29 August 2014

Oh Hey FOOTBALL Friday!

It's official: I've been to my first tailgate of the year and my first college football game of the year! I cannot wait to see my Tigers take on the Dawgs tomorrow night in Athens, even if I can't be there myself. I will be basking in the sunlight on the beach all day instead which kind of makes up for waiting another week to see my Tigers in person.

Needless to say, my five today are all going to be football related.

There are three new recipes that I really want to try out this season. With 11 games on tap this fall, I figure I can fit a couple of these in...

Sausage Balls
Homemade Chex Mix
Boiled Peanuts

Everyone has been complaining about Clemson's home schedule this season but you know what? There's four games happening in Death Valley that I cannot wait for.

1. Clemson vs USC - no explanation necessary.
2. Clemson vs The Other Carolina - they're supposed to be somewhat decent this year so I'm hoping it's more of a game than it usually is
3. Clemson vs Louisville - Louisville is brand new to the ACC and this will be the first time I've ever seen them play in person
4. Clemson vs Syracuse - Syracuse was new to the ACC last year so this is another team that I'll see play for first time in person. Plus, this game is homecoming weekend.

I'm going to my first USC away game this season, although the game was really just an excuse to go to Nashville. We're going in mid-September to see USC take on Vandy and to see what this Nashville town is all about.


I can't wait to be back here!

Did you see my post earlier this week about the tailgating things you didn't know you needed? No? You should check it out!


28 August 2014

Football is Back!


It's a big day.

Like a really, really, really big day.

Can you believe it?

It's been a looooong 234 days but college football is finally back in our lives again!


"The Dawg Days are Over"

That being said... I have a tailgate & a game to get ready for! There are errands to run {grocery store, Total Wine & Kelly's Cuisine}, a truck to pack up, and an Instagram account to takeover. That's right. I'm going to be taking over The Blogger Closet Instagram for the next three days.

... which should be highly entertaining considering fashion/my style is one of the things that I do not blog about. Can't wait to see how this goes :) Big thanks to Amanda at as the wine cork turns for having me!

27 August 2014

It Sure Would Be Nice To Have...

You've seen those tailgates. I know you have. They're the ones that seem to have thought of everything and their tailgate is completely decked out.

Everything is in the appropriate school colors.
There are signs hanging up with the name of the tailgate.
There's fake grass laid out underneath the tent.
All of the food is labeled with cute little cards or little baby chalkboards.
There's a TV set up in the back of the SUV.
Everything is monogrammed {including the small children running around in cheerleading outfits or football jerseys}

Yeah, you know what kind of tailgate I'm talking about. You'll walk by it and inevitably see something that you've got to have for your own tailgate.

No? That might just be my mom and me then.

It starts the same way every time. My mom and I go to a game by ourselves to have a girls' game and we spot something fun at someone else's tailgate. So we head to a store downtown & buy it. It's how we ended up with Clemson car flags, tiger paw magnets, and Clemson wine glasses.

That's also how we ended up with this table last year.

Here's a few more of my favorite Clemson/tailgating accessories...

The Mee Too Clemson Acrylic Goblet. I received one of these for Christmas one year and it was the greatest thing ever... I have about six of these now but my Clemson one with the bling in the stem is by far my favorite.

The Tiger Paw face tatoo, the "Beat {insert team here}" sticker, and the Tiger Rag.

A tailgate grill is a necessity. We went many years without having one at our tailgates but  didn't know what we were missing because the last couple have been amazing with it. Hello grilled chicken tenders, kabobs, hamburgers, hot dogs, and bacon wrapped jalapeno shrimp.
{ps - shout out to grill master Patrick! Today's his 29th birthday!}

What's a tailgate without tailgate games? Cornhole & Ladder Golf are my two favorites. Don't you love our neutral game board? We have orange/purple bags and garnet/black bags to go with it.

Can you believe it? Football is back TOMORROW!

Go Tigers! Beat UGA!

26 August 2014

Kick Off Week & Tailgate Food

Football is back THIS WEEK! It's finally here & I'm like a little kid on Christmas Eve. I'm linking up today with Caitlyn to share one of the best things about college football.

I'm disappointed that I have to wait until September 6 to see my Tigers play in Death Valley but I'm happy that I'll be able to go to a tailgate this week and a game. Don't worry, y'all, my blood is still orange even if I am going to a USC game on Thursday. It's hard to believe that this is my sixth season of attending at least one USC football game other than the Clemson/USC game in November.

Come to think of it... by September 20th, I will have attended three USC games and only one Clemson game. There is something really wrong with that picture.

Anyway, here are a couple of throwback Tuesday pictures for you...

First Clemson game as a college student 

& one more from '06 just for fun
{hint hint, cough cough, there's another blogger in this picture!}

First USC game

It's so hard for me to pick a favorite part about college football and football season in general. I think I'm going to have to go with tailgating, and more specifically, tailgating food. Now that I've finally ventured out and started trying {& liking} new food, tailgating has gone to a whole new level of awesome.

Here are some of our weekly tailgating food staples:
Black Bean & Corn Salsa
Boiled Peanuts
Palmetto Pimento Cheese
Chick-fil-a Nuggets
Pigs in a Blanket
Chips & Salsa
Sugar Cookies {with orange & purple sprinkles, of course}

Here are some of our "once a season" staples:
Grilled Chicken/Steak & Veggie Kabobs
Grilled Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Shrimp
Hamburgers & Hotdogs
Grilled Italian Chicken Fingers
Chicken Bog {for the cold game!}

Stick around this season, I might share some of the recipes from above! I'll be attending eleven college football games this season so get ready, this blog is about to have a lot of football on it! I seriously cannot wait to get back to tailgating & get back into Death Valley to see the Tigers play :)

25 August 2014

Post Greek Fest 5K

It is no secret that I am not a big fan of running.

