31 October 2016

Week 9: USC vs Tennessee

Want to know what I love?
Night games!
Especially when they're in Columbia. What's not to love about being able to sleep in, get your long run completed, and have time to lounge around a little bit before it's time to head out to tailgate? The lot we tailgate in doesn't open until 5 hours before game time so since it was a 7:15pm kickoff, we didn't start our tailgate until 2pm.

Want to know what's not a good idea? Running 7.5 miles prior to a 5 hour tailgate and a night game.

Anyway, back to the tailgate. And football.
And amazing food.

{Not pictured: the delicious Boston Butt that slow cooked for 11 hours in our oven overnight. It was soooo good... just forgot to snap a picture of it.}

Cornhole games.

Quality time with the husband and with our friends.

& plenty of my favorite local beer: River Rat American Kolsch Story.

But seriously. How cool are these new River Rat cans? They just started canning their beers and I'm 100% on board with it because it makes enjoying their beer at a tailgate {& on glass-free beaches!} much easier.

Then it was time to get into the stadium, get to our seats, and watch as Carolina took on Tennessee.

... actually, it was game time for more than one team and yes, I was that person who was obsessively stalking WatchESPN/Twitter to see how my Tigers were faring against the Seminoles down in Tallahassee.

 Meanwhile, back in Columbia, crazy things were happening on the field. USC was playing well and they never trailed to Tennessee. They ended up beating Tennessee and y'all, I think that the student section was a little excited. You're not allowed to go onto the field after games at SEC stadiums but looking at the celebration below, I'm surprised nobody did.


 Want to know who else was excited? This guy.

We hustled back out to our tailgate after the game to get the TV set up to watch the final quarter of the Clemson/FSU game. While we were walking out of the stadium, FSU took the lead 21-20. We heard lots of loud cheers as we got back into our parking lot and Patrick just looked at me and was like "You know that everyone in this parking lot is watching your game, right? If they're cheering, it probably isn't good for you."

It wasn't. FSU had scored another TD to make it 28-20.

If you want to know stress, watch your team squander a 14 lead on the road against their biggest division opponent with their undefeated season & national title hopes on the line. Oh, and watch it in the middle of enemy territory surrounded by fans of your rival's school. I don't advise it. But it really was a lot of fun jumping up and down and celebrating when Clemson came out with a W!

We may not have gotten home until like 2am but y'all, Saturday was worth it. Both my team and my husband's team won. We had a blast. We spent most of Sunday recovering.

Totally worth it.

Happy Monday {& Halloween}!

28 October 2016

Five on Friday

Happy Halloween Weekend!

How are we celebrating?
With a super long run tomorrow morning followed up with the USC/Tennessee game later that evening. It's going to be a long, fun day of tailgating and I can't wait. Plus, after this game, it's nothing but Clemson games in Death Valley for the remainder of the season {yes!}
I know I said it earlier this week but for real, y'all, new running shoes are one of the greatest things ever. It makes SUCH a difference and I don't know why it takes me so long to replace them every time that they're in need of it.
My friend Katie and I decided to sign up for a Dash to the Draft 5K series that takes places just outside of downtown Columbia in the Shandon neighborhood. There were three weeks of 5Ks but we opted to only do two of them.

It reminded me a lot of the popular weeknight brewery runs in Charlotte and I'm hoping that they continue this series a few more times during the year. It's nice to get out for a 5K on a random Tuesday and follow it up with drinks at a local craft beer shop {especially when the pints are half off for the runners!}
Patrick makes the best handmade Chicken & Pastry. Hands down. But he withholds it from me throughout the year because it's only a "cold weather" recipe.

Well. When you wake up on a Sunday morning and it's 39 degrees outside... it's Chicken & Pastry weather! We cooked it together this past Sunday evening and y'all, I'm already ready for the next batch to be made. It's so good.

It's been awhile since y'all have had a house picture...

Exciting, right?

We've been busy getting things hung up around the house. So far we have: two mirrors, a stone cross, a framed calligraphy quote, our wedding Chicken Man painting, the Cooper River Bridge picture {above}, and our custom recycled pallet wine rack {also above}.

Here's hoping that we can knock out a few more house related things on Sunday since the next two months are going to be a little crazy on the weekends.
& because it's Friday, here's a sneak peek from our fall mini session with our wedding photographer, Jessica.

