29 May 2015

A Southern Twenty-Five on Friday!

Alright, I need somebody to tell me how this whole 8-5 + commute thing works. By the time that I get home, eat dinner, and get things ready for the next day… it’s bedtime. Where the heck does the evening/night go?! I miss getting home at 4 and having two extra hours of time to do things.

Enough complaining. Columbia is still fantastic and I’m still having a good time exploring the city, relearning my hometown, and figuring out how to live back home with my parents. There’s probably also going to be quite a few posts dedicated to what it’s like to move back home at 26… it’s been entertaining {& good!} so far.

Linking up with April for another Five on Friday!

Columbia from way up high! Well, from the 25th floor at least.

Another Thursday night, another night at the Riverbanks Zoo Rhythm & Blooms.

Unfortunately… it was the last one of the year since it’s a weekly Thursday night event that only happens in May each year. At least I was able to make it to two of them!

… but I did get to catch up with some old friends while I was there!

I’m using this new job as an excuse {as if I needed one!} to go and do some shopping. It’s been great, really. So far I have a new work wardrobe and fun things to take my lunch to work in:

I’ve never had to eat lunch at work before so I needed to buy something fun to cheer me up about it!
{Note: it didn’t work. Taking my lunch to work is still the worst!}

This little guy {speaker, not the Tonka truck!} is the best beach accessory that I’ve added to my beach bag this summer.

It’s waterproof, sand resistant, has great sound, and connects to my phone via bluetooth making it the perfect speaker to take out to the beach. We’ve been using it on the beach to jam out to the Carolina Beach Music station on Pandora, but it’s a fantastic portable speaker for pretty much any location. Can’t wait to take this to tailgates in the fall!


Happy Friday! If only it were another 3 day weekend… :)

26 May 2015

Weekending: The Long Weekend Edition

Ah, sweet summertime.

I can't decide which I'm more excited about: the fact that it's unofficially the beginning of summer or the fact that I didn't have to drive 4 hours to get back home from Kiawah yesterday afternoon. I'm telling y'all, this Columbia town has its perks!

The weekend started out with a drink down on the boardwalk catching the tail end of a sunset and ended up with a post-dinner walk around the neighborhood with my mom. It was definitely my kind of weekend!

Saturday morning started out with a lot of biking - 24 miles to be exact.

... which totally justified all of the beach lounging I did after lunch!

I stepped up my grill master status by learning how to grill burgers this weekend. Pro tip from my dad: push in the middle of the burger when you throw it on the grill to keep them from rounding up on top.

Burgers, grilled corn on the cob, and baked zucchini chips for dinner? Um, yes please.

Plus, we had some pretty good entertainment in the backyard while we were grillin' up the burgers. This guy had no problem walking right over into our yard and finding his dinner for the night.

... and yes, I chased him {and his buddy} around the side of the house and down the street trying to get a good picture. Deer butts will have to do.

Of course, there were also a couple of gator sightings throughout the weekend.

After a long day out on the beach on Sunday, Patrick and I got all cleaned up and headed out to the Ocean Course to grab a drink at the Ryder Cup Bar.

Gorgeous, right? Even I can appreciate the game of golf when you have something as pretty as this to look at the whole time you're playing.

If you're ever out on Kiawah for any reason, you've got to make The Ocean Course a stop! They make amazing drinks and the view is one of the best on the whole island. Plus, it's a pretty great photo spot... almost everyone out there was taking pictures.

{you know that I was no exception to that!}

And... then Monday morning rolled around. I got this guy to get up early with me and squeeze in one last bike ride before heading back home. We rode out to Rhett's Bluff to check out the houses and to hang out for a minute on their docks. 

Hope everyone else had a fun and safe Memorial Day Weekend! I'm already counting down until I can get back to the island {3.5 days!}

22 May 2015

A Southern Twenty-Five on Friday!

One week in the Capital City, many more to go!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who sent an email or text or who called to wish me luck on my first week back down here. Y'all made my day on Monday! I still miss Charlotte {and my two minute commute to work} like crazy, but being back in Columbia still feels like an awesome decision.

Anyway, it's Friday and it's a three day weekend and I bet you all know where I'm headed as soon as the clock strikes 5 o'clock today... {hey remember that time I moved back to Columbia so I could stop traveling every weekend? Ha!}

I couldn't help but laugh when I checked the weather on Sunday night for my first full day back in Columbia.

High of 90 {but feels like 101}, humid, and late afternoon thunderstorms. Such a typical summer day forecast for Columbia.

Fun fact: I've always enjoyed writing and I've always obsessively taken pictures. That habit goes back to the good ol' yearbook days in high school. This picture was from Katie's and my senior yearbook distribution as co-editors NINE years ago {holy cow}

Tuesday night was yearbook distribution at my old high school... and yes, I absolutely went back for it! They did a phenomenal job with the book {as always} and I was glad to be able to go back and catch up with Katie and our advisor.

We're all grown up!

Wednesday night, there was a Charlotte Brewery night at Craft & Draft {a new place in Columbia that I like to go to} AND they had OMB Hornet's Nest on tap.

