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New House: House Tour

I don't know about y'all, but our Memorial Day Weekend looked a lot like this: wake up, head over to the house, work on the house all day with exceptions for trips to Lowes, Sherwin Williams, and Walmart, shower, sleep, repeat.

Since that's not really worth blogging about {nor do y'all want to read about how it took two entire days to prep/paint the trim in one room} I figured it was time to give y'all a tour of our new house. There is a disclaimer though. You'll have to excuse all of the "before" pictures... I took absolutely zero pictures of the house the day that signed our offer letter because I was afraid of jinxing things. These pictures were all taken as I ran around the house a week later after work while our house was being inspected.
Front entry way:

To the left is our front living room, straight ahead is our kitchen, and to the right are two little steps that lead up to the three bedrooms/two bathrooms in the house.
Front living room:

All the windows & the fantastic fireplace. Through the living room is our dining room.

Dining room:

This room is right off of the kitchen and in between the front living room and the sunroom on the back of our house. It's centrally located and because we don't have room for a table in our kitchen, this dining room is one that will get so much use.

At the back of the house is our sunroom:


Next to the dining room is our kitchen:

The door at the back of the kitchen leads downstairs to the basement...

This is the one room in the house that needs the most work. The previous owners didn't do anything to remodel or update this room, which is perfectly fine with Patrick. It means that he gets a blank slate to create his own space down here.
Back up the stairs, out of the kitchen, and to the left are the three bedrooms/two bathrooms. The guest bathroom is the first door on the left, the two guest bedrooms are on the right, and the master bedroom is straight at the end of the hallway.

Guest bathroom:

Guest bedroom #1:

Guest bedroom #2:

Master Bedroom:


Master Bathroom:

& there you have it!
Patrick, my parents, and I have already done so much work to this house. The three bedrooms plus two bathrooms have already had their ceilings/walls painted. One bedroom & one bathroom have their trim mostly painted. We've hung up two ceiling fans, blinds in one window {the rest are on order because hey, 40% off custom order blinds at Lowes - HOORAY!}, outlets/light switches have begun to be updated around the house, and a little bit of yard work has been completed.

We still have quite a bit to do but we're getting there one step at a time! I'll be back with another house up date in a few weeks once we have a few more things painted. In the mean time... we'll be working fast & furious to get some more items checked off our never ending to do list so that we can get Patrick moved into the house soon!


  1. The kitchen and bathroom already look amazing!! You guys have been so busy with all the changes! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Love the house! So much room to make it your own! :)

  3. Yay! Can't wait to see everything you do!

    Southern Style

  4. This is so exciting! i love the layout! Y'all have such a great space to work with - can't wait to see the finished look :) ~Hannah (www.HannahAtHomeBlog.com)

  5. Your house is so beautiful, and it looks like they've already done quite a few updates as well! I also love the star light fixture as well!

  6. You're house is so adorable!! I can't wait to see how you make it a "home" and add your personal touches! You've got such a great starting point!

  7. So jealous of the hard woods and the sun porch! I'd love a sun porch. Great for entertaining and for quiet time with a book!


  8. That mantle! I can only imagine all kinds of good decor going up on that baby! Love the kitchen and the sunroom. I can't wait to see what y'all do to it! -xx Leah || Chasing Texas

  9. I love your house! The kitchen is just so awesome, and the living room with the windows and the fireplace...I cannot wait to see how you make it into your home!

  10. I'm loving your snaps of your house! It's going to look brand new once y'all get finished with it!

  11. Such an adorable house! Can't wait to see what you do with it! I LOVE that fireplace!

    Emma | Seeking the South

  12. I absolutely love your house!! The windows, natural light, kitchen - everything!!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  13. Lots of potential! Can't wait to see the transformation once y'all are done with it!

  14. Beautiful home! I love the entry way :)

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  15. I loved getting to see all the pictures and peek in! Following along with your snaps and the work is such fun - can't wait to keep seeing how it progresses!

  16. Love it! That kitchen is gorge! Can't wait to see it with furniture!!

  17. This looks like such a great space! Congrats on the new house! xo, Laura, kindlykentucky.com

  18. This looks like such a great space! Congrats on the new house! xo, Laura, kindlykentucky.com

  19. Absolutely gorgeous new home girl! I LOVE how bright and airy every single room is. It's perfect! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  20. Love, love, love your new house! All of the windows are absolutely perfect!! I LOVE having natural light pour in every morning. That sunroom is so nice! I wish our house came with a sunroom but it didn't. We do have plans to build on within the next few years. We just moved into our new house back in late January, so I know how you feel! It's so exciting but so exhausting lol. Enjoy making it your home!! :)

  21. i am soooo jealous. it is just so pretty i want to live in it please. okay i'm happy you live in it instead, but really, it is lovely and pretty and i can't wait to see it when you properly live in it, with furniture and pictures from your wedding all over the walls. haha.

  22. The sunroom and kitchen are my favorite! Sunrooms are the best and I hope the house we eventually buy has one :)

  23. Oh I love a sunroom! This is such a great boned house! The kitchen and bathrooms being updated really allows you more room to do other great things to truly make it yours!

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