Can't wait to get our Christmas card designed & ordered this weekend!
Happy Friday! GO TIGERS! BEAT FSU!

27 October 2016

Is it Too Early to Start Talking Christmas?

I hope it isn't because y'all, I'm ready to start busting out all things holiday & Christmas related from Christmas trees to Christmas cookies. I've even got my Christmas playlist ready to go as soon as Halloween is over next week.
Want to know something that I've always, always wanted to do but never have?
Send Christmas cards!
Specifically, Christmas cards with a cute picture of my family on the front. I've sent plenty of plain, generic Christmas cards in the past from me to my friends and family, but now that Patrick and I have finally tied the knot, I can get in on all the real Christmas card fun.
We had our mini session with our photographer this past weekend to get some good, professional quality pictures of the two of us.
Wait. Don't we have PLENTY of those from our wedding?
Yup. We sure do. But because I have inundated most of our family and friends with plenty of wedding pictures via this blog, my Instagram, and on FaceBook {& will probably continue to do so for months to come}... I figured we could change things up with our Christmas card and throw a new picture into the mix.
Anyway. While we are waiting for our pictures to come back, I've been shopping around for the perfect card. I'm going with Minted because I love all of their designs, the free envelope addressing, and how well our Save the Dates turned out from them earlier this year.
Here are my favorites:

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

I cannot wait to get our pictures back from our photographer & to start plugging our favorite one into these designs. I'm so excited to send our Christmas cards out this year!

& let's be real: I'm excited to put this tree up and see how long it lasts this year until Patrick gets annoyed with it... I think my parents were subjected until almost February last year :)

26 October 2016

Our Wedding: The Reception {Part 1}

After the slightly traumatic arrival to our wedding reception, we were MORE than ready to get the party started! The girls bustled up my dress and they took out my veil and swapped it for a pretty comb, all while I drank out of a bottle of Prosecco.
Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to calm down on her wedding day!
Our parents & bridal party were introduced to the reception and they danced into "Can't Stop the Feeling" by Justin Timberlake.
And then it was our turn!

Our first dance was so incredibly special to me. We shag danced to "With This Ring" by The Platters and y'all, it was the greatest dance ever. Well, to us at least.

{judging from our parents' faces & reactions in the background, I think we had just successfully pulled off the "around the world" move...}

All of our crazy shag dance lessons and our sunroom practice sessions had paid off - we had so much fun dancing our first dance with one another. We also kind of looked like we knew what we were doing, too.

Patrick handed me off to my dad for a dance {"Brown Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison}

& he danced with his mother. Their dance... was anything but normal. I'm not even sure what all they did out on the dance floor but you could tell they were having a blast.

My dad then took the mic, gave us a funny, sweet toast {that got some people... ahem my husband... to tear up a little} and then handed it back to the band to get things going.

From there? I have no idea what happened.

The entire night was a whirlwind of awesome.

Patrick and I kept losing each other and circling the room to talk with friends, take pictures, and to soak it all in.

Our planner grabbed us pretty early on to cut the cake.

Cutting a wedding cake {or having one at all} was not something that Patrick nor I particularly wanted to do. We tried to completely ditch the cake, actually. But it was requested so we agreed to a small, one tier cake. That morphed into a three tier cake somehow.

Luckily, my husband and I were on the same page as soon as we saw the sweet little bride and groom Blue Flour Bakery cookies sitting next to the cake. Sure. We'll cut the cake. But that doesn't mean we're gonna eat it! Pretty sure that's a look of fear on my wedding planner's face because she has no idea what we've just plotted with that high five.

We cut the cake and immediately went for the cookies.

Immediately after that, we played a game with our guests. All the married couples went to the dance floor for a dance. One by one, each couple was called off the dance floor based on how long they had been married {one day, one month, one year, five years, etc} until we were left with just the couples who had been married for 40 years. Like my parents. We kicked everyone off the dance floor but them at that point so that I could give them a toast for their 40th Anniversary.


Speaking in front of a group of people isn't my thing. Unless it's my wedding day. I was pretty nervous about giving them a toast until I got up there with the mic. It's so easy to talk in front of everyone when you know them all.

... and then the party REALLY started.

Photographer: Jessica at Jessica Roberts Photography
Dessert Cookies: Blue Flour Bakery
Wedding Cake: Publix Bakery

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