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Have a Holly Jolly Christmas: Our 2016 Christmas Card

Confession: there are a lot of things that I've been looking forward to this Christmas.

- going to a tree farm & chopping down our first Christmas tree
- putting up our Christmas tree next to our fireplace & decorating it
- hanging up stockings on our mantel in our new house
- decorating the inside of our home
& finally: sending out our Christmas cards!

The cards arrived last week from Minted and I spent last Sunday night writing little messages on them to our family and friends & sealing them up in their envelopes to drop in the mailbox the next morning.

I love, love, love how these turned out!

The fabulous Jessica of Jessica Roberts Photography took our pictures back in October on the South Carolina State House grounds. It was a quick & painless 15 minute mini session and we walked away with some great non-wedding-related pictures.

Here's our 2016 Christmas card:

So why didn't we use a wedding picture for our Christmas card? Easy. I didn't want to! I wanted some new, non-wedding-related pictures that I haven't shared with everyone a dozen times over.

In the meantime, I'll be hanging out by our Christmas tree admiring all the fun ornaments and lights on our tree while opening up Christmas cards from some of our favorite people as they arrive in our mailbox.


  1. Your cards are so cute! They are absorbable and I bet are so cheery in your friends mailboxes!

  2. Love the photo on your card!! So cute!

  3. What a cute Christmas card! Sending out Christmas cards is one of my favorite traditions!

  4. Gorgeous! We decided to send out post-card Christmas cards this year with just a few people and I love how they turned out!

    Southern Style

  5. So cute! I love Christmas cards!

  6. Your cards turned out so pretty! I didn't use our wedding pictures for our Christmas cards the first year we were married either!

  7. I love your Christmas card- looks great!!

  8. Love these!! I was so excited to send out our first card and the excitement never gets old - I still love picking them out and sending!

  9. Love!!! They turned out beautiful. I love that you took new pictures. Makes your cards extra special.

  10. LOVE your Christmas card!!! I'm totally using Minted next year...I have yet to see one bad design from them! :)

  11. Love your card and the fact that you went against the norm and did not use a wedding pic!


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