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Running: New Views & New Music

Y'all have already read about the new Columbia Fireflies baseball stadium & my love for it plenty of times on here since this spring. But I'm going to chat about it again today.
Because it's time to train for my December half marathon & the Fireflies baseball stadium is open 365 days a year from dawn until dusk. That means that unless there is an event being held in the stadium, you are free to enter and wander around and do whatever non-illegal activities you choose to do.
For me, that means I'm going to be taking advantage of their 1/3 mile concourse to log a few miles in my half marathon training this fall.
Patrick & I checked it out for the first time this past Saturday morning. There were about three other people there and a security guard but otherwise, we had the place to ourselves.
Running on the concourse was an absolute breeze compared to running around my slightly hilly neighborhood. My TomTom GPS watch & my Nike running app were both coming up with the concourse being 0.3 miles rather than 0.33 but other than that, I had zero complaints about running here. It's completely flat and as long as you don't mind running circles, you should be good to go.
I had some great music to keep me company. I haven't shared a running playlist on here in ages but here's what I'm listening to this fall for training:

Let's hope that the mix of good music and the change of running location gets me into this half marathon training a little bit more. It's going to be October 1 this weekend {which means my race is 11 weeks!} and I've got to get my long runs going. Short runs that focus on hills and speed? Done. Long runs? Eh.
Any & all motivation suggestions appreciated!


  1. oh my, i think i have one in 3 weeks, one in 4 weeks (or is it 2 and 3 weeks? uh oh) and then one in like 6 weeks. maybe. i forget. they are coming up regardless.
    this is so cool that you can go in here and do whatever you want! within reason. it's a pity it's not a bit longer so the running in circles doesn't get old. i used to run around this water reservoir thing and it was... i forget, but 10 laps was 6 miles? i think? it's been years (they have been doing construction and so it's not a full circle or rather rectangle anymore and it wasn't fun running there with half of it cut off) but it was great. i don't mind repetitive views, especially if they aren't hills. haha.

  2. I definitely don't think I would mind a run in a baseball stadium! Good luck finding your motivation!

  3. That is SO fun! I love that they have it open for people. Good luck as you start your training!

  4. Definitely obsessed with your play list! I think I might copy it :) And love that you're able to run the baseball stadium! I think that alone would encourage me to run more often, if only my shin splints weren't always acting up! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. For my long runs, I've been working on trying new courses. I'm not good at long runs on tracks or loops. It makes me insane. If you can, try a fun new path and get to see a different sight every now and again! :D

  6. Kudos to you for being able to do pump out your runs on a track---I've only ever been able to use tracks to do speedwork (which I kind of hate): otherwise, I just do all my runs around neighborhoods or along highways or parks or such just because it makes the whole thing seem so much easier. I suppose listening to music while doing it would help; I kind of stopped listening to music while running (because my earbuds wouldn't stay in and because I run along the side of the road a lot). Good luck on your half! This seems like it would be the perfect time of year (weather wise) to train for one!


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