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Our Wedding: A Bride & Her Girls

If there was one detail that I kept secret more than anything else... it was my wedding dress.

The only people who saw the dress prior to the day:
my mom
Patrick's mom
my bridesmaid Laurel
my photographer
my wedding planner
my hair stylist
my alterations guy
That's it.
No hints, no descriptions, no nothing to anyone else.

When it came time to get into my dress, my mom and grandmother were there to lend a helping hand. My grandmother's reaction?

"Girl, where is your jacket? Why are there no sleeves??"

Once she got past that though, I'm pretty sure she loved the dress as much as I did!
As adamant as I was about not letting anyone see my dress, Patrick was just as adamant about not seeing me until I was walking down the aisle in the church. That was his one big request in regards to the wedding so we skipped the whole first look concept. We also skipped the "first touch" thing because we both knew that we would 100% try to peek around the corner to see each other which would completely defeat the purpose.
Instead, I did a first look with my bridesmaids.

& their reactions were awesome.

These girls are my favorite and I am so glad that each of them were a part of our wedding day. My bridal party would have felt incomplete without any one of them!
Maid of Honor: Liza
Childhood neighbor/best friend

Maid of Honor: Becky
Childhood neighbor/best friend


Bridesmaid: Amy
Patrick's sister

Bridesmaid: Ashley
High school friend, college roommate, & sorority sister

Bridesmaid: Abby
College roommate

Bridesmaid: Laurel

Friend from the Charlotte years


Bridesmaid: Lindsey

College friend

Have I mentioned lately that these girls are awesome and are my favorite?

Photographer: Jessica Roberts Photography
Location: St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Columbia, SC
Wedding Dress: Fabulous Frocks in Charleston, SC
Wedding Shoes: Jack Rogers {style no longer carried}
Bridesmaid Dress: Bella Bridesmaid in Columbia, SC
Bridesmaid Shoes: David's Bridal
Hair & Make Up: Metropolis Salon in Columbia, SC
Flowers: Something Special Florist in Columbia, SC


  1. I love your grandmother's reaction!! Husband and I also skipped "first look" but I love the idea of a first look with your bridesmaids! Their reactions were priceless. And you looked beautiful! New reader, so just stopping by to say hello!

  2. Your grandma sounds hilarious! I love the first look idea and super fun you fit it to you - with the bridesmaids! Their reaction is just so sweet!

  3. Your grandma's reaction is the best! I love the first look with the bridesmaids. I have had friends do first looks with their Dad's and the photos instantly make me teary-eyed. Jess at Just Jess

  4. I adore the reactions from your bridesmaids - those are genuine reactions right there!! Your dress was gorgeous on you - the details are just perfect! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Your bouquet was lovely! And I love your grandmother's reaction! Haha! We didn't do a first look either - that was something we really wanted to keep traditional and I treasure the one photo of my husband's reaction at the end of the aisle when he saw me more than I think I could a dozen magazine-worthy first look photos. I love the bridesmaid first-look idea! Their reactions are adorable!

  6. That's so sweet you kept your dress a secret from everyone and then did a first look with your bridesmaids! I love that idea and their faces! And love your grandma's comment about sleeves haha! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  7. Where is Laurels "be yourself" photo! ���� loved this first look, loved everything about your day! ��

    1. Those emojis are laugh faces Incase they show up as question marks!! :p

    2. Hahaha that particular picture will stay off the blog but you better believe that it will be printed & hanging somewhere in our house very soon :)

  8. awwwww <3 i love that you can see how much your friends love you in this post. you all looked fabulous!

  9. Awww I just love this!! I was super secretive about my dress too and we skipped the first look thing (I have NO regrets about that!!)...but I love the shots your photog got our your bridesmaids seeing you in your dress! Priceless. Your dress is super gorge!!!

  10. I love that you did a first look with your girls, that's so fun!! I probably showed my dress to too many people lol :)

    xo, Kristina
    Medicine & Manicures

  11. Love these!! You got such gorgeous shots!!


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