31 March 2015

A Sneezy Spring Weekend

Wanna know how your weekend goes when you are fighting with allergies and a sinus infection while visiting a town that's golden yellow from all the pollen?

You stay inside.

As much as possible.

Friday night consisted of Old Chicago {which I could barely taste :(} and an early bed time.

Saturday was spent checking out Soda City Market for a few minutes and doing a little shopping with my mom. We had the best time laughing at all of the people at the market who had obviously just come from The Color Run 5K. There were tutus, wild hair dos, children completely coated in rainbow colors, and lots of glitter. Guess that's a new component to The Color Run now?

We scored some major deals at Loft this weekend too with everything being 40% off.

Kind of hard to ignore that, right?

But then I crashed hard and slept the whole way back to my parent's house. Oops.

Saturday night consisted of grilling chicken on the grill {because I am officially a grill master now}, making fajitas for dinner, and falling asleep to the 1st HP movie.

I'm telling you. It was a wild weekend.

Rounded out the weekend with Palm Sunday service at church and an Easter egg dying adventure.

Time to say adios to these allergies & this sinus infection. I have a big Easter weekend planned and I'd prefer not to be sneezing everywhere!

27 March 2015

A Southern Twenty-Five on Friday: The Dancing Edition

Wanna know the very best way to start off your weekend?

... with an allergy and sinus infection. Ugh.

At least there are no big plans this weekend. I don't know about y'all, but Patrick and I are still recovering from the wedding weekend in Charleston last week. I'm excited about a weekend where the biggest plans are to go to a {super early} dinner at Old Chicago.

A week ago we were all getting ready to go out and celebrate Amanda & Ben but this week, I'm posting the top five from the epic night of dancing.

{& no, the Helicopter did not make the cut... even if the pictures are absolutely awesome and worth sharing. Apologies!}

Laura & Stephen being ridiculously cute out on the dance floor.

My camera was being used outside for a little photo shoot, so I snagged this picture on my phone.

My parents shag dancing + Patrick dancing with his mom.

Couldn't help myself - had to have a picture even if it wasn't the best quality!

Another iPhone pic but Patrick caught this one on camera for us. All of the mothers and daughters kept getting out on the dance floor and forming some sort of circle. This probably happened a dozen times? Every time we'd sit down someone would get back up and get this started again. Or the band would play a song that we had to dance to.

We had a big circle going on with Amanda {the bride} in the middle. Then her mom hopped in with her. And then Ben {the groom} jumped in!

Momma and me, after many hours of dancing. The real story to this picture is the name of the band in the background.

Cannot rave enough about The Extraordinaries. They were fantastic and kept everyone dancing all night long. I don't think I've ever danced so much at a wedding! So many people went up to them at the end of the night to get their card - I'm hoping this means I'll see this band sometime again in the near future?!


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24 March 2015

Before The Dancing

It was a beautiful day.

The rain had finally cleared out, the clouds had blown away, and it was a warm, sunny Friday afternoon.

Kind of perfect weather for a outdoor wedding in Mount Pleasant.

I had already attended one wedding & reception at the Creek Club at I'on and was excited to see how someone else used the space for their celebration. The two weddings and receptions couldn't have been any different from one another!

After a quick shuttle ride from the hotel to the venue {major points to the bride & groom for that!}, we walked up the stairs of the porch and to the bar. Because yes, they served drinks before the wedding that most people carried down to the lawn to drink during the wedding.

The wedding was short and sweet, punctuated with a fun "I will forgive you!" during the vows and awesome singing from The Plantation Singers.

Want to make your Southern wedding really Southern? Hire that group. They did some sort of Alleluia song when Amanda and her dad walked down the aisle that included parts of Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah, which might be one of my favorite songs ever.

Most of the guys had their eyes on one thing after the wedding: the oyster tables. As soon as the first oysters were dumped onto the table, it was a mad rush to get to them.

Please note the proper tie placement when shucking oysters {& the two pairs of sunglasses in the coat pocket}.

This was their "normal" picture.

Mother of the bride, capturing the first dance.

& then the party really started.

But that's another post for another day. You know, maybe if I can sort through all of the dancing pictures and figure out which ones to post. There are hundreds. Yes, hundreds. Because my group of friends at this wedding really know how to throw down at a reception.

