30 June 2016

One Month 'til I Do

Can someone please explain to me where the last 10 months have gone?

10 months & 1 day ago, this guy got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.
We had a whole eternity of time in front of us in which to enjoy being engaged, plan a wedding, and buy a house. It seemed like forever.

But somehow, here we are, one month away from saying "I do" and celebrating the evening away. Where the heck has time gone? How did the days and weeks and months slip by that fast? Y'all seriously weren't kidding when you told me that our engagement was going to fly by.
Every single one of you was absolutely right. It flies.
One month y'all, one month. Soon enough, we'll be #happilymerritt for real.

The bachelor and bachelorette weekends have come and gone.

The invitations have been sent and the RSVPs received.
The bridal portraits have been taken and the very best photograph was selected.
{& this is still as close as y'all will get to knowing anything about the dress until July 30!}

The bridesmaids' dresses and groomsmen's suits have arrived and their gifts have been purchased.
The bridal luncheon and rehearsal dinner have been planned with invitations sent out.
The wedding ceremony and reception music are almost finalized.

Dance lessons have begun... more so for me, not the crazy dancing guy that is my husband-to-be.

There are 30 days to go and I can only imagine how quickly these days will pass based on how fast the last 10 months went. Cheers to the final 30 days of our engagement!

28 June 2016

House Updates {6 Weeks}

Drum roll please...
We officially have one half of the house completed!
{you know, with the exception of the trim/blinds in the room that's being used as paint/tool storage for now}
But seriously. One half of the house is painted and cleaned and has blinds and has a little bit of furniture. I never thought that I would see the day.
Master Bedroom: complete.

Master Bathroom: complete.

Guest Bedroom: complete.

Hall Bath: complete

Hallway: complete

Foyer: complete {ish}

The ceiling needs to be painted but a certain fiancé of mine is going to tackle that one night this week and get it knocked out. And we need to put a doorknob back on and one switch plate and fix the light fixture. Then done.
& on that note we are DONE with house work for now. That's right. We made the sanity-saving call to stop all house work until after the wedding. There's entirely too much going on in our lives outside of this house and we have the majority of what we need done for now.
Some things will probably still be happening in the background... like prepping the walls in the living room/dining room for painting and hiring someone to do something about the textured ceilings in both of those rooms. And maybe hanging shelves and hanging rods in our closets in the master bedroom so we can use them. But y'all, anything else? I'm out.
With 32 days to go until wedding day, it was time to switch our focus back full time to wedding planning and prep. Patrick's so excited. I think he would much rather paint or clean out that washer/dryer again than focus 100% on getting things done for the wedding ;)

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27 June 2016

Weekending Snapshots

Who's ready for another weekend recap of the insane number of things that we tried to fit into one weekend?
Ready? Set? GO!

Patrick & his dad built a wall in our garage and there was pizza and a little bit of painting. You know, just a wild and crazy evening of home ownership.
I took off for a short {very hot & humid} morning run.

We strolled through Soda City Market.

& we checked out some furniture options at my favorite furniture store in Columbia, Carolina Imports.

There was quite a bit of cleaning AND the master bedroom is finally ready to be moved into!

Then we hopped on over to our friends' housewarming party for the afternoon/evening and ate the most delicious pulled pork BBQ and ribs.

We got up early and headed over to our church for the early service. From there, we made the rounds to gather groceries by going to Trader Joe's, the Fresh Market, and Publix. Check, check, check!
Because every Sunday needs pancakes.

Then we decided that we needed some sunshine and water in our lives, so we headed out to Lake Murray to cruise around the lake for a little bit.

Clear sunny skies + a boat ride + New Belgium Sunshine Wheat = a perfect Sunday afternoon.

You know. Until we locked our drivers licenses in the house with the keys. And I got stung by a wasp. But we did get to go hang out in a garden and pick some fresh veggies.

We redeemed the night with amazing burgers & grilled, fresh-from-the-garden zucchini.

& here we are again, back at Monday. Anybody else having trouble believing that we are 33 days away from getting married? I know I am! How are we almost 1 month away?!
This week is crazy full of wedding things {sending out Bridal Brunch invitations, dance lessons, wedding music selection with our organist, etc} BUT I promise to do better with blogging this week! Luckily for y'all, I come prepared: 5 posts written & ready to go for the week.
Get excited!

