29 September 2016

Running: New Views & New Music

Y'all have already read about the new Columbia Fireflies baseball stadium & my love for it plenty of times on here since this spring. But I'm going to chat about it again today.
Because it's time to train for my December half marathon & the Fireflies baseball stadium is open 365 days a year from dawn until dusk. That means that unless there is an event being held in the stadium, you are free to enter and wander around and do whatever non-illegal activities you choose to do.
For me, that means I'm going to be taking advantage of their 1/3 mile concourse to log a few miles in my half marathon training this fall.
Patrick & I checked it out for the first time this past Saturday morning. There were about three other people there and a security guard but otherwise, we had the place to ourselves.
Running on the concourse was an absolute breeze compared to running around my slightly hilly neighborhood. My TomTom GPS watch & my Nike running app were both coming up with the concourse being 0.3 miles rather than 0.33 but other than that, I had zero complaints about running here. It's completely flat and as long as you don't mind running circles, you should be good to go.
I had some great music to keep me company. I haven't shared a running playlist on here in ages but here's what I'm listening to this fall for training:

Let's hope that the mix of good music and the change of running location gets me into this half marathon training a little bit more. It's going to be October 1 this weekend {which means my race is 11 weeks!} and I've got to get my long runs going. Short runs that focus on hills and speed? Done. Long runs? Eh.
Any & all motivation suggestions appreciated!

28 September 2016

Our Wedding: A Groom & His Guys

Last week was all about the girls. This week?
It's all about the guys.
Specifically, this handsome groom of mine and his best guy friends.
Quick: name that movie! & name the groomsman who clearly hasn't seen the movie...
These guys are all fantastic friends and I'm so glad that they're in Patrick's life! You've got high school friends, soccer friends, a church friend, a dad, a brother, a brother-in-law, and a wife's best high school friend. Oddly enough, the majority of the guys are Clemson grads or fans... I think Patrick's got a thing for Clemson people ;)

As I've said before, I absolutely loved the fact that my brother had to wear a polka dotted bowtie for our wedding. But what I didn't tell you is this: that's 100% why we picked that specific tie style for the guys. Patrick and I both thought about my brother wearing it, bust out laughing, and immediately hit "order" on the website.
One of Patrick's gifts to the guys was a pair of fun socks from JCrew. Patrick has quite the collection of fun socks {which is completely & 100% the fault of my mom and me - we keep buying him ridiculous socks for every single occasion} and decided that the guys needed in on the fun, too.
Location: St. Paul's Lutheran Church
Suits: Jos A. Bank
Ties & Bowties: The Tie Bar {Groom, Dads, Groomsmen}

27 September 2016

Gettin' Wild at Zoofari: Take 3

Oh, Zoofari.

You are always the best.
Patrick and I met up with my parents this past Friday evening for the 2016 edition of our favorite zoo fundraiser: Zoofari!

When we got inside, my mom and I took the opportunity to go behind the scenes of the new Sea Lion exhibit. We got to check out the kitchen and learn about the diets of each sea lion and seal.

Once again, there was excellent food & drink. Pretty sure that my parents and Patrick destroyed a platter or two of the collard spring rolls but me? I was more about these roasted BBQ chicken pizzas - SO GOOD.

Of course, I got on the carousel and convinced a certain husband of mine to get on the carousel with me. I had a ball. He tolerated it.

We headed over to the auction area and met a new friend: Boa!

I'm going to go ahead and place the blame on champagne for this one because I can promise you that sans-champagne, there's no way I would have gotten this close to him let alone touched him.

It completely freaked me out to touch him. Snakes feel exactly what you think they feel like: smooth and creepy as all get out.
Don't worry. I sanitized multiple times after petting Boa.

The main event of the night, the auction, was even better than we remembered from previous years. The auctioneer is fantastic. He knows how to work a crowd and he's extremely talented at getting people to raise their bids and compete with one another.

He had us cracking up throughout the whole live auction.
It was another fantastic event at Riverbanks! I know we'll be back next year {probably just so my mom, dad, & Patrick can devour more collard spring rolls...}

26 September 2016

Weekending of the Firsts

This weekend was a weekend for the books, y'all.
It was a weekend of a quite a few firsts.

On Friday night, Patrick and I met up with my parents at Riverbanks' Zoofari for an evening of fun adventures at the zoo. Although, it was our third time attending Zoofari so that doesn't count as a first this weekend.

But this totally did.

I met this little guy, Boa, and petted him. Multiple times.
It completely freaked me out and the chances of me ever doing it again are slim to none but now I can check "pet a snake" off my bucket list {even though I'm not 100% sure it was ever on my bucket list in the first place - I blame the champagne I was drinking...}
Saturday morning was another first. It was the first longer than 3.5 mile run of the training season and my first time running at the Fireflies stadium. I don't know what it is about the 3 to 4 mile jump but it's the worst. Running at the stadium? Not too bad! Didn't make the morning humidity any more bearable but at least it was 100% flat.

