happy & safe New Year!

30 December 2014

Where Did Football Season Go?

7 home Clemson games.

10 Clemson victories.

Too many tailgate memories and bottles of wine to count.

1 huge win over USC

& an outstanding bowl win over Oklahoma last night!

Football season is over {for Clemson at least} and I'm a little bit sad that there aren't any games to attend until next September. Is it bad that I already know I'll be attending the USC/UNC game the first Thursday {because it's in Charlotte!} and then heading off to Clemson to watch them play App State? To me, it's nice to know what my fall looks like in advance.

Fall is so much easier to plan once the football schedules are released.

I tried today to layout what my weekends look like for the next couple of months and there are so many question marks. It's weird to have freedom on the weekends with no football games or tailgates to attend, but I also kind of love it. It's great to not have my weekend plans dictated by college football.

... I say that, but I already am planning more things this week based on the CFB playoff games on Thursday and the Panthers game this weekend... old habits die hard, right?

Here's to another 10 win season, a healthy Deshaun Watson, and a fantastic 2015 season!

29 December 2014

Where Did Christmas Go?

Another Christmas come and gone, leaving behind nothing but a little fake tree with no presents underneath. Well that and my porch lights cause let's be honest, it'll be weeks before I actually take those things down. Last year's lights only came down in July because I was moving.

This year was quite a bit different than other years.

There wasn't a trip to Lights at the Zoo. I completely forgot to send out Christmas cards. Due to foot surgery + bad weather, my grandmother stayed home on Christmas Eve so there was no Christmas Eve service at the church I grew up in and no Christmas party to attend afterwards. I didn't even take a whole week off of work! I ended up only taking Christmas Eve. And with Patrick's family in London this year, I missed out on my Christmas afternoon fun with them.

So different. Hopefully, I can get back to my normal Christmas next year.

Don't get me wrong, this year was still pretty great even if it was a lot different than normal.

We made sugar cookies...

My brother skateboarded {?}

We went to Christmas Eve service. The rule is... if there are at least four of us, there's going to be a picture. Did I make that rule up Wednesday night at church? You bet I did.

We got a good family picture! Just disregard the cement block wall in the background because our church is under some construction.

My favorite person in California was home for the holidays!

Christmas morning started off with a picture on the stairs and lots of presents to open.

These two want to start charging me for each time they appear on my blog. Wishful thinking guys, wishful thinking.

Santa & I are going to have a little chat before next year about spelling my name correctly.

Wait, is that two awesome family pictures in less than 24 hours? I'm not sure that's ever happened.

Christmas was over before I even had time to get too excited about it.

& tonight, it's Clemson's final game of the season! It also snuck up on me like Christmas did this year. Here's to a fun night of tacos, football, and win #10 for Clemson!


PS - how about the Seahawks and Panthers? Both back in the playoffs for the 2nd year in the row... although nobody is quite sure how the Panthers pulled that one off {and a home playoff game} with a losing record this year.

18 December 2014

The Kiawah Half Marathon {Part Four}

I made a big deal out of this half marathon and I know it.

Will I make a big deal out of every half marathon I run? Probably.

Once we woke up from our much needed naps, Hannah, Jessie, and I headed down to the beach for a little post-half marathon photo shoot to remember the weekend by.

Want to know what you shouldn't do after running 13.1 miles? Squat.

It's really difficult and painful when you stand back up!

We decided that we needed to have a celebratory drink on the beach. Well, since I'm such a picky drinker, we ended up with little mini bottles of Disaronno amaretto and some sour mix.

After our beach photo shoot and celebratory drinks, it was time for the party back at the house.

The sausage dip was calling my name. I hung out right to it for the majority of the night until it was gone {which wasn't that long}.

We had five runners at the party which, naturally, meant we needed to have another photo shoot.

... and a girls only dance party.

No celebration would be complete without presents, either. Patrick and I won't get to see each other at Christmas this year, so we decided to exchange presents ahead of time. The original present from Patrick was the trip to Asheville and The Biltmore back in November... but apparently there was a part two I didn't know about.

Present #1: Goose Island 312 {my favorite beer} in cans {perfect for the glass-free Kiawah beaches} that are impossible to find anywhere except for at Total Wine in Columbia

Present #2: another 312 pack!

Present #3: are y'all sensing a pattern yet?!

He's crazy.

More {non-312} presents...

See my wrapping paper? Amazon boxes do the trick every single time.

Patrick started laughing when he got to the 2nd item in his Amazon box, a Bose Soundlink Mini. He'd had his eye on this thing since the USC/UGA game back in September when one of our friends brought it out to the tailgate. I didn't understand why the present was so funny though...

He handed me another present after he opened that one and you know what? It was basically the same thing, except mine is a speaker that can be used out on the beach because it's water/sand proof. I think we hang out together too much.

Perfect race weekend.

Perfect celebration.

Yes, I've signed up for the Kiawah Half Marathon on December 12, 2015 :)
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