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23 June 2016

The Beach Necessities

Woo hoo, it's SUMMER!
I don't know about you, but it's felt like summer around my hometown for months now. We've already hit the triple digits and we've seen 90+ degree weather since April. But now that it's officially summer, it's time to share my favorite accessories to take down to the beach for a day by the water.

I used to think that all I needed down at the beach was a towel, sunscreen, and a good book.
I have a whole bag full of things now that I love to pack up in the morning before we head out for some time in the sun. Here are some of my favorites:

Cooler: absolutely a necessity. I purchased a new one of these for this summer & I can't wait to use it.
Beach Cup: I received one of these for Christmas this past year and it is perfect for the beach. No more watered down/warm drinks because your ice has melted.
Drink Holder: not only can you monogram it easily, but it's great for holding a drink next to your chair {because the drink holders that come on the chairs never work!}
Bluetooth Speaker: who doesn't love listening to tunes in the sand? We love to play a beach music station on Pandora when we've got this out on the beach with us.
Towel Clips: I didn't know how awesome these were until I had a set for myself. Trust me. Buy them.
Phone Case: my fiancé bought this for me a couple of years ago and it is PERFECT for beach / lake / pool days.
Beach Towel: gotta have one.
Beach Bag: & of course, you need a bag to hold all of your goodies in.

Alright - what am I missing? Do you have a favorite beach accessory that I need to scoop up and add to my collection? Let me know!

20 June 2016

Weekending on Island Time

It's been said on this blog a million times before but it's always worth repeating: a weekend at Kiawah is so good for the soul.

It had been six weeks since I last set foot on my favorite island and y'all, six weeks was entirely too long. The only bright side to leaving yesterday afternoon was that I'll be back in two short weeks for a long weekend of 4th of July fun {and for a beach wedding!}

There are very few times that I live on "island time" but this weekend? There was no schedule to stick to. It was so incredibly nice to just wake up and go and do whatever.

There was an attempted morning run on Saturday:

Nope. I ditched that run one mile in because it was entirely too humid outside to be running around. I opted for a 3 mile walk with my mom followed up with 20 miles of island biking.

That afternoon, we threw in a little beach time plus some sunset drinks down on the boardwalk.


On Sunday, there was another 3 mile walk along the beach and the bike paths.

We followed that up with cooking a family breakfast of cheese biscuits, bacon, grits, and eggs at the house for Father's Day.
& then of course, MORE BEACH TIME!
What you don't see in these pictures is all of the wind and the piles of sand that were blowing around. We got so sandblasted out on the beach this weekend. I finally found a sweet spot on the beach to sit {right next to the water where the sand was too wet to blow} and was perfectly content out there for hours.
Leaving is always the worst but it's good to know that we'll be back soon!

Until next time, Kiawah!

17 June 2016

Five on Friday


& the beach is calling my name, so let's make this short and sweet today.

Linking up with April for another edition of Five on Friday.
So my new favorite part of this whole wedding planning shindig?

When the mail arrives or when the UPS guy drives by. There have been so many early wedding presents sent our way and we already have received quite a few reply cards back. It's kind of fun seeing what shows up each day!
Also, um, how is it only 43 days until we get married?!
Patrick is finally moved into our house!

He moved in exactly 1 month to the day after we closed on our house. It still hasn't quite sunk in that we own our own house yet but I'm sure that'll come soon {you know, with that first mortgage payment coming up}. Did y'all catch the redneck moving strategy on snap? If you didn't, it looked a little something like this:

The boys were rewarded with tacos for supper. We've cooked supper in our house exactly three times: two times have been taco nights and two of the times, Chris has been over for dinner. I have a feeling this miiiiight be an indication of things to come.
On Tuesday night, Patrick and I took a break from all things house/wedding/CPA studying related and played hooky for the evening. We drove over to Spririt Communications Park and took in a Fireflies game.

