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If you're new around here, there's one main thing you need to know: I love Clemson football. Actually, I love all college football. I think that the best way to spend a Saturday during the fall is at a tailgate and a game, or hanging out on the couch watching ESPN all day long. Being married to a South Carolina alumni means that I end up going to quite a few South Carolina football games each season as well.

This season will be different this year, since we'll be spending the last month of the season closer to home rather than making the two hour trek up to Clemson, but I'm already counting down the days until I'm back in Tiger Town for the first game of the season!

2018 Season
Week 1: Clemson vs Furman
Week 2: USC vs UGA
Week 3: Clemson vs Georgia Tech
Week 4: The Week of the Away Game
Week 5: Clemson vs Syracuse
Week 6: A Kiawah Football Weekend
Week 7: USC vs Texas A&M {& the South Carolina State Fair}
Week 8: Clemson vs NC State
Week 9: Football Season from Home

2016 Season
Week 10 | Week 9 | Week 7 | Week 5 | Week 3 | 
Week 2 | How to Plan an Away Game College Football Trip

2014 Season

2013 Season

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