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The Anatomy of a Girls Only Tailgate

There's at least one game every season where it's just my mom and me attending for one reason or another.

This season?

We've attended four games without the guys. They'll only come to one home game {FSU this weekend!} in November. So for the 2015 season my mom and I have been on our own for the tailgates in Clemson. Don't worry though.

We've perfected the Girls' Only Tailgate.

First things first: arrive in our parking lot, scour out the best spot, and sneak into it. Or sweet talk the parking attendants into letting us park out of order.

Second: vino and a road trip into downtown Clemson to do a little shopping.

Third: purchase something you never knew you needed until you saw it. This year that's been two Clemson hats, a Clemson chip/dip platter, several pairs of earrings, Clemson cups, two dresses for wedding related events next spring, and a beach cover up for a honeymoon trip next summer.

No guys = shopping, always.

Fourth: bust out the tiny tailgate, have a little more wine, and a little bit to eat.

Fifth: visit with friends at other tailgates.

Sixth: game!

We got a little creative this year and have added in a "Clemson Bucket List" thing to each of our tailgates. After I got my mom to go onto the field last year after our win over USC, it's been easier to convince her to do other fun Clemson things.

Like stand at the top of the hill to high five the players when they get off the busses.

... & attend homecoming festivities in Godfrey Hall {my old stomping grounds}

We've even ventured over to Tiger Walk for the first since the very first one seven years ago...

As much as I love our girls only tailgates, I'm pumped for the remainder of the season. It starts off with Clemson's game {as the #1 team in the country, no big deal} against FSU, then a weekend in Columbia as the Gamecocks take on the Florida Gators, and then the final weekend with the Clemson vs Carolina game.


  1. Good luck this weekend!!! Woot! You must be so excited!

  2. I love that you and your mom do this! I feel like we'd never get a game away from the guys (plus my mom likes to watch from the house with the dogs sometimes haha) but it would be a great time! Enjoy this weekend!

  3. You guys are so sweet together! Hope you have another wonderful game! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. this is just so adorable and the fact that yall bond over clemson!!


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