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Weekending: The Long Weekend Edition

Ah, sweet summertime.

I can't decide which I'm more excited about: the fact that it's unofficially the beginning of summer or the fact that I didn't have to drive 4 hours to get back home from Kiawah yesterday afternoon. I'm telling y'all, this Columbia town has its perks!

The weekend started out with a drink down on the boardwalk catching the tail end of a sunset and ended up with a post-dinner walk around the neighborhood with my mom. It was definitely my kind of weekend!

Saturday morning started out with a lot of biking - 24 miles to be exact.

... which totally justified all of the beach lounging I did after lunch!

I stepped up my grill master status by learning how to grill burgers this weekend. Pro tip from my dad: push in the middle of the burger when you throw it on the grill to keep them from rounding up on top.

Burgers, grilled corn on the cob, and baked zucchini chips for dinner? Um, yes please.

Plus, we had some pretty good entertainment in the backyard while we were grillin' up the burgers. This guy had no problem walking right over into our yard and finding his dinner for the night.

... and yes, I chased him {and his buddy} around the side of the house and down the street trying to get a good picture. Deer butts will have to do.

Of course, there were also a couple of gator sightings throughout the weekend.

After a long day out on the beach on Sunday, Patrick and I got all cleaned up and headed out to the Ocean Course to grab a drink at the Ryder Cup Bar.

Gorgeous, right? Even I can appreciate the game of golf when you have something as pretty as this to look at the whole time you're playing.

If you're ever out on Kiawah for any reason, you've got to make The Ocean Course a stop! They make amazing drinks and the view is one of the best on the whole island. Plus, it's a pretty great photo spot... almost everyone out there was taking pictures.

{you know that I was no exception to that!}

And... then Monday morning rolled around. I got this guy to get up early with me and squeeze in one last bike ride before heading back home. We rode out to Rhett's Bluff to check out the houses and to hang out for a minute on their docks. 

Hope everyone else had a fun and safe Memorial Day Weekend! I'm already counting down until I can get back to the island {3.5 days!}


  1. gah this place just looks like heaven. and 24 miles of biking?!?! Jeez girl. i did 6 one time and thought i was hot stuff.

  2. Such a fun weekend! The Ocean Course looks beautiful. That pimento cheese on the burger looks pretty good as well. ;)

  3. ah, yes, sweet (almost) summertime...love these photos! Your dress is adorable.

  4. that's a good tip about the burgers! i am jealous of your awesome bike.

  5. I don't usually like zucchini, but those baked chips sound good. Do they get very crispy?

  6. Love that your enjoying your time at home! Kiawah looks like such a great getaway! So jealous of all your biking!!

  7. I love that photo of you both on the golf course - a framer for sure!! And that cookout you had - i'm craving everything on your plate! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. what a weekend! you totally rocked that bike ride! loved seeing a glimpse into your weekend.


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