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Post Pumpkin Run 5K

5K #14: Complete!

I think it's official. I run much better when it's cold outside. All of my best 5Ks have been in sub 45 degree weather and those are also the only 5Ks that I have run start to finish.

It's also official that I've got to figure out what to do about getting side stitches when I'm running races. I almost never get these when I'm doing training runs... it's just on race day. It stopped me completely in the last 5K and this time I ended up being able to run through it.

Any suggestions?

Other than that, this race was fantastic and one that I would definitely do again. It was a hilly out & back course down a back road in Irmo {if you're from the area, you start at the Northwest YMCA on Kennerly Road, run down Firetower to the frontage road, and back}

Chip Time: 29:54
Pace: 9:38/mile
Finish: 148/465

Funny story: my dad came to watch me run for the first time and he was in charge of taking pictures of the run at the start & end. He positioned himself at the finish line so he could take a picture of the time as I crossed the finish line. Well... he saw a girl in orange coming round the corner and thought it was me. This is the picture of "me" crossing the finish line... in under 25 min? Hahaha!

... 4 minutes later, I finished.

I ran the entire race! That doesn't sound like that big of an accomplishment seeing as I'm up to just over 7 miles in my Half Marathon training but... out of 14 5Ks, I've only run 3 from start to finish without stopping. That last 5K I ran in August? Yeah. I couldn't run the whole thing then and it's nice to see that all of this training is actually paying off.

& I knocked 2 minutes off of my last 5K time so yay!

I have signed up for three more races between now and the Half Marathon...

Governor's Cup 8K
South Park Turkey Trot 8K
ACC Fan 5K

... and then it's the Kiawah Half!


  1. Did I read that right and that was your 14th 5K!! Way to go girl...I think the side cramps are the worst things...I try to just breathe even deeper through them - although that doesn't always help!

  2. Get it girl!!!! I am thinking about take up some running....I told Reid this and he was like "let's sign up for a 5K" I told him to hold his horses Mr........ I have to walk before I run....

  3. Good job! I just completed a 22.26 mile hike and want to start training for some races like these!


  4. That's awesome! 5k's are some of my favorite races and I laughed because that is so something my dad would have done as well!

  5. Congrats on the awesome finish!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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