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I remember sitting in the stands at Wake Forest's football stadium just over ten years ago, watching an abysmal performance by my Clemson Tigers. Who loses to Wake Forest? I had road tripped up there to see a guaranteed win - not an embarrassing loss.

The following Monday, Clemson fired their head coach Tommy Bowden and hired one of the assistant coaches as an interim head coach.

To be honest, I had no idea who this Dabo Swinney character was. He was an unknown. He was temporary. And sure, he beat USC at the end of the season but I was ready to see Clemson go out and hire a big name coach from another school. I didn't expect Clemson to hire Dabo full time.

...and now I can't imagine any other coach at Clemson.

It's an incredible time to be a Clemson graduate and a Clemson football fan. The last four years have been nothing short of magical thanks to Dabo and the culture that he's created at Clemson.

55 total wins
4 ACC Championships
3 appearances in the College Football Playoffs
2 National Championships
1 15-0 Season

Clemson posted this just after the 2017 National Championship Game, and it's still one of my favorite things that their social media team has ever put together.

Y'all, that was from his introductory press conference in December 2008. Nobody could have predicted the decade that would follow after he officially became head coach. Nobody.

I can tell you that there's not a single Clemson fan that's disappointed with his hire though. He's instilled a culture at Clemson that we all love that goes beyond winning. It's about the players. It's about more than just football. It's a family.

This was the weirdest football season for me. I only made it to three Clemson games before I got too pregnant to be able to navigate the hills around Clemson and the steps to our seats. I missed the Clemson / Carolina game for the first time in forever. I watched a lot of Clemson football from the couch at our house. I didn't make it up to Charlotte for the ACC Championship. But, I got a cute little Clemson fan out of it so, you know, priorities.

I can't wait to see what 2019 holds in store for Clemson! I can't wait to take Riley to her first football game in Death Valley... she might already have an outfit (or two} ready to go for next season. But for now, I'm going to soak in the moment. It's GREAT to be a Clemson Tiger!

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