31 October 2014

A Southern Twenty-Five on Friday!

October 31st sure has taken it's sweet time to get here but I am sooo glad that it's finally here!

No, I'm not that excited for Halloween. I'm excited that I am finally headed back down to Kiawah for the first time since Labor Day weekend. It's been entirely too long since I have been there and I have big plans while I'm in town... including lots and lots of biking.

Anybody else completely obsessed with 1989? I seriously thought that I was only going to buy a couple of songs on Monday that I really liked before I realized that I was just kidding myself. I bought the whole album.

Buzz City! The Hornets are "officially" back in Charlotte now that the NBA season begun and guess what? They won their first game! Yay!


You better believe that I'll be making it to a game or two this season. I went to a Bobcats game a couple of years ago and almost fell asleep, so I'm hoping that they've gotten a little more entertaining since then.

I'm a sucker for Funfetti Cupcakes, even more so when they're holiday themed. Yup. Halloween Funfetti!

Wait, what?

Something tells me I'm going to be a big fan of winter this year if there's a chance we're getting snow as early as November! Just as long as it doesn't snow on December 13th, I'm fine with it.

I am more upset than I should be about missing out on the possibility of snow flurries this weekend.



I'm ready to hit up the post-Halloween sales at Target to see if I can snag some orange and purple accessories like lights, plates, cups, etc to use for Clemson tailgates this season {ha! & y'all thought I was going to make it an entire post without talking about Clemson football just because they don't have a game this week...}

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29 October 2014

Post Pumpkin Run 5K

5K #14: Complete!

I think it's official. I run much better when it's cold outside. All of my best 5Ks have been in sub 45 degree weather and those are also the only 5Ks that I have run start to finish.

It's also official that I've got to figure out what to do about getting side stitches when I'm running races. I almost never get these when I'm doing training runs... it's just on race day. It stopped me completely in the last 5K and this time I ended up being able to run through it.

Any suggestions?

Other than that, this race was fantastic and one that I would definitely do again. It was a hilly out & back course down a back road in Irmo {if you're from the area, you start at the Northwest YMCA on Kennerly Road, run down Firetower to the frontage road, and back}

Chip Time: 29:54
Pace: 9:38/mile
Finish: 148/465

Funny story: my dad came to watch me run for the first time and he was in charge of taking pictures of the run at the start & end. He positioned himself at the finish line so he could take a picture of the time as I crossed the finish line. Well... he saw a girl in orange coming round the corner and thought it was me. This is the picture of "me" crossing the finish line... in under 25 min? Hahaha!

... 4 minutes later, I finished.

I ran the entire race! That doesn't sound like that big of an accomplishment seeing as I'm up to just over 7 miles in my Half Marathon training but... out of 14 5Ks, I've only run 3 from start to finish without stopping. That last 5K I ran in August? Yeah. I couldn't run the whole thing then and it's nice to see that all of this training is actually paying off.

& I knocked 2 minutes off of my last 5K time so yay!

I have signed up for three more races between now and the Half Marathon...

Governor's Cup 8K
South Park Turkey Trot 8K
ACC Fan 5K

... and then it's the Kiawah Half!

28 October 2014

College Football: Week 9

Homecoming is something special at Clemson. I don't know what it's like at your college, but I'm going to go ahead and tell you that it's better at Clemson.

This weekend was absolutely perfect and I took a lot of pictures so uh, yeah, you've been warned.

See? Gorgeous weekend in Tiger Town.

{Homecoming Floats on Bowman Field}
We did a drive by this year & didn't actually make it to Bowman to check out the floats in person. So, naturally, I hung out the window to take pictures.

{Graphic Communications Homecoming in Godfrey Hall}
My major is way cooler than your major. Just accept that fact. On homecoming, they open up the building and let you come in to see what's changed and to print some things. Seeing what's changed wouldn't be a big thing for most people, but when your building has rooms like this, it's interesting to see what new equipment has shown up. The printing part is always fun too {now that it isn't for a grade!}


We decided to keep things simple at the tailgate this weekend and revert back to how we used to tailgate before Patrick came along with his grill & excellent grilling skills. That meant a lot of finger foods and sandwiches.

