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Here we are: it's the final week of 2016 and it's time to reveal what your favorite posts were this year.
2016 was a big year on Magnolia and Main. This blog has always been, and still is, a wonderful place for me to document the things going on in my life, the DIY construction projects and recipes that we attempt at home, all of the Clemson games, and our travels. I was able to share all about our wedding and our house... which were two of your favorite topics this year.
{drum roll please}
Out of all 168 posts of 2016, here are the posts that y'all loved and viewed the most:
Confession time... next to our engagement story, this was the most fun post to write, publish, and share with y'all. It was also the one that most "non blog" people talked to me about before and at our wedding.
Y'all like a little drama & suspense as much as I do.
... otherwise known as The Post That Almost Didn't Get Published. Sure glad I hit publish on this one after all!
Who doesn't love a good sneak peek?
Because all of y'all are just as nosy as I am and you love taking a peek into someone else's home. Hands down, my favorite part of house hunting was looking at all of the pictures of the houses for sale... so this doesn't surprise me at all!
Well, didn't see that one coming! This one wasn't even on my radar for cracking the top 10, let alone being the #1 post of 2016.
& there you have it! The Top 10 Magnolia & Main Posts from 2016. Clearly, y'all really liked our house and our wedding. Every single post was about one or the other and if I had gone out to a list of the top 20, that trend would have continued.
Ready for 2017? You probably won't see any more about our wedding but you'll see plenty more about our house. And hopefully some more recipes and a few more DIYs.
Happy Wednesday!

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