Yes, please. A little bit of Charlotte in Columbia. I'm ok with that, especially when it's followed up with a dinner date with Patrick to Henry's. Mmm...

There are so many things that I've always wanted to do but couldn't because I didn't live in Columbia. Going to Rhythm and Blooms at Riverbanks Zoo was definitely one of them. Finally got to go last night!

A little food, a little drinking, a little music, a little {ok, a LOT} of searching for my brick in the garden. It was kind of a great way to end my first week in Columbia.

Kiawah, I'm coming for you.


Happy Memorial Day Weekend! See y'all next week! 

19 May 2015

Hello, Columbia!

So in a span of 24 hours I...

- Packed up two SUVs full of things from my apartment in Charlotte
{anybody else notice the last minute, strategic placement of the syrup, Bisquick, and plant?}
- Drove to Columbia
- Unpacked everything into my high school bedroom & attempted to make it livable
- Signed up at the Y
- Hit up a 5:30am class at the Y
- Went to my first day of work at my new job

... whew.

It is kind of nice being home though. I was in charge of grilling up supper Monday night and got to do so out on the deck while watching a thunderstorm roll in. Dinner happened before 8pm {which almost never happened in my apartment} and was delicious!

After dinner, momma laid out all the things I needed to make my lunch for Tuesday which made putting it together a breeze.

Anyway, HELLO COLUMBIA! Nice to see you again.

Stay tuned later this week as I get back into the blogging groove again {& might actually bust out the real camera instead of snapping away on my phone}. I'm a little bit excited to get out and start relearning and exploring Columbia! I've got plans this week to catch up with some old friends, revisit high school stomping grounds, check out a Charlotte Brewery Night, a dinner date with Patrick {YAY for living in the same town!!!} and play at Riverbanks Zoo... no rest for this girl, which is exactly how I like it to be.

17 May 2015

On Saying Goodbye, Part 2

{Disclaimer: beware of a picture heavy post all about the people who have been a huge, very important part of my life for the last 5 years}

One of the hardest decisions I have ever made in my life was the decision to leave Charlotte.

It wasn't because Charlotte's a cool town to live in {even though it is}
It wasn't because I had an amazing job in Charlotte {even though I did}
It wasn't even because of my love of all the breweries {even though I'm gonna miss those a lot}

It was because of the people that I work with.

These are the people that got to deal with my 21 year old self, fresh out of college, who had no idea what the real world was like. I showed up exactly five years today with no idea of the impact that the people that I was about to meet for the first time would have on me.

But over the course of five years... we've done a lot.

There were birthday celebrations.

Celebrations of new babies including two separate baby showers... at a bar.

There were wedding showers, a bachelorette weekend, and the actual weddings.

There was a lot of running. Like, a LOT, of running.

There was the PICA Awards night that could never be lived up to...

...even though we tried to a couple of years later.

There was every single Solid Orange Friday picture that I made everyone take during the 2012 and 2014 football seasons... I think there were nearly two dozen pictures when it was all said and done. Working with so many Clemson grads might have been one of my favorite things about where I worked.

Speaking of football... we did quite a bit of that. Clemson games, Panthers games, ACC Championship games.

There were even a couple of ACC themed 5Ks thrown in there for fun.

We celebrated our company's 30th anniversary by doing ridiculous things in a photobooth.

& I celebrated our 30th anniversary by reminding everyone of exactly how young I was.

We represented our company at Clemson's Intern Employer Day... after a failed attempt to go to every single bar in Clemson on a Monday night.

There were girls' nights.

& a Valentine's Day cocktail party.

But most of all, these are the people that are my family away from home.

We had Taco Tuesday nights and watched football together on Thursdays and went to baseball games at the new stadium. There were trips to the farmers market and biking adventures on the greenway. When I had a bad day at work, I knew there was always somebody that I could go out to lunch with or grab a drink after work with. There were spin classes, boot camp classes, and kickboxing classes together. They are the ones that I joked around with all day and who kept me entertained during work. These are the people who introduced me to running, who taught me to like beer, and who told me which restaurants to go to.

They are the ones who took me out to lunch when I {heaven forbid} had to go to work on my birthday.

They are the ones who encouraged me to sign up for my half marathon, trained with me, and cheered me on when I ran it.

They are the ones who watched me grow up over the last five years.

To be honest, I still have no idea how to say goodbye {so I'm still not going to do so!} but I am so glad to have people in my life that that are impossible to leave behind.

10 May 2015

On Saying Goodbye

Leaving Columbia to come back to Charlotte today was a little harder than it normally was.

Partially because I moved my entire closet to Columbia this weekend and kept running back inside for another article of clothing that I think I might wear this week... but mostly because that was my last Sunday afternoon drive back to Charlotte.


It's the last week.

And somehow, between now and next Sunday, I have to figure out how to say goodbye to this city and to the amazing friends that I have here.

So don't mind the radio silence over here this week as I soak in everything about the Queen City: my favorite restaurants, my favorite greenway, my favorite activities, my favorite drinking spots, and my favorite friends.

PS - Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers out there, but especially to the two in my life!

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