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Columbia's Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom.

There's something particularly appealing about Columbia right now, and it comes in the form of a pasta dish on a pizza that can be found in The Vista.

If you know me and my picky eating habits, you know that I'm a huge fan of getting next to nothing on my pizza. Cheese {not too much!}, pepperoni, and green bell peppers, please. That's all I need. Maybe add some bacon if I'm feeling crazy.

But a new restaurant opened up in Columbia recently in the old Adluh Flour building called Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom. It opened about a month ago and it has made me question my pizza preferences.

The first time that Patrick and I went was the week that it opened. Since everything was brand new to us, we decided to try a few different things, It was about a twenty minute wait so we headed to the bar to see what they had on tap.

Once we were seated, we perused their Starters & Crispy Tavern Bites {two different types of appetizers? I'm not sure what was going on there} for an appetizer.

Appetizers: Fried Zucchini and Fried Pickles

The zucchini was awesome but I wasn't a huge fan of the sauce that came with it for dipping. I was a much happier camper once I had a side of marinara instead. Patrick loved the fried pickles.

Both of our meals were good and were things that we would get again if we came back. I did have a little ordering remorse though. There was a pizza on the menu that I really wanted to try, but I was afraid to. It sounded like an amazing pasta dish until I read more closely and realized it was a pizza and decided not to order it.

Round two...

We skipped the appetizers this time and went for the salads. Patrick had the house salad while I went for the Caesar salad. It was one of the best Caesar salads that I had ever had out at a restaurant and I'll happily skip the fried zucchini next time I go to get this salad again.

I won't even bother telling you about the pizza I ended up ordering because I forgot all about it once I had a taste of Patrick's pizza.

He decided to order the pizza that I was too afraid to try: Peppered Bacon Chicken Alfredo Pizza {see? doesn't it sound like an amazing pasta dish too??}


Best. Pizza. Ever.

I'm pretty sure that this pizza gets brought up almost every day between Patrick and me and about how much we want to go back and have this thing again. It was so good.

You should definitely go check out Old Chicago sometime if you're in in Columbia {or anywhere else that has a location because apparently this place is everywhere outside of the south east} and if you go, definitely get the Peppered Bacon Chicken Alfredo Pizza!


  1. you basically combined my blog post with pizza and chicken alfredo (minus the zoodles) into one post hahaha. that pizza sounds freakin awesome!

  2. Andy and I have been a couple times now and we really like it too! Their beer menu was impressive and I can't wait to try some. That pasta-sounding pizza looks amazing and will definitely be my next try.

  3. I love super plain pizzas too! Everything looks so delicious!


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