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Five on Friday

Happy Halloween Weekend!

How are we celebrating?
With a super long run tomorrow morning followed up with the USC/Tennessee game later that evening. It's going to be a long, fun day of tailgating and I can't wait. Plus, after this game, it's nothing but Clemson games in Death Valley for the remainder of the season {yes!}
I know I said it earlier this week but for real, y'all, new running shoes are one of the greatest things ever. It makes SUCH a difference and I don't know why it takes me so long to replace them every time that they're in need of it.
My friend Katie and I decided to sign up for a Dash to the Draft 5K series that takes places just outside of downtown Columbia in the Shandon neighborhood. There were three weeks of 5Ks but we opted to only do two of them.

It reminded me a lot of the popular weeknight brewery runs in Charlotte and I'm hoping that they continue this series a few more times during the year. It's nice to get out for a 5K on a random Tuesday and follow it up with drinks at a local craft beer shop {especially when the pints are half off for the runners!}
Patrick makes the best handmade Chicken & Pastry. Hands down. But he withholds it from me throughout the year because it's only a "cold weather" recipe.

Well. When you wake up on a Sunday morning and it's 39 degrees outside... it's Chicken & Pastry weather! We cooked it together this past Sunday evening and y'all, I'm already ready for the next batch to be made. It's so good.

It's been awhile since y'all have had a house picture...

Exciting, right?

We've been busy getting things hung up around the house. So far we have: two mirrors, a stone cross, a framed calligraphy quote, our wedding Chicken Man painting, the Cooper River Bridge picture {above}, and our custom recycled pallet wine rack {also above}.

Here's hoping that we can knock out a few more house related things on Sunday since the next two months are going to be a little crazy on the weekends.
& because it's Friday, here's a sneak peek from our fall mini session with our wedding photographer, Jessica.

Can't wait to get our Christmas card designed & ordered this weekend!
Happy Friday! GO TIGERS! BEAT FSU!


  1. Love the sneak peek! Can't wait for more!

  2. Have you seen the Adidas Avenue quarterly subscription box? I highly recommend checking it out.
    In Augusta, there's a group that runs Tuesdays and they end at Stillwater on Broad St for $3.5 draughts. It's a win-win for those runners!
    #allin #ggww :o)

  3. 100% yes to new runners. I was told that if you run on a regular basis, it's good to replace shoes every 6 months?!
    btw, love the glass tile backsplash :)

  4. That photo from your mini session is SO CUTE!! I also love that little wine holder - and it's even personalized, right? Have a great weekend!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  5. Awww! I love that photo from your mini session! I think you need to convince Patrick to share his recipe ;) Jess at Just Jess

  6. You too are going to have a tough time nailing down a holiday card with all those cute pictures!! xo, Biana

  7. you guys are the freaking cutest, i can't handle it.
    what exactly is chicken and pastry? it sounds delicious.

  8. That picture is awesome - and I am with Kristen, what is chicken and pastry? It sounds delicious!

  9. Yum, homemade chicken and pastry sounds good. I love fall weather recipes. That wine rack is so cute, did y'all make it or buy it?

  10. I've never had chicken and pastry but it sounds delicious! I made a fall dinner tonight, a roast chicken with biscuits and carrots, and, it was 80 degrees. Oh well, it's the thought that counts! Hope you had a fun weekend!

  11. I love your little wine rack! So pretty! And that picture is gorgeous!!


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