It was your typical mid-June evening {read: afternoon thunderstorm that brought the temperature down to the mid-80s & made the humidity level skyrocket} but it was a much appreciated night out. We bought the $5 cheap seats out in the Bojangles Berm by the bar and thoroughly enjoyed our evening in the ballpark watching the Fireflies play. Because it wasn't super crowded, we were able to bounce around the stadium and check out the view from quite a few locations {including directly behind home plate.
Kiawah, I'm coming for you.

I'm coming for your early morning running weather, for your miles and miles of bike paths, and your perfect beach {+ beach weather!} Be ready.
Happy Father's Day to this guy!

He's put up with me for nearly 28 years now and I'm sure the last year has been the most fun... with me moving back home, getting engaged, planning a wedding, buying a house, and now repainting every single surface in the house.

Cheers to you, dude!

& a happy Father's Day to my future father-in-law, Patrick's dad!

Happy Friday! I hope that everyone has a great weekend & gets outside to enjoy the beautiful weather :)

15 June 2016

New House: 1 Month Updates

Seriously? We've already owned our cute little home for an entire month?
I feel like we just closed on this place!
But if you take a peek inside, you'll see that we've been quite busy over the last few weeks doing everything we can to erase all of the yellow in the house. We started on the bedroom/bathroom side of the house and we've been working our way out from there.

In case you forgot what we started with, here's the original house tour.
Master Bedroom & Bathroom

- Patched/prepped ceiling & walls for paint
- Painted ceiling
- Painted walls {SW Icicle for bedroom, SW Moonmist for bathroom}
- Painted trim & doors {SW Bohemian Lace}
- Removed random metal box from inside closet & patched up the wall
- Added lights in the closet + switches outside the closets
- Prepped & painted closets
- Replaced all electrical outlets/light switches
- Removed vent & replaced with new vent
- Removed light fixture on ceiling and replaced with a new fan
{Left to do: hang blinds, hang up mirror in bathroom, touch up walls, and finish off closets with shelving}
Guest Bedroom 1

- Patched/prepped ceiling & walls for paint
- Painted ceiling
- Painted walls {SW Sea Salt}
- Removed all latex paint from the trim, primed the trim, and painted the trim {SW Bohemian Lace}
- Painted doors {SW Bohemian Lace}
- Removed random metal box from inside closet & patched up the wall
- Primed & painted the inside of the closet
- Replaced all electrical outlets/light switches
- Added a light & a light switch to the closet
- Removed old air vent cover & replaced with a new one
- Removed old ceiling fan and replaced with a new fan
{Left to do: NOTHING! This room is COMPLETE!}
Guest Bedroom 2

{yeah... this room has definitely become our supply storage room for now while we're painting the house}
- Patched/prepped ceiling & walls for paint
- Painted ceiling
- Painted walls {SW Mild Blue}
- Removed old light fixture and replaced with a new fan
- Replaced all electrical outlets/light switches
{Left to do: remove all latex paint from the trim, prime trim, paint trim, repair inside of closet, hang blinds}
Hall Bathroom

- Painted ceiling
- Painted walls {SW North Star}
- Painted trim & door {SW Bohemian Lace}
- Hung blinds
{Left to do: NOTHING! This room is complete!}


- Patched/prepped ceiling & walls for paint
- Painted ceiling
- Painted walls {SW Modern White}
{Left to do: add one more coat of paint to ceilings & walls, paint the laundry closet door, and prep/paint the trim}


- Hung bamboo shades
{Left to do: add a cable outlet}
A few other things have been completed in the house but those have been the biggest things in the last month. There's been some yard work done, some more electrical things throughout the house, and some other small things. Next things on our list?
Prep & paint the entry foyer & the kitchen.

...& find someone to get rid of the textured ceilings in our front living room and in our dining room. We know those two things are going to be hard and make a gigantic mess so we're hoping that we can find someone to do that part for us so that we can get in there and start painting.

Taking on the task of painting the entire house {ceilings, walls, trim, and doors} was a much, much, much more monumental task than I think either of us was anticipating. But y'all, that old yellow? It had to go. I would also 100% rather get as much of it done as possible with the least amount of furniture in the house... hence the attempt to get it all done before we move everything in.
I still think it's a great idea. But overwhelming and seemingly impossible? Yup. Absolutely.

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