30 January 2017

A Weekend of Celebrations

I don't know about y'all, but our weekend was full of oh so many celebrations.

On Friday, Patrick and I hit the road down to Charleston to see my brother tie the knot with his fiancée, Jen. The two of them wanted something small & low key for their wedding, so they held their ceremony on the steps of the Custom House in downtown Charleston.

We walked over to the Thoroughbred Club bar at the Charleston Place hotel afterwards to toast their marriage before sending them on their way for the night.

{don't worry - plenty more pictures coming later this week!}

Patrick and I ended up eating dinner with my parents on King Street at Virginia's on King. Y'all. Our meal there was SO good.

Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and squash casserole.
Saturday morning, I was up early for a little island running. It was cool, clear, and a little breezy and it was the perfect morning for running out on the beach. Got in an easy 3.1 miles down there.

Patrick and I turned early Saturday afternoon into a mini day date on Johns Island - lunch at The Tattooed Moose and drinks at Low Tide Brewing. A couple of our friends even met us out for a drink or two.

My dad had reserved the Kiawah shuttle for us Saturday afternoon/evening and we all hopped on board around 3 to head into Charleston. Yes, we definitely packed a cooler and definitely packed some snacks for the ride back. & yes, there were glow cups.
Benjamin & Jen rented out the upstairs at The Alley to have a small wedding celebration with their family and friends. Patrick & I had never been to this boutique bowling alley in downtown Charleston so we had no clue what to expect. We had a blast! It was the perfect way to celebrate their new marriage.
{& yes, more pictures from this coming later this week, once I download them all!}
Because we hadn't done enough celebrating this weekend, we continued the celebrations into Sunday with a birthday dinner with Patrick's family for my father-in-law's birthday.
One wedding toast, a wedding celebration, and a birthday dinner later, we still had one thing left to celebrate:
Our 6 month wedding anniversary!

Considering that Clemson went 14-1, absolutely destroyed Carolina in the final regular season of the year, won the ACC Championship, AND won the National Championship... it should be considered impressive that we made it to our 6 month anniversary today ;)
Here's to another 6 months {and many more years after that!}

27 January 2017

A Time to Celebrate

Y'all, I can't believe it.
It's a Friday and Patrick and I both have this afternoon off of work despite the fact that it's technically tax season and someone should be at work today & this weekend. We're hitting the road around lunch time to head down to the low country.

It's a big, special day in our family.
It's a day that's been in the making for quite sometime.
My brother & Jen are getting married today!

Benjamin and Jen are tying the knot in a small ceremony this afternoon in downtown Charleston and we could not be more excited for them. They'll get hitched and then we'll party down for the remainder of the weekend.

Congratulations, Benjamin & Jen!

{one day, I'm going to make y'all take a normal picture together!}
& congrats, mom & dad! You went from having two single children to having us both married off in less than 6 months. Cheers! ;)

{check back on Monday for all of our wedding weekend fun & shenanigans}

26 January 2017

New House: 8.5 Month Update

So... it's been a little while since I checked in with y'all and our house, hasn't it?
Last time you saw our house, we were 3 months into owning it and had just gotten back from our honeymoon and had completed an insane weekend of house work to knock out a few big projects prior to football season.

It's been awhile.

Football season is over, Christmas has come and gone, and I've got a winter/spring full of time to get more things done around the house. Here's where we stand now though...

Front Entry Way




{plus the hallway right off the entryway that leads to the bedrooms... just so there's proof that we've hung more than 3 things on our walls and that we've bought at least one rug specifically for this house :)}

We need some sort of rug for this entry way, but other than that, we're probably done with it. There's a coat closet to the left of the front door that we need to get into and fix up at some point. That might be a spring time project for us this year.

Living Room




I can't begin to tell you how excited I was to get the blinds hung up in this room and to finally move furniture into it. It might have been one of my favorite days in the house. All of the furniture in here is from my Charlotte apartment, with the exception of the new bar cart.

The fireplace has an array of things that found a home up there just because they had no where else to go. Currently... the fire place is completely cleaned off & primed, awaiting a coat of fresh paint {which is happening tonight!}

This is going to be the first room that we begin to buy new furnishings for. On my list is a new couch and 2-3 wing chairs. I'm hoping that Patrick and I will be able to build a sweet little coffee table instead of purchasing one.

Dining Room



We are done with this room for now. We still need a smaller lamp, a new rug under the table, and new chairs for the table... all things that will come whenever we find things we like.



... yeah. About that "after" picture. One will come soon! Just pretend there's a picture here & imagine all of this happening:

It finally, finally got painted! It was the last room on the main level of the house to get painted despite it having the least amount of wall space. The trim just recently got painted and we hung up blinds in the window a couple of weekends ago. For awhile, we were going to go without them but eventually decided to add them in when we caught the custom blinds on sale for 50% off at Lowes.

This room is done for now, too. One day there might be an island added into the middle but we're not pushing for that at the moment.

Florida Room



This is definitely the "hand me down" room. The couches came from my parents' house a few years ago. The rug, coffee table, and TV stand are all from Patrick's parents. The end table is from my apartment. I want to say the mini fridge we have tucked in a corner is one we swiped from Patrick's brother Andrew's storage unit. The table turned bar cart was from Patrick's Elmwood house days.

We want to build a TV stand for this room, buy a new rug, and buy a big, super comfy sectional. One day y'all, one day.

Small Guest Bedroom




Despite the fact that this was the first room with the walls/ceiling painted, it was the last room on the list for trim paint. It became our storage room for all paint supplies and tools and random wedding gifts for months and Patrick just recently got back on getting this room finished up. We still have a bit more to do {like hang blinds} before the work in here is done.

We have no idea what we want to do with this room but it's probably going to house a desk and a table for now. The closet still needs some fixing up/fresh coat of paint.

Big Guest Bedroom




Nothing fancy happening in here. It's working for now as a guest bedroom when we have friends/family stay over but when nobody is visiting... it's a glorified laundry room. There's usually laundry hanging out on the bed waiting to be folded, hangers everywhere, and a drying rack covered in clothes. Things like that happen when your laundry "room" is actually a coat closet.

Master Bedroom






The next room that we have to tackle is the basement man cave. We need to clean it out {because it became the storage room when we moved everything out of the smaller guest bedroom} and get to work on painting it. It'll get a fresh coat of paint, new blinds on the windows, and laminate hardwood floors.

Check out it's current state... except you need to add a bunch of paint cans, boxes, holiday decorations, random shoes, and a few wedding presents and you can imagine what it looks like now. & no, y'all definitely aren't getting a picture of that because it's that bad down there. Those shelves have been torn down and the ceilings have been smoothed out with a new layer of drywall, so there is that.

Anyway, all of that falls into Patrick's wheelhouse. He's picked out a paint color {& we bought the paint!}, he's picked out the flooring he wants, and we've already got the blinds down there ready to install. We'll be starting on this room as soon as we can get it cleaned out, yay!
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