Later on Saturday, I had to say goodbye to my sweet, perfect, amazing little dream car of an '08 Escape that my parents bought for me on my 19th birthday. It was 100% not a decision that I wanted to make because I still looooove that car. And if they hadn't completely screwed over the design with the new models, I would have gotten another Ford Escape.

Came home with this little number instead!

Because you know, buying a house, getting married, moving in with a boy, and changing my name all within a 4 month period wasn't enough and I had to add purchasing my first car to that list. But I love it!
Oh! And remember that wedding table of ours?

Patrick got the legs attached this weekend and I add the last coat of white paint to the legs and trim. It is finally, finally, finally complete!

Yes, we need a new rug that fits the bigger table. Yes, we're getting new chairs and not stealing the ones from my old apartment dining room table.
But the table is done! Hallelujah.
It was a good weekend at home and a much needed weekend without travel {or football}. Of the five weekends in October, we're going to football games 4 of the 5 and two of those are drives up the highway to Clemson.
I can't wait, though. ESPN College Gameday is coming back to Tiger Town this weekend! I love that this has become a regular thing around campus and it's no huge surprise when they decide to come visit.
Have a great Monday, y'all! If you're looking for me, I'll be driving around town in my new wheels ;)

23 September 2016

A Fall Five on Friday

Anyone else curious as to where their summer went?

We know exactly what happened to ours: we bought a house, moved in, and got married... & while it was a really great time in our life, we basically missed summer. So here's hoping that we don't "miss" fall this year, too.
We have no football games to attend this weekend {what?!} so I have a sneaking suspicion that it will be a weekend full of yard & house work. Exciting, right? But we're oh so close to finishing up the painting process in our house and I cannot wait to finally be done with it.
I officially completed step one in changing my name: my new Social Security card came in the mail this week! The new card was celebrated with a beer from one of my favorite Charlotte breweries in one of our wedding beer glasses.

I can put out pumpkins around the house now, right?

Good. Cause these guys have been hanging out on our mantle for a few weeks.
I'm going to go ahead and jump on this bandwagon:

Is it a bandwagon if the show just started? Either way, if you loved Parenthood {or Jess from Gilmore Girls}, you need to be watching this show. The premiere earlier this week was so good and completely throws you for a loop in the last like two minutes. I cannot wait to watch the next episode!

Don't mind me - I'm just over here basking in the glory of starting off the season 4-0, being ranked #5 in the country, and finally {for the first time since 2003} beating Georgia Tech in Atlanta.


& next Saturday? Well, #3 Louisville is coming to town. It's going to be a night game. Gameday is making another appearance in Clemson. It's going to be one heck of a day and I'm glad that we have the long week to prepare for Louisville! Because, if you haven't been paying attention, they're kind of a scary football team.

Tonight is one of my favorite events of the fall and favorite nights of the year at the zoo - Zoofari! We went in 2013 & 2014 and are pretty excited to get back this year.

{PS - how was this picture 3 years ago & why do we look like such babies?!}
There's a really good chance that I'll find myself on the carousel again at some point during the night, although this time I won't be in my wedding dress.

Happy Friday! Hope that everyone has a great weekend! :)

21 September 2016

Our Wedding: A Bride & Her Girls

If there was one detail that I kept secret more than anything else... it was my wedding dress.

The only people who saw the dress prior to the day:
my mom
Patrick's mom
my bridesmaid Laurel
my photographer
my wedding planner
my hair stylist
my alterations guy
That's it.
No hints, no descriptions, no nothing to anyone else.

When it came time to get into my dress, my mom and grandmother were there to lend a helping hand. My grandmother's reaction?

"Girl, where is your jacket? Why are there no sleeves??"

Once she got past that though, I'm pretty sure she loved the dress as much as I did!
As adamant as I was about not letting anyone see my dress, Patrick was just as adamant about not seeing me until I was walking down the aisle in the church. That was his one big request in regards to the wedding so we skipped the whole first look concept. We also skipped the "first touch" thing because we both knew that we would 100% try to peek around the corner to see each other which would completely defeat the purpose.
Instead, I did a first look with my bridesmaids.

& their reactions were awesome.

These girls are my favorite and I am so glad that each of them were a part of our wedding day. My bridal party would have felt incomplete without any one of them!
Maid of Honor: Liza
Childhood neighbor/best friend

Maid of Honor: Becky
Childhood neighbor/best friend


Bridesmaid: Amy
Patrick's sister

Bridesmaid: Ashley
High school friend, college roommate, & sorority sister

Bridesmaid: Abby
College roommate

Bridesmaid: Laurel

Friend from the Charlotte years


Bridesmaid: Lindsey

College friend

Have I mentioned lately that these girls are awesome and are my favorite?

Photographer: Jessica Roberts Photography
Location: St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Columbia, SC
Wedding Dress: Fabulous Frocks in Charleston, SC
Wedding Shoes: Jack Rogers {style no longer carried}
Bridesmaid Dress: Bella Bridesmaid in Columbia, SC
Bridesmaid Shoes: David's Bridal
Hair & Make Up: Metropolis Salon in Columbia, SC
Flowers: Something Special Florist in Columbia, SC

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