It is the same group after all that was at the wedding where Patrick and I met {while dancing, might I add} and the same group that had an epic dance off at a wedding 4 months later.

For now, I'll leave you with this view from the reception:

23 March 2015

Weekending All Over SC

Sunday evening to do list:

1. Drink a big glass of water {check!}
2. Go to the grocery store {check!}
3. Drink some more water {check!}
4. Unpack & put everything away {check!}
5. Drink even more water {check!}
6. Upload pictures from camera to computer and relive the last five days over and over and over again {check!}


Five day weekends are the best.

Especially when they're spent with a ton of really great people while doing a lot of fun things.

My weekend started on Wednesday with sleeping in, traveling down to Columbia, and then hitting the road to Kiawah with my parents.

It might have been completely rainy and nasty on Thursday, but the creatures in the lagoon provided a lot of entertainment. They're doing a little construction to the tunnel under the road next to our house so our lagoon looks something like this:

Turns out, the gator isn't a big fan of it.

Or the orange cones. Our gator roared at these cones over and over again, as if he expected them to jump out of his way. Note to self: beware of the lagoon on Clemson game days.

Then a second gator popped up. The only other time we have seen two gators in our lagoon at the same time, one of them lunged after the other and tried to eat it or something. I was poised and ready with my camera this time, hoping to capture something cool.

... except all they did was just float right on by each other. Lame.

Thursday night had some welcome party fun and a lot of selfies {that will never see the light of day!}

Friday included a leisurely walk around downtown Charleston and through the market before it was time to head back and get ready for the main event: Amanda & Ben's wedding!

That wedding is going to be a separate post because y'all, I have no idea how to narrow down the pictures that we took. The wedding was stunning and we danced our butts off at the reception. My feet still hurt. Most of the dancing was caught on camera and the pictures are hilarious.

Whew. Three days down, two to go.

Saturday, Patrick and I headed back to downtown Charleston and wandered around the market with Jacob, Cameron, my brother, and his girlfriend. We shopped around and bought a few things like these coasters. One is where Patrick & I stayed on our first trip to Charleston, the other is our favorite restaurant out on Sullivan's island.

We then went to The Vendue Rooftop {our favorite place to drink in Charleston!} and hung out there for a few hours. There were no Westbrook beer can towers this time but it was still a great afternoon of hanging out. The sun finally came back out and the waterfront was gorgeous. 

We ventured out to Sullivan's Island for dinner at Home Team BBQ & drinks at Poe's before calling it a night. Sunday was all about driving from Mount Pleasant to Columbia and Columbia to Charlotte.

I don't know what it's going to be like this week with five full days of work.

I think I need another vacation to recover from this vacation!

17 March 2015

St. Patrick's Day But Not Really

I'm not a big fan of St. Patrick's Day.

It might be because I couldn't find any green funfetti cupcake mix {fail} or it might be because going out to super crowded bars with a lot of heavily intoxicated people isn't really my thing.

I'd rather do something like this

Even though having colored powder thrown in my face while I'm running around on a trail isn't my idea of a whole lot of fun, either. I'm also pretty sure that there is still green stuff on my GPS watch and my tennis shoes from that run.

The green river was kind of cool and I wish that I had been able to do that again this year.

I am a fan of how my apartment complex chose to celebrate.

Free Chickfila Chicken Biscuit?

Yes, please.

I'll get a little festive tonight and wear my Color Me Green race t-shirt from last year when I go to my running group tonight. But mostly I'll celebrate by having the next FIVE days off of work!

Woo hoo!

I'm ready for my whirlwind tour of Columbia, Kiawah, Mt Pleasant, and Charleston.

I'm ready for biking, beaching, family, friends, and a wedding celebration that will hopefully include a lot of dancing {cause y'all know how awesome I am at dancing}

+ a whole weekend with this guy in the middle of tax season?! Y'all. It doesn't get much better than that.

I'm also just as excited as everyone else to see him bust out his dance moves at the reception on Friday. I'll be there, camera poised & ready.

If you want to follow along with all of my low country travel shenanigans, be sure to follow me on insta!
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