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Is it Too Early to Start Talking Christmas?

I hope it isn't because y'all, I'm ready to start busting out all things holiday & Christmas related from Christmas trees to Christmas cookies. I've even got my Christmas playlist ready to go as soon as Halloween is over next week.
Want to know something that I've always, always wanted to do but never have?
Send Christmas cards!
Specifically, Christmas cards with a cute picture of my family on the front. I've sent plenty of plain, generic Christmas cards in the past from me to my friends and family, but now that Patrick and I have finally tied the knot, I can get in on all the real Christmas card fun.
We had our mini session with our photographer this past weekend to get some good, professional quality pictures of the two of us.
Wait. Don't we have PLENTY of those from our wedding?
Yup. We sure do. But because I have inundated most of our family and friends with plenty of wedding pictures via this blog, my Instagram, and on FaceBook {& will probably continue to do so for months to come}... I figured we could change things up with our Christmas card and throw a new picture into the mix.
Anyway. While we are waiting for our pictures to come back, I've been shopping around for the perfect card. I'm going with Minted because I love all of their designs, the free envelope addressing, and how well our Save the Dates turned out from them earlier this year.
Here are my favorites:

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

I cannot wait to get our pictures back from our photographer & to start plugging our favorite one into these designs. I'm so excited to send our Christmas cards out this year!

& let's be real: I'm excited to put this tree up and see how long it lasts this year until Patrick gets annoyed with it... I think my parents were subjected until almost February last year :)


  1. definitely not too early to talk/think about christmas! I've been thinking about it wayy too much lately!

  2. I am right there with you and I can not wait to start decorating! I am super excited to see what your Christmas will be!!! How exciting!!! Annster's Domain

  3. NEVER! I was listening to Christmas music the other day at work. It's just so happy and sometimes you need happy like that in your life even if it's before Halloween! Ha

  4. I love Christmas! I don't put anything up until after Thanksgiving, though. I just can't host Thanksgiving with a Christmas tree in the room! Now, the Friday after is a whole different story. We are finally sending out Christmas cards this year. We never did it when we got married but finally decided to start this year so Madeline will have them to look back on.

  5. Definitely not too early to be talking about Christmas. :) Love all the cards you have chosen - it's so fun when you are first married to have your first Christmas card with the picture on it together!

  6. I am thinking Christmas already too!! I can't help it haha! We are getting some pics taken in a week or so and I can't wait to pick out a card!!

  7. It's never too early for Christmas! I've been making my list, planning our December and searching decorations online for the past two weeks! I was SO excited for our first Christmas card - can't wait to see which one you pick!!

  8. Oh my gosh I LOVE sending out Christmas cards. I would love to do a holiday session, but I feel like we may just use a wedding photo for our first "married Christmas!"

    xo, Kristina


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