31 May 2016

New House: House Tour

I don't know about y'all, but our Memorial Day Weekend looked a lot like this: wake up, head over to the house, work on the house all day with exceptions for trips to Lowes, Sherwin Williams, and Walmart, shower, sleep, repeat.

Since that's not really worth blogging about {nor do y'all want to read about how it took two entire days to prep/paint the trim in one room} I figured it was time to give y'all a tour of our new house. There is a disclaimer though. You'll have to excuse all of the "before" pictures... I took absolutely zero pictures of the house the day that signed our offer letter because I was afraid of jinxing things. These pictures were all taken as I ran around the house a week later after work while our house was being inspected.
Front entry way:

To the left is our front living room, straight ahead is our kitchen, and to the right are two little steps that lead up to the three bedrooms/two bathrooms in the house.
Front living room:

All the windows & the fantastic fireplace. Through the living room is our dining room.

Dining room:

This room is right off of the kitchen and in between the front living room and the sunroom on the back of our house. It's centrally located and because we don't have room for a table in our kitchen, this dining room is one that will get so much use.

At the back of the house is our sunroom:


Next to the dining room is our kitchen:

The door at the back of the kitchen leads downstairs to the basement...

This is the one room in the house that needs the most work. The previous owners didn't do anything to remodel or update this room, which is perfectly fine with Patrick. It means that he gets a blank slate to create his own space down here.
Back up the stairs, out of the kitchen, and to the left are the three bedrooms/two bathrooms. The guest bathroom is the first door on the left, the two guest bedrooms are on the right, and the master bedroom is straight at the end of the hallway.

Guest bathroom:

Guest bedroom #1:

Guest bedroom #2:

Master Bedroom:


Master Bathroom:

& there you have it!
Patrick, my parents, and I have already done so much work to this house. The three bedrooms plus two bathrooms have already had their ceilings/walls painted. One bedroom & one bathroom have their trim mostly painted. We've hung up two ceiling fans, blinds in one window {the rest are on order because hey, 40% off custom order blinds at Lowes - HOORAY!}, outlets/light switches have begun to be updated around the house, and a little bit of yard work has been completed.

We still have quite a bit to do but we're getting there one step at a time! I'll be back with another house up date in a few weeks once we have a few more things painted. In the mean time... we'll be working fast & furious to get some more items checked off our never ending to do list so that we can get Patrick moved into the house soon!

27 May 2016

Five on Friday

Hallelujah, it's a three day weekend!
... except this year, there's no trip down to Kiawah to look forward to. Hello, home ownership! We've got some big things to tackle at the house this weekend: more painting, cleaning, and moving my fiancé out of his roommate's house into our new one. It's going to be a busy long weekend and I'm ready to get started on it.
Hurry up, 5 o'clock!
Did you catch my post this week on the new Pier 39 Sea Lion Landing at Riverbanks Zoo?

If you missed out on the member's preview last week, don't worry! The exhibit wasn't supposed to open until June 9th but they decided to open up yesterday, two weeks ahead of schedule.

... and no, I didn't go check it out again yesterday during my lunch.

Just kidding. I totally did.
It didn't take long.

I've become one of those people who takes a hundred pictures of the flowers in her yard. Yup. No shame here.
Dear North Carolina,

Thank you every so much for doing things that caused Adam Levine & the rest of Maroon 5 to feel morally opposed to coming to your fine state and which resulted in cancellations of their Charlotte and Raleigh shows. I really appreciate it. Your loss is my gain - they're now coming to Columbia AND I've already scooped up my tickets to go see them play!

Thanks NC!
Afternoons spent catching up with an old friend over a beer or two at a local brewery are the best.

Not that I'm counting or anything, but there's only 99 days until Clemson football is back in my life.

I'm not wishing away summer {because there are a lot of exciting things happening!} but I am super pumped that we're under 100 days until I get to see #4 Deshaun Watson back in action!

& did I mention tailgating? Because I'm definitely ready for some tailgating, too.

One more for y'all because I am SO excited for my favorite Parker & just heard the good news yesterday. Remember Parker from the Keep Pounding for Parker team at this 5K earlier this year?

Well, the Make-A-Wish program is granting his wish next Tuesday. He's going to be a Carolina Panther player for the day! How awesome is that?!

Go Parker!
Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Hope everyone has a fun & safe long weekend :)

26 May 2016


If someone could please explain to me how in the heck it's already been ten years, I'd appreciate it.
Ten years ago seems like a life time ago.

