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Five on Friday!

Wow - the first three weeks of this month have flown by!

Anyone else feeling that way, or is it just me? It's crazy to think that we'll be headed off on our 4th of July vacation in one week. Y'all. July is NEXT WEEKEND. How did that happen?

Linking up with April for another Five on Friday!

Our mid-week date night this week was a night at the All Star Home Run Derby at the Fireflies stadium Monday night. It was a cool, cloudy night and we scored some great barstool seats in the outfield. We had a good view of all the little kids trying to catch the home runs flying out of the park.

I may have purchased a new Columbia Fireflies t-shirt {finally!} while we were there Monday night.

It might be a Tim Tebow shirt.

I asked ya'll on Instagram earlier this week about whether or not I should get a Clarisonic. It was an overwhelming YES. Now the question is: which one?!

Our front living room is on it's way to a new look. We worked with our interior designer {she also did this room at the beach house} on picking out a couch and fabric for it. We have now officially ordered our first piece of new furniture for that room.

We want to buy two more chairs {they'll be done in the top fabric} and a new rug for the room, but we're hoping that we can get back into the furniture building and build a coffee table and TV stand. Stay tuned!

It's been all craft beer on Magnolia & Main lately, but let's chat about this new wine I was introduced to last week. It's a Pinot Grigio Rosé.

It's fantastic. It's delicious, inexpensive {$10 a bottle}, and has a screw cap top... which basically makes it perfect for tailgates in the fall. Because yes, I'm already counting down the days {71!} until football season and tailgating are back in my life.


Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!


  1. Yes -- Clarasonic!! I love mine, I only use it a couple days a week but you can totally tell a difference!

    A pinot grigio rose, now that sounds amazing!

  2. If you do end up with a clarisonic, you have to review it and tell us what you think! I've been wondering if they are all they are hyped up to be.

  3. Always love wine recommendations - thank you!! So fun that you had a midweek date night. Great idea on the Tebow shirt :) He's one of my favorites!

  4. That wine sounds amazing!! I need to go look for it. The Home Run Derby sounds like so much fun, too. That's always one of my favorites during the MLB All-Star celebrations.

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  5. I need to try that Pinot Grigio Rosé! Happy Weekend!

  6. The home run derby sounds like a lot of fun!


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