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Hello, 29!

In the midst of our #summeroffun, I had grand plans for birthday #29. All I wanted to do was take a trip to Charleston, wander through the city, and visit a few breweries. Rooftop drinks at the Vendue wouldn't hurt, either.

We booked our hotel, counted down the months and days until our trip, packed our bags, and headed down to the Holy City last Thursday for two days of birthday fun. Thursday was spent exploring breweries {because, yes} and out for drinks and dinner with a few of our favorite Charleston residents.

The downside of a July birthday? It's hot outside. We walked around downtown Charleston all day Friday... we walked a little, popped into a store to do some shopping, walked some more, popped into a restaurant/bar for a drink, & repeat. The upside of walking aimlessly through downtown Charleston?

My brother was having lunch with his coworkers and happened to look up at the right time and spotted us out on the street. We were able to hang out with him for a bit which was nice! Is it a sign of growing up that my brother and I actually get along decently well these days compared to the high school days? I'll take it.

One thing that has always been on our Charleston bucket list required a trip out of Charleston to Mt. Pleasant.

Westbrook Brewing! 

We checked another brewery off of our ever growing list of breweries to visit. All in all, we visited 5 breweries this trip {& reviews of all will be heading to the blog soon!}

It was a good birthday and a fantastic trip.

I put down my phone and took time to be present during our time in Charleston. Too often I'm focused on getting the best picture and staying up to date with what's happening in my social media world, that I miss out on what I'm actually doing.

This trip was about spending time with my husband. It was about actually vacationing rather than living by a schedule every time we take a trip. It was about asking the concierge at the hotel for a restaurant recommendation rather than stressing about where to eat. It was about impulse purchases and off-the-beaten-path breweries.

It was a birthday full of family, friends, presents, cupcakes, birthday cards & wishes, and some exceptional food.

Cheers to year #29 & all of the adventures that it will hold!
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