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The Last Weekend of 28

The most accurate depiction of how my weekend started:

Nothing like having to get your Clemson class ring cut off your hand by your jeweler because your fingers inexplicably decided to react to Columbia heat and humidity and swell up to the point that you can't get your ring off and it begins cutting of the circulation in your finger.

This was on Saturday morning... after spending most of the day Friday dealing with the fact that someone backed into my parked car at work.

Y'all, I'm so glad that Lindsey and I had plans for her to visit this weekend! Not only did she get to enjoy the whole ordeal at the jeweler {and snap that wonderful picture}, but some girl time with her was long overdue.

We visited Soda City Market until it got entirely too crowded & hot. I love how much the market has grown since the first time Patrick and I visited in 3 years ago, but dang, it gets crowded fast these days.

I took her to the best cookie place in the world, Blue Flour, and this gluten free girl definitely indulged in a cookie {because they're that good & so worth it!}

We celebrated Craft & Draft's 3rd Anniversary with a pint of Olde Mecklenburg Brewing's Hornet's Nest.

Sunday morning, Lindsey headed back home and Patrick hit the road to help his dad out for most of the day... want to know what this girl did with her completely free Sunday?

It was a gorgeous morning, so I headed down to the Riverwalk to take advantage of the "cool" 85 degree weather and get in a short walk before heading to the gym.

I won't bore you with the rest of the day that was full of grocery shopping, laundry, and working but y'all, I had THE most productive day. Between Lindsey's visit and a crazy productive Sunday, I'd say that the weekend was pretty much salvaged after the rough start.

Good thing, too. Because it's BIRTHDAY WEEK!

& y'all know how much I love birthday week :)


  1. Those cookies look so delicious! Happy Birthday Week - the best week!!

  2. Happy Birthday week!! I've heard so many good things about the market in Cola - looks like you had a fun weekend!

  3. Definitely a crazy start to your weekend- but glad it went up from there :) YAY for birthday week- I'm all about extending my celebrations! :)

  4. So sorry for the bum start to the weekend - getting a ring cut off is a big fear of mine but you look like you did so well! So happy it was up from there : )

  5. Oh no- I'm sorry it was a rough start to the weekend! I'm a huge fan of ring horseshoes/guards!

  6. How sad about your ring!!!! Glad the weekend shaped up to be a good one though!

  7. oh i had to do that with my ring, except it was my wedding rings! lol. i just went to the fire station, and then gave my rings to the jewelry place we bought it from to fix. and sorry someone backed into your car, how rude!

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