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Weekending in the Outer Banks


Anyone know how the long the drive is from Columbia to Nags Head?


Everyone told us that the drive out to the Outer Banks is rough and they were not kidding. It makes me all the more appreciative of the short drives that we have to Charleston, Kiawah, and Edisto. The drive to the Outer Banks was well worth it though.

The beach at the Outer Banks is gorgeous. It's really, really, really different than the beach that we like to frequent around South Carolina. The waves were enormous and the water was crazy rough. None of us got in it while we were there. Granted, that's because the water was freezing cold and because they had all of these handy little "NO SWIMMING" flags flying up and down the beach.

Patrick and I had rented a house with a few friends just two blocks from the beach, so we took a quick walk down to the beach Friday morning before breakfast. Sunny, clear blue skies and an empty beach what more could you ask for?

After breakfast at The Dunes restaurant and a quick trip to JCrew Factory {because I can't not go when I see one} we headed down to the beach for the rest of the day. I might have had to get a new accessory for this beach trip:

A new sand spiker! These things are a must for me now at the beach. The drink holder things on the side of beach chairs never work, but this thing works great.

Later that afternoon, after we were all cleaned up from the beach, we walked down the street to our friends' Rehearsal Dinner. Rob and Kate threw an excellent party the night before their wedding complete with delicious food, new friends, and a lot of fun times.

Sarah and I rocked the white pants while Patrick and Rob rocked some sort of bro-hug. I'm not entirely sure what's going on there...

Patrick and I were up again early Saturday morning {thank you, 5:30am sunrise} and decided to pick up a few Duck Donuts before heading to Duck, NC for a quick visit. We have heard a lot about Duck from some of our good friends and we wanted to see what the fuss was all about.

We're just sad that we didn't have time to get out and explore! We drove north to Duck and into Corolla before turning around to get back to Nags Head for lunch. Would we go back to Nags Head again? Jury is still out on that. Would we go to Duck or Corolla? 


We could not get over how skinny the island got! The picture below is from the passenger seat of the truck with no zoom. That's how close we were to the water and if you looked out the driver side window, you could see the beach on the other side.

We ate a quick lunch here:

C'mon. You knew that I was going to make it to a brewery, right? This one happened to be the first wind powered brewery in America and it also had good beers and good food. After lunch, it was back to the beach!

Y'all. I found my favorite summer beer in a can! I'm always on the hunt for good craft beers in a can during the summer because you can't have glass on the beach. Patrick and I stopped by the store last week to pick up the Goose Island 312 and stumbled across a Goose Island Summer Session Pack: 312, 4 Star Pils, IPA, aaaand Summertime Kolsch! I was one happy girl.

How about some pre-wedding four wheelin' fun? Kate surprised Rob with a 4 wheeler as a wedding present, and we brought it over to the wedding for them to use as their getaway vehicle after the reception.

The wedding itself was on a pier in Nags Head and it was absolutely gorgeous. Windy as all get out, but such a beautiful location!

I definitely lost the fight with the wind. I also lost the fight with my favorite pair of wedges {that I think I've had since high school? early college?} and they bit the dust as soon as we walked into the reception. But, when you're at a wedding on a fishing pier, you're going to be very close to something you can use to fix a shoe:

It was a great night celebrating Rob & Kate!

What a weekend y'all, what a weekend.

Patrick and I now have a couple of places in the Outer Banks on our list and we'll be making a return trip for sure. There were a couple of things that we wanted to do {Wright Brothers Museum and Bodie Island Lighthouse} that was bailed on for beach time so... yeah, we'll be back.


  1. It looks like a fun weekend! I always love heading to the outer banks but it is a drive. I can get to Wilmington in two hours but the outer banks is anywhere from 3-4 hours for me. Jess at Just Jess

  2. How fun!!! I love that you guys really were able to fit in so much for a wedding weekend. And your friend's gown is just gorgeous!

  3. The Wright Brothers Museum is really cool. Quite a hike up the hill. I had to make a stop at the j crew factory too! Haha, I just told everyone I needed a bathroom break...but that was the real reason I needed to stop.

  4. Looks so beautiful, I have never been and have always wanted to! I love that there was crazy glue to fix your wedge, I feel like that always happens to me!

  5. Great photos. I've always heard that the Outer Banks are amazing! Hope to get there one day! Congrats to the bride and groom!

  6. The Outer Banks is far, but so worth it! We went a bunch of times when I lived in Ohio...I feel like it's almost as far from Columbia as it is Ohio! Ha! Definitely agree with you on staying in Duck/Corolla vs Nags Head!! Nags Head is almost like a northern Myrtle Beach to me, while Duck is more like Hilton Head/Kiawah (less commercial, more relaxed). Glad you had a fun time!!

  7. How fun! I love that you guys got some time to enjoy the area and the wedding also looks like such fun!

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