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Week 5: Clemson vs Louisville

The first weekend of October is officially in the books and y'all, there is no place I would have rather been than in Clemson, SC.

It was one of those football Saturdays when all of the stars aligned to make for the perfect day in Tiger Town. The sun was shining {a stark contrast to last year's 1,000 year flood} and it got cool enough in the evening to throw on a pair of jeans for the game. We had all day to hop around campus and visit with all of our favorite friends thanks to the 8pm game time.

& then you throw in a top 5 match up against #3 Louisville, college game day, and Atlantic Division Title hopes / College Football Playoff hopes?

Yeah. I wouldn't have wanted to have been anywhere else!

The day started out with a quick "house divided" selfie:

Patrick was off to watch his team play while my mom and I took on Clemson for a Girls Only Tailgate type of day.

We were able to see all kinds of friends because we decided to traipse to every corner of campus.

Seriously. Every corner of campus.

Although, not gonna lie, it kind of made my day to see this bridesmaid and groomsman. I haven't seen them in two months since they live so far away :( But I loooooved getting to see them multiple times on Saturday!

Finally, it was time for the game & what a game it was.

It was entertaining, it was stressful, it was LOUD, it was exciting, & it kept everyone on their toes. It kept my camera in my purse, too. I was entirely too busy jumping up and down and yelling.

It's exactly the type of game you hope to see in person.


& thankfully, Clemson came out on top with their undefeated season in tact. They've got a new, higher ranking {#3!} and are currently sitting at the top of the ACC Atlantic {and the ACC}.

Next up? Clemson at Boston College! On Friday night... which is a little weird, right? College football is for Thursdays & Saturdays, not Fridays.



  1. What a game!! I was out and about, but glued to every tv bar as soon as I got inside! Congrats on the big win! :)

  2. Looks like such a great tailgate and game!!

  3. Looks like a great day of tailgating! And what a game! It was so exciting to watch! My friend went to Clemson for undergrad and we watched it together so it was extra exciting!

  4. booooooooooooooo.
    jk you know i didn't watch it. but lordy i heard about it! my whole office was so depressed on monday.


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