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Quick timeline for you...

May 3, 2010 - received & accepted job offer
May 7, 2010 - graduated from Clemson
May 9, 2010 to May 14, 2010 - quick graduation trip down to Florida
May 17, 2010 - started my first job

... and I didn't exactly leave myself any time to find an apartment to live in once I moved to Charlotte. I moved in with some family friends for a few weeks until I finally settled on which apartment to rent. Moved in on a Saturday, packed my bags back up, and hit the skies to Europe for two weeks. It's safe to say that I lived out of boxes/bags for about 6 weeks that year.

Back to the apartment though.

I looked at what felt like 100 apartments before settling on this one. It was close to work, had a spacious one bedroom layout, and was the perfect price. I moved into this apartment in June 2010 and four years later I've had it with this place and I'm {finally} moving out! But not far. Just a mile or so down the road to a new complex.

I wanted to document my sweet little apartment though before I started packing it up for the move, so here it is: my first post-college home.

{Dining Room}

 The set of three pictures in the back are pictures that I took while we were in Italy four years ago. That was the first "project" for this apartment... picking out three pictures that I liked & finding frames. They're probably getting updated but I haven't decided to what yet.

New apartment won't have carpet in the dining room. Hallelujah.


 Framed poster from Charleston? Adios.

 Things all over my fridge? Adios.
Ok, let me clarify. I'm keeping them but they're not going to be displayed on the fridge anymore.

Disclaimer: the "stick it in" magnet is from Virginia Tech. I got it when I went up there for a friend's 21st birthday & apparently it's one of their football cheers?

{Living Room}

 Shelves are gone & the pillows will be too once I find a new rug/new pillows that coordinate. I was on a mission to replace these pillows for the last two years and eventually gave up when I found a new apartment to move into.

Typical view. If I'm in my apartment & not sleeping, I'm usually settled in on my couch watching TV & doing something on my laptop.


 My new apartment will have a linen closet which means I will finally have somewhere to put towels & extra sheets & all that fun stuff. I cannot wait to get rid of those little crates that I've had since sophomore year of college.


I have no idea where this nightstand originated but my earliest memory of it was it was in my bathroom when I was like seven. Then I used it as a nightstand in high school {painted white with colorful knobs} and decided it would look even better painted a dark brown/black color. My dad painted it, I bought some knobs from Anthropolgie, and it was ready to go.

Taking these pictures and subsequently looking through all of them makes me really, really ready to move. I can't wait to get into my new apartment and make it my own... with out the college leftovers that hung around in this apartment for so long.

Two weeks to go :)
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