You would think that even though I know that I detest running in hot, humid weather that I would avoid signing up for races in the heat. Hello, I'm looking at you 4th of July run & the Greek Fest 5K this past weekend. I mean, it's August. Of course it's going to be hot outside.

It was 80 degrees at race time and the humidity was suffocating.

But Hannah and I were all smiles and high fives and thumbs up prior to the race starting.

We were even still great a mile into the race! See? Happy runners.

& then we turned the corner and the race went uphill. Are you kidding me? No. You cannot advertise your race as the flattest, fastest, expect-to-PR race in all of Charlotte if you throw in a long, slow, gradual hill.

Whatever, race course designer, whatever.

I'll keep running.

Until mile two when I cannot breathe thanks to some massive cramp on my entire right side. What? Note to self: figure out a way to prevent this in future runs.

Anyway, I completed the first two miles at a 9:45 pace {on track to be under 30 minutes!} before I had to stop to breathe/walk for a couple of minutes.

Hannah and I kept up with each other for pretty much the entire race. We rounded the corner back onto East Boulevard for the final stretch of the race and could see the finish line. Hannah nudged me and pointed to a clock. 29:15! We could still finish in under 30! RUNNNNNNN!!!!!!I

But then we realized that the finish line was a whole lot further than we thought and we were still no where near it, even after sprinting our hearts out. So this happened:

Then Hannah took off running without me! No ma'am, sorry Hannah, it was going to be a tie or nothing. I cannot wait to see the pictures of us hauling it at the end of the race to cross the finish line. We both crossed the finish line at exactly the same time - 31:54.

August 23, 2014: 5K

& in less than four months, we'll run our first half marathon together.

... I have a loooooong way to go before then!

22 August 2014

Oh Hey Friday!

Hey. Guess what.

It's the last Friday before college football season starts! Yay! By this time next week I will have already tailgated for my first football game of the season and will have attended my first one of the season. If only it were a Clemson game... instead, I will be here:

Football is football though, right?

I'll try to limit the football talk in today's post because trust me, you'll get a lot of it next week and throughout the season. You will probably be sick of it before we're even halfway through the season.

Sorry I'm not sorry.

Is anybody else sad to see summer end? I know I'm excited for football season but I am not excited yet for scarves, peacoats, and boots. I'd like a few more hot, sunny weekends down at the beach before calling it quits for the year!


Ok so I know that I just said that I wasn't ready for fall, but I was ready for some chili this week. I found this recipe for chili last year and absolutely love it. I made a huge pot of it earlier this week and then proceeded to eat it for lunch and dinner for the next three days. Oops. But it is so delicious, especially if you're not a huge fan of beans {yuck!}

Yes, that is zucchini... in chili... and carrots too!

Chick-fil-A, I love you.


Chicken & Waffles are now on the breakfast menu? Yes, please.

I was a little skeptical about moving into an apartment complex that wasn't completely finished yet & having all of this construction going on around me. You know what? I love it. To me it's fascinating to look out my window every day when I get home & see how much has changed since that morning. Nerd status? Yes.

Except for the 5:30am wake up call this morning... that I could do without.

But this? This I need.

I need some Clemson football back in my life. 8 days to go!



21 August 2014

Pre-Greek Fest 5K

So this past Sunday, I was going to run an easy 2 {maybe 3 if I was feeling super ambitious} miles on the beach at Kiawah. I mentioned that to one of my Kiawah running buddies and she invited me to run 6 miles with her instead. I laughed. 6 miles? You must be kidding. She was like um, you know you have to run 13.1 miles really soon right?

Reality. Check.

Y'all. My half marathon is less than 4 months away!

I ended up running/walking 6.39 miles that Sunday instead of the 2-3 that I was planning on. HOLY COW am I glad that this race will be in December when it is hopefully not 95 degrees and humid out! Sunday's run was miserable. My time shows it, too.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? I sure hope so.

At any rate, I have my first race since July 4th this weekend.

I needed to squeeze in one race before the start of football season and found a perfect one in Charlotte, the Yiasou Greek Festival 5K. It's pretty common knowledge that one of my favorite parts of running a race is the t-shirt that comes with it, but you get something a little extra in this race. Two tickets to the Greek Festival! I went last year & loved it so I cannot wait to get back to it this year.

Here's to figuring out a playlist between now & Saturday morning and here's to the temps staying under 80 degrees until after the race is over!

19 August 2014

Kiawah House: Summer Update

Y'all, weekends at Kiawah are so good for the soul.

There were sunset drinks on the beach, a lot of biking, an insanely long run, hours basking in the sun on the beach, drinks & dinner at The Ryder Cup Bar, and a lot of relaxation. It was exactly what I needed. I'd been missing Kiawah! 33 days with no Kiawah makes for one sad girl.

Speaking of Kiawah, remember that time that I gave y'all a tour of the Kiawah house & updated you on our deck & then never shared anything else about the house?

Well here are a couple of updates for you!

{entry way}


& after:

This was one of the first updates that my parents made. That's a new entry way table, rug, and lamp. Oh! & the bird picture is also a new addition.

{sitting area}

Here's the before picture:

& the after:

This area just got updated... as in my parents took the furniture with them to the beach last Thursday. It hasn't even been there a week. But I love sitting there because the chairs swivel and you can turn around to watch the lagoon. We all know I love to watch the lagoon and hunt down the gators ;)

{Benjamin's bedroom}

Here's the before picture:

Whew. There's so much going on in that room! I had forgotten what it used to look like because it is completely different now:

My bathroom, now that it's been completely renovated, is a work of art. But you'll have to wait a little bit longer to see the before & after pictures of that! Mainly because the walls in there are super bare and they need a picture or two hung up.
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