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It's the best time of the year: football season!

In less than 48 hours I'll be back in Tiger Town and anxiously waiting for the Defending National Champions to run down the hill for the first game in Death Valley. It's going to be so weird to not have DW4 on the field this season but I'm excited to see this Clemson team write their own story.

{Remind me of that later when I'm bemoaning the fact that Deshaun graduated early and is playing as a backup on Sundays these days...}

It's time to bust all of the orange and purple out of the closet.

It's time to pack the coolers, find all of the orange and purple tailgate accessories, and try out new tailgate recipes.

It's time to plan another incredible weekend in Tiger Town with some of our best friends.

It's time to hop from tailgate to tailgate and visit with friends that we haven't seen since last football season {& their newest additions!}

Here's how football season is shaping up for us this year as we embark on season 9 of our house divided relationship.

Week 1: Clemson vs Kent State
Week 2: Clemson vs Auburn
Week 3: USC vs Kentucky
Week 4: Clemson vs Boston College
Week 5: Weekend at Home {essential after 4 straight games!}
Week 6: Clemson vs Wake Forest
Week 7: Weekend at Home
Week 8: Someone thought it'd be a great idea for both Clemson & USC to have the same Bye Week...
Week 9: Clemson vs Georgia Tech
Week 10: USC at UGA
Week 11: Clemson vs Florida State
Week 12: Clemson vs The Citadel
Week 13: Clemson at USC

Thirteen weeks of football, ten games.

Peace out, summer. Bring on football season!

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