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That One (Really Awesome) Summer of Fun

Soo... it's been a little while.

While Magnolia and Main is one thing that I never intended to neglect, it fell to the wayside over the past couple of months. I saw it coming. I embraced it. I convinced Patrick that this should be our "summer of fun" and that we should say yes to all of the things and go on all of the trips.

It was a really, really awesome {exhausting?} summer of fun.

Here's kind of what happened:

- I started a new job!
- Went to Kiawah.
- Hung out on Lake Murray.
- Went to Charlotte for brewery fun & a fundraising event.
- Road tripped to Nags Head for a long weekend & a wedding.

- New job took on a brand new, huge, exciting project that I love... & will share more about very soon.
- Celebrated some new retirees & some awesome dads.
- Bought a couch!
- Went to some Fireflies games.
- Celebrated quite a few pregnancies {... this was the theme of the summer for a lot of friends}
- Played on Kiawah for the 4th of July.

- Had to get my Clemson ring cut off :(
- Celebrated birthday #29!
- Traveled to Charleston for birthday celebrations.
- Popped down to Kiawah for even more birthday celebrations.
- Took a vacation to Edisto with Patrick's family.
- Celebrated our anniversary in Asheville {& toured more breweries!}
- Enjoyed a Mountain Weekend with Patrick's family {& a beautiful wedding}

- Went to Kiawah.
- Spent one final weekend out of town in Charlotte {with breweries, a cute baby, a baby announcement from a friend, and a wedding}

... and in between all of that, we never said no to Fireflies games, drinks out with friends, or mid-week date nights. We were on the go all summer long.

I don't even think that "exhausted" is the right word to use to describe how we feel after three crazy hectic months. Is it bad that we're looking forward to football season because it means that we're only busy one day of the weekend and still have our Sundays at home?

Let's see if I can get back into the swing of this whole blogging thing. I'm looking forward to showing y'all some updates around the house, sharing some new recipes, and telling you about some of my favorite new finds.

Happy Wednesday, friends!


  1. I've missed you Chesson!! So glad that you've been having such a wonderful, FUN summer but also glad to see you back in my feed :) YAY for catching up!

  2. My word, you have been busy!!!! Sounds like it has been AWESOME though! I can't wait to hear more updates (and recipes!!).

  3. Loved this re-cap of the Summer. I need to start drafting one myself. Sounds like lots of adventures and fun!

  4. Please don't tell me this post means that summer is over!! I love this warm weather and seriously wish it was summer all year-round. Seriously, though, being from New England, I guess it almost is ;) I love how much time you spent at Kiawah and all of the brewery adventures!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  5. Y'all seriously did have such a fun and filled summer! That sucks that you had to have your Clemson ring cut off, that's my biggest fear right now being pregnant with my Aggie ring!

  6. You guys look like you've been having the best time but you've been missed around here!

  7. oh my goodness, you have been a busy bee. what a fun summer though. totally understand why you're exhausted now! i've missed your face!

  8. You have been SO busy! It is super hard to blog during the summer, I hear ya on that! Can't wait to read more updates from you! :)


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