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Throughout my entire life, it has always been 1981. That was the last year that Clemson won a National Championship in football and it was also the last time that Clemson played for a National Championship.
It happened six and a half years before I was born. I have never known a National Championship at Clemson.
The story changed last year though when Clemson fought to a 14-0 season and the right to play in the CFP National Championship Game against Alabama. It was a day that a lot of people were sure that they'd never see, but we did. Clemson didn't walk away with a win that game and ended the season as a "finalist" rather than a champion.
It wasn't much fun knowing that you had been that close to a National Championship, especially since it truly felt like a once in a lifetime kind of moment.
Dabo's quoted for saying in the press conference after the game, "It won't be 34 years before we're back, I can promise you that."
He was right.
It was one season.
1981 has always been this mythological, amazing, revered number in the Clemson football story.
Deshaun & Co. added a new number to that story last night:

If you're looking for any of your Clemson friends this week, they won't be hard to find. They'll be the ones wearing solid orange all day, everyday and they'll be the ones celebrating like it's 1981.

What a game.

What a night.

What a time to be a TIGER!

"There's something in these hills that you and I can't define and other's can't understand." - Joe Sherman


  1. I was thinking about you during this game! I think they were behind when I went to bed last night, but so excited for you when I saw this morning that they had an amazing win!

  2. You gave me chills!
    I was thinking "let's party like it's 1981!" But really, let's party like it's 2017!
    Go Tigers!

  3. Last night was so disappointing as an Alabama fan when our offense could not make plays happen. But it was fun to see an Alabama alum coach an amazing game and win a national championship. Clemson's AD grew up with my parents in Pennsylvania, and Dabo has deep ties to the state and university of my in-laws and husband, so last night was truly a "if we're going to lose, I'm glad its to them" type moment for us. Clemson played a hell of a game and your offense looked solid and strong making plays happen. Congratulations on a hard fought victory and enjoy all of the fun and celebration - I know it'll be amazing!

  4. So glad y'all won! Deshaun deserved that win and it was such a great game! As an avid LSU fan and three time graduate I could not help but love when Tiger Rag played after that last touchdown. I closed my eyes and dream of the day it happens for us again! Congratulations!

  5. Congrats on the championship! I'm so happy that Alabama didn't win :)

  6. Of course I was thinking of you last night- can only imagine how excited you were & are! :) congrats!!

  7. I was totally thinking of you while watching the game Monday night and I fell asleep before the outcome but the first thing I did was check out your FB page to see your reaction! Congrats girl!! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  8. Oh my gosh, I didn't watch but I kept checking the score online and was TOTALLY THINKING ABOUT YOU!!! What an AMAZING game that must have been - my jaw DROPPED when I saw what happened in the last second!! Wahoo to YOU!!!! :)

  9. I thought of you when I saw all the excited statuses! Congrats to your Tigers! How exciting!!!

  10. I went to sleep at halftime and was SHOCKED when I woke up! It's a great day to be a Tiger! Congrats my friend!

  11. Yay congratulations! I was rooting for Clemson (I think mainly because so many of my favourite bloggers are fans/alumni!) I didn't catch the end because I knew I would pay heavily for it the next day but I was so happy to wake up to news that the Tigers won!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  12. I'm a Hokie who was raised in a Gamecock family but I am super happy for you guys! What an awesome thing for you to get to witness!


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