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It's official: I've been to my first tailgate of the year and my first college football game of the year! I cannot wait to see my Tigers take on the Dawgs tomorrow night in Athens, even if I can't be there myself. I will be basking in the sunlight on the beach all day instead which kind of makes up for waiting another week to see my Tigers in person.

Needless to say, my five today are all going to be football related.

There are three new recipes that I really want to try out this season. With 11 games on tap this fall, I figure I can fit a couple of these in...

Sausage Balls
Homemade Chex Mix
Boiled Peanuts

Everyone has been complaining about Clemson's home schedule this season but you know what? There's four games happening in Death Valley that I cannot wait for.

1. Clemson vs USC - no explanation necessary.
2. Clemson vs The Other Carolina - they're supposed to be somewhat decent this year so I'm hoping it's more of a game than it usually is
3. Clemson vs Louisville - Louisville is brand new to the ACC and this will be the first time I've ever seen them play in person
4. Clemson vs Syracuse - Syracuse was new to the ACC last year so this is another team that I'll see play for first time in person. Plus, this game is homecoming weekend.

I'm going to my first USC away game this season, although the game was really just an excuse to go to Nashville. We're going in mid-September to see USC take on Vandy and to see what this Nashville town is all about.


I can't wait to be back here!

Did you see my post earlier this week about the tailgating things you didn't know you needed? No? You should check it out!


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