Tailgate Menu:
Chicken Salad {from Kelly's Cuisine}
Pimento Cheese {also from Kelly's Cuisine}
Fiesta Ranch Dip
Boiled Peanuts
Chick-fil-a Chicken Nuggets
Make-Your-Own Sandwich Bar
Sugar Cookies

{Clemson vs Syracuse}

My favorite tailgate to visit before the game and during halftime was picked as the Academy Sports tailgate of the week, woo! So they showed them during the game cheering and it needed a picture.

All in all it was an amazingly awesome weekend in Clemson, especially since Clemson came away with another win to make them bowl eligible. I'm sad that there are only two more weekends in Tiger Town before the season is over, but I'm so excited that Clemson has a bye weekend this weekend & that I'll be heading down to Kiawah. Yay! Cannot wait :)

24 October 2014

A Southern Twenty-Five on Friday!

It's Homecoming weekend in Clemson and there is a night game. Does it get any better than that? Nope.

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I'm going to attempt to combine a 5K race, tailgating, and a night game all into one day. I'm not sure how this is going to turn out but you know me, I like to do it all, and I'm sure the results will be entertaining.

I love to shop, especially when I'm spending someone else's money rather than my own. My brother hates to shop. Perfect combination, right? Especially because my brother is so simple to shop for. All you have to do is stick to short sleeve, crew neck shirts that have no logos, nothing graphic, and aren't bold colors and stay away from puffy vests.

Win, win, win, and win.

Same shirt, four times over, in four shades of dull.

Have no fear - I didn't walk out of the mall with just clothing for my brother. Anthropologie was having a decent sale yesterday and I managed to snag two shirts that are perfect for football games.




Perfect way to round out the week: a glass of wine & Scandal.

Also, can we note that Scandal has seriously stepped up their game this season with the acting? Not that it was bad before but they have raised the bar in the first part of the season.

Last, but certainly not least, guess who finally got to go home yesterday... 5 weeks and 6 days post-breaking hip/hip surgery?

Woo hoo!!!

I hate that my grandmother broke her hip and had to go through all of this, but I have seen her more in the last six weeks than the last year. I've also been able to talk to her every single day over the last six weeks {except for like 2}. It's been pretty nice :)


Happy Solid Orange Friday! Go Tigers! Beat Syracuse!

23 October 2014

Pre-Pumpkin Run 5K

First things first, I ran my longest distance ever last night! 7.3 miles and it was under a 10 minute pace. Hannah & I were super proud of our run because not only was our typical Greenway/running path shut down forcing us to get creative with our run, but we had to run through UNCC's campus which meant lots and lots of hills. Awesome, right?

It was. 'Cause we rocked it.


It's been almost two months since my last race, which means it was high time to sign up for another one. That's a tricky thing to do in the fall when football season's going on and you have to find a race that fits perfectly into the schedule.

It's about 2 minutes away from my parent's house.

It's at 8:30am & Clemson has a night game Saturday night.

Plus, the weather looks great for running {50ish degrees & sunny}.

There really was no excuse to not sign up for this race!

Here's my running playlist for Saturday:

... yes, it does start off with Tiger Rag. What did you expect? It's Game Day and race day!

The goals are... 
1. Run the whole thing {always a goal!}
2. Run at a 9:15 - 9:30 pace

So here's to a good race on Saturday!


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22 October 2014

New Space: The Project That Never Ended

Here's what we were dealing with before: some old picture frames from my previous apartment, an empty space in my new apartment, an idea, and a lot of wood.

Here's kind of what "the end" looks like {ta-da1!}

Bicycle | Eiffel Tower {not identical, but similar}

Pictures from left to right... Edisto Beach {2012}, random bike in France {2014, taken by my mom}, & The Space Needle {2012}

Except I wouldn't call this "the end" because this table is something that I intend to play around with for years to come. I can switch out the knobs on the drawers in a heartbeat with a quick trip to Anthropolgie, World Market, or Lowes. When I get tired of the blue, I can paint a different color on top of the blue and sand down a little bit to let the previous color show through.

This little table, with all of effort put into it by both Patrick and myself, isn't going anywhere any time soon. I will find a place for this guy wherever it is that I decide to call home and I'll revamp it to make it match everything else.

That's what I love about it. This is not the final product nor was it ever meant to be the final product. It's going to evolve and change and look completely different a few years down the road than it does today. But for today, this is what it looks like, and the only real change that's going to happen is adding some baskets underneath and some other things on top.
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