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Christmas in November

Has anyone else noticed that the Christmas season basically starts as soon as it turns November 1st these days?

{don't worry - this is from Christmas last year. We haven't started decorating yet!}

When I lived in Charlotte, I felt like there were a lot of holiday happenings going on down in Columbia on weeknights that I was missing out on. Once I did my research for this year {to make sure I didn't miss anything!} I realized that everything I wanted to do, I can do in November.

... well, ok, I have no problems starting the holiday fun this week! Here's a few of the things that I'm hoping to do around Columbia this month to get into the Christmas festivity.

Devine Night Out
November 12, 5 - 8pm
My mom and I have had this circled on our calendars to attend for a couple of weeks now - I can so get into the Christmas shopping mood in November. No problem. Plus, cheers to the establishments who are doing specials on wine while we shop!
Vista Lights
November 19, 5-9pm
There's a tree lighting and all of the shops are open late? Sold.

Lights at the Zoo
November 20 - December 30, 6-9pm
2. There are lights.
Not that I ever need a reason to visit the zoo or anything...

Saluda Shoals Sleigh Bell Trot
November 24, 7pm
Are you noticing a theme here yet? You can get me to go to pretty much anything that involves Christmas lights. A 5K through Saluda Shoals with all of the lights sounds like a fantastic Tuesday night to me.

Is there a chance that I will be Christmas-ed out by the time Thanksgiving rolls around? Doubtful. I love Christmas and all of the fun that comes with it! Bring it on!

Is there anything else in the Columbia area that I need to check out?


  1. I'm glad these are all after November 1st! At Home Depot the other day everything was so decked out in Xmas stuff, I could barely find the thanksgiving stuff!

  2. These look like so much fun!! Charlotte is starting to put lights on their trees in uptown - I'm anxiously awaiting for it so I can snap some fun photos, and agreed, holiday decor can definitely be busted out on November 1!

  3. Oh, Christmas, how I love thee! I'm seriously craving a decorating spree early this year, but I'm forcing myself to hold off!

  4. You have such fun ahead! I mae a list of all the local things I want to do here too and may be Christmas-ed out as well but then again - you can never embrace this time TOO much! I'm ready for it all!

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  6. All these sound like so much fun! Especially the 5K through the lights...that would be my kind of 5K! Making a list is a great idea - I need to get on that.


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