Since then, I've...
- Spent 4 years at Clemson & graduated
- Lived in four different cities in two different states {Clemson, Winston-Salem, Charlotte, & Columbia}
- Lived in 1 dorm room, 6 apartments, and 1 house
- Completed 3 different internships
- Worked in 2 different post-college jobs
- Attended 75 Clemson football games
- Visited new places like Chicago, Nashville, Louisville, Savannah, Asheville, Charlottesville, Greenville {NC}, Seattle, & Long Boat Key Island
- Traveled to Europe for the first time {Germany, Austria, & Italy}
- Run 28 races {23 5Ks, 2 8Ks, 1 10K, 2 half marathons}
- Met a fantastic guy, dated him for 6 years, and got engaged
- Bought my first house together with my fiancé
It has been ten super long {& incredibly amazing} years since that hot, humid, sticky, muggy Friday afternoon when I graduated from high school. It still feels like yesterday, though.


Has it really been that long?

24 May 2016

Hanging Out at Pier 39 in Columbia

If you haven't been to Riverbanks Zoo in the last year, you probably wouldn't recognize it anymore.
They completely revamped the entrance to the zoo.

The grizzly bears {Butch & Sundance} got a new habitat area to call home.

A trio of river otters came to town.

The Botanical Gardens got a major addition in the form of Waterfall Junction which I thought might be the coolest thing that they had ever added to the zoo.

Y'all. RUN {don't walk!} to the zoo and check this out when it officially opens to the public on June 9th. Riverbanks Zoo members were allowed to visit the new exhibit during the week of May 16 -20 and I took advantage of the special sneak peeks one day after work.

The new exhibit is set up to look like Pier 39 in San Francisco and they did such a great job designing and building it.

You can hang out up above the water.

You can hang out outside and see the sea lions through the clear tank walls.

You can wander down inside the exhibit and get even more up close and personal with the sea lions. Although, fair warning, small children squeal loudly in excitement every single time a sea lion swims past {which is often} and it gets really loud in this area.

There are four sea lions swimming around now and they'll be joined by one seal. The seal had just arrived a few days prior to the sneak peek viewings so we didn't get to see him. He was still adjusting and wasn't out to play just yet.

I can't say enough about all of the changes that have been implemented at the zoo over the last couple of years! They have all been fantastic additions and well worth the wait and occasional inconvenience due to construction. There's one last piece to complete though before all of the work will be over at the zoo: the new pedestrian bridge.

For years, people in overflow parking have had to cross the train tracks to get to the zoo. Soon there will be a brand new pedestrian bridge over the train tracks to help people access the zoo more safely.
While I was there to check out the sea lions, I also checked out the progress of the bridge. I had just missed {by like an hour} the crane lifting the walkway portion of the bridge into place but did get to see them do a little work on it. The bridge is slated to open later this summer.

20 May 2016

Five Things I Love About Our House

Happy Friday!

Don't mind me, but I might be chatting about our new house quite frequently on the blog over the next few months. But hey, it'll be a nice change from all the brewery/running/football posts, right?
Now that we've officially been homeowners for one whole week, here's a little bit more about our house.
It's a wannabe tri-level {really, it's just a one level house that has two steps up to the bedroom side of the house and a one room basement + garage} that has a lot of charm and character to it and was built in 1965. I love everything about our little house, but here are five things that I love the most.
The kitchen.

Granite counter tops, a farmhouse sink, and all the cabinets a girl could ever want. I am so happy that the previous owners decided to upgrade the kitchen because a kitchen remodel was definitely something that I did not want to deal with. We're both excited to get into a kitchen of our own and be able to cook more rather than go out all the time for breakfast/lunch/supper.
The fireplace.

One thing I really wanted in our house was an old fireplace with gas logs and a great mantle. I think we lucked out with this one! Is it bad that I'm already picturing Christmas decorations here? The lights hanging in front of the fireplace are on the "must replace immediately" list but we haven't found anything we like yet to replace them with.

Fun fact: that same light fixture is hanging in the front entry way AND in the dining room. They're all going. ASAP.
The living room windows.

All the floor length windows, all the time. And those hardwood floors - swoon!
The sunroom.

There's a good chance that this ends up getting used as a second living room for us. It's right off the kitchen/dining room and will be so awesome during the spring/fall months when it's cooler out and we can have the windows wide open.
The little steps.
I don't know why, but I love that the main level of our house has these two little steps to separate the living areas from the bedrooms/bathrooms. We had steps similar to these in the house I grew up in... but they were right smack dab in the middle of a super long, carpeted hallway. So much running & jumping happened there! Doubt that happens here {because you would hit a wall if you ran and jumped} but they're still fun.
I hope that everyone has a great weekend! I know I'll be having fun playing over in our new house, getting it ready to move into in the next week or so. I've got my fingers crossed that the nasty yellow paint that covers every single wall in the house is on the way out to be replaced by lots of clean, light, neutral colors... the goal this weekend is to at least get some of that yellow gone!

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