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The Weekend of Hurricane Matthew

Once upon a time... we had a great plan for the weekend.
We were going to watch the Clemson vs Boston College game with our friends on Friday night, we were going to work hard all day on Saturday, and then we were going to spend our Sunday morning tailgating at River Rat and our Sunday afternoon at the USC/Georgia game. I even stocked up for the "hurricane" and got my favorite bottle of wine and a carton of my favorite ice cream.
It was going according to plan, too! We enjoyed Friday evening with our friends, a lot of good food, and an excellent Clemson victory. Clemson is now 6-0 & they were officially the first bowl eligible team of the 2016 season {perks of playing on a Friday night!}
... but then Hurricane Matthew came to play and we went without power for 36 hours. We woke up to no power Saturday morning and didn't get it back until around 6pm last night.
& yes, we did turn on every single light in our house last night so that we could bask in the awesomeness of having power again.

Our perfectly planned weekend turned into a Saturday full of napping/stalking social media to get updates on Kiawah and a Sunday full of non-essential errands.
Like picking up pumpkins for the front porch :)
For those of you curious about our house on Kiawah, this is all we know so far:
That's our boardwalk. The super steep ramp is long gone & all the sand has washed away. You can see a few pictures of what our boardwalk used to look like here & here & below. Looks a little different now doesn't it?

As for our house here in Columbia... we have a ton of small limbs and branches and leaves all over our yard, but our big trees all survived and we are extremely thankful for that.
Happy Monday, y'all! Here's to no more hurricanes and another Clemson victory on Saturday against NC State ;)


  1. Glad to hear you are safe! Wow, a lot of your walk is gone! Was the house OK?

  2. There were so many clemson fans on the train and at the hotel where I had the wedding this weekend!! I'm happy to hear that you guys were able to make it through the storm!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Oh no I'm so sorry to hear you guys were out of power for so long! That's even longer than we were out of power! Hoping your Kiawah home didn't sustain any other damage!!

  4. So glad you guys stayed safe during Matthew! That power outage sounds super tough, but so glad you guys did have any other damage. Here's to hoping the boardwalk is the worst that Kiawah saw!

  5. I hope your house on Kiawah is ok! We were without power for ten days after Sandy so I am feeling your pain there. Glad it is back on now.

  6. Glad you were safe!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  7. Glad to hear you're safe and no major damages. Hope your house on Kiawah is alright too!

  8. Glad yo hear you were safe despite the power outage. Hope the Kiawah house is okay!

  9. That hurricane was no joke and I'm so glad that y'all are ok!

  10. ugh no power for that long would have sucked. i am sorry :( i am glad you are safe though!


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