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The Great Disappearing Act

I know, I know, it's been crickets over here lately on Magnolia and Main. I've heard from quite a few of you about that silence and you're right: it's time to get back to blogging on a regular basis.

I miss blogging. You'd think with all the extra daylight hours {the picture above was taken at 9:15 this past Saturday night} that we have right now that I'd be able to find the time to squeeze in a post or two. Nope.

If I haven't had time to blog, what have I been up to?

I haven't ever shared what I actually do or the company that I work for on my blog before. That's mainly because there are creepy internet stalkers out there and because there are some things I've wanted to keep private. But, there's a good chance that changes and I'll share what I'm doing here. It's a little more public and known outside of my family and friends. All of that is to say that work has been crazy busy, crazy good, and crazy exciting lately.

Patrick {and my parents} got in on the work fun at the Fig Columbia Summer Issue Launch Party last week.

My mom and I discovered our new favorite rosé: Mirabello Pinot Grigio Rosé.

I spent the entire weekend this past weekend out on Lake Murray. Saturday was spent working at pro wake boarding event out in Chapin {see more about that here!} and Saturday evening was spent celebrating a double-retirement at our friends' lake house in Lexington.

Caroline did such a great job planning the surprise retirement party for her parents!

We all did our part and celebrated with them late into the night.

I snuck off during the party to head down to the dock. My reward? I caught this gorgeous sunset.

Patrick and I hit another area out on Lake Murray when we went to hang out at his parents' house on Sunday for Father's Day. It doesn't take much to make me happy, but a bacon wrapped filet usually does it every time.

& boat rides. I'm not sure who was happier out on the boat: me or Teddy B.

Ok, here's where I need your help: what blog posts do y'all want to see on here soon? You're spared from the running posts {because it's too dang hot} and the football posts {for another two months} but what do you want to see? Columbia things? Recipes? Brewery fun? Let me know!


  1. I've missed you friend! So glad to have you back in action :) I love your recipe posts, Columbia hot sports, & just your daily life!

  2. A full weekend on the lake sounds great! We were just talking last night here about how late it is light out and how busy that makes us!

  3. Welcome back. Sometimes a break is needed, cheers to life.

  4. Summer is a time to enjoy life and looks like that is what you have been doing! I love your polka dot skirt girl!

  5. I am LOVING all of the daylight we have during the summer. I've been in the same boat! But I've been reading through my BlogLovin' list, commenting, and brainstorming some new posts. Sometimes blogging needs to take a back seat.


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