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Wanna know how your weekend goes when you are fighting with allergies and a sinus infection while visiting a town that's golden yellow from all the pollen?

You stay inside.

As much as possible.

Friday night consisted of Old Chicago {which I could barely taste :(} and an early bed time.

Saturday was spent checking out Soda City Market for a few minutes and doing a little shopping with my mom. We had the best time laughing at all of the people at the market who had obviously just come from The Color Run 5K. There were tutus, wild hair dos, children completely coated in rainbow colors, and lots of glitter. Guess that's a new component to The Color Run now?

We scored some major deals at Loft this weekend too with everything being 40% off.

Kind of hard to ignore that, right?

But then I crashed hard and slept the whole way back to my parent's house. Oops.

Saturday night consisted of grilling chicken on the grill {because I am officially a grill master now}, making fajitas for dinner, and falling asleep to the 1st HP movie.

I'm telling you. It was a wild weekend.

Rounded out the weekend with Palm Sunday service at church and an Easter egg dying adventure.

Time to say adios to these allergies & this sinus infection. I have a big Easter weekend planned and I'd prefer not to be sneezing everywhere!
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