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'Twas the Two Days Before Christmas & All Through the Blog...

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Can you believe that Christmas is in only two days? I'm officially off of work for Christmas and this girl is beyond ready to continue the celebrations. There has been so much Christmas cheer over the last couple of weeks...

Christmas in Asheville is the BEST, especially when you get to see a little of the decorations with one of your best friends.

There were some Christmas Funfetti Cupcakes because hey, why not?

Patrick and I went to Riverbanks Lights at the Zoo with a few of our friends for a Friday night date night.

We convinced Amy and Andrew {home from London & Clemson, respectively} to come downtown with us to The Vista for a Beer & Carols event at Liberty Tap Room. Singing Christmas songs in a bar loudly for all to hear? Totally down for that.

There have been so many Christmas cards arriving in our mailbox each day and it might be my favorite part of coming home from work in the afternoons.

We've been finishing up our Christmas shopping & getting all of our presents wrapped.
& last night, we had Patrick's whole family over {for the first time!} for dinner.

Plus, it was Spaghetti Night {which is a close second behind Taco Night in our house}

Since we had today off from work, Patrick and I invited Amy & Andrew to spend the night. We woke up and had a delicious brunch.

If all of that doesn't put you in the Christmas spirit, I'm not sure what would. The Christmas music has been on repeat in our house for the last two weeks, the twinkle lights have multiplied by the day, and the packages from Amazon are still showing up on our front porch {because we like to procrastinate our shopping a little}

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! I hope that you have a fun and amazing time celebrating with your family and friends! See y'all back here on Tuesday morning :)

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