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A Southern Twenty-Five on Friday: The Dancing Edition

Wanna know the very best way to start off your weekend?

... with an allergy and sinus infection. Ugh.

At least there are no big plans this weekend. I don't know about y'all, but Patrick and I are still recovering from the wedding weekend in Charleston last week. I'm excited about a weekend where the biggest plans are to go to a {super early} dinner at Old Chicago.

A week ago we were all getting ready to go out and celebrate Amanda & Ben but this week, I'm posting the top five from the epic night of dancing.

{& no, the Helicopter did not make the cut... even if the pictures are absolutely awesome and worth sharing. Apologies!}

Laura & Stephen being ridiculously cute out on the dance floor.

My camera was being used outside for a little photo shoot, so I snagged this picture on my phone.

My parents shag dancing + Patrick dancing with his mom.

Couldn't help myself - had to have a picture even if it wasn't the best quality!

Another iPhone pic but Patrick caught this one on camera for us. All of the mothers and daughters kept getting out on the dance floor and forming some sort of circle. This probably happened a dozen times? Every time we'd sit down someone would get back up and get this started again. Or the band would play a song that we had to dance to.

We had a big circle going on with Amanda {the bride} in the middle. Then her mom hopped in with her. And then Ben {the groom} jumped in!

Momma and me, after many hours of dancing. The real story to this picture is the name of the band in the background.

Cannot rave enough about The Extraordinaries. They were fantastic and kept everyone dancing all night long. I don't think I've ever danced so much at a wedding! So many people went up to them at the end of the night to get their card - I'm hoping this means I'll see this band sometime again in the near future?!


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  1. We are still recovering from last week's wedding adventure too. Such a cute post. Gotta love when you spend the whole wedding on the dance floor, it means the wedding was a success in my opinion.

  2. This looks like such a fun wedding! Lots of love, laughs, and dancing! hope you start feeling better soon! Allergies are so bad right now!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. sometimes i wish our venue had space for a band. it looks so fun!

  4. This looks like fun but allergies and sinus infections are the worst!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  5. hope you are feeling better now!! i can't decide which photo i like more, but honestly everyone looks so happy in all of them which to me means it was a great time! what more could you want!

  6. thank you for the information provided, we are waiting for the next info


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