17 July 2017

The Beginning of 29

Hello, 29!

In the midst of our #summeroffun, I had grand plans for birthday #29. All I wanted to do was take a trip to Charleston, wander through the city, and visit a few breweries. Rooftop drinks at the Vendue wouldn't hurt, either.

We booked our hotel, counted down the months and days until our trip, packed our bags, and headed down to the Holy City last Thursday for two days of birthday fun. Thursday was spent exploring breweries {because, yes} and out for drinks and dinner with a few of our favorite Charleston residents.

The downside of a July birthday? It's hot outside. We walked around downtown Charleston all day Friday... we walked a little, popped into a store to do some shopping, walked some more, popped into a restaurant/bar for a drink, & repeat. The upside of walking aimlessly through downtown Charleston?

My brother was having lunch with his coworkers and happened to look up at the right time and spotted us out on the street. We were able to hang out with him for a bit which was nice! Is it a sign of growing up that my brother and I actually get along decently well these days compared to the high school days? I'll take it.

One thing that has always been on our Charleston bucket list required a trip out of Charleston to Mt. Pleasant.

Westbrook Brewing! 

We checked another brewery off of our ever growing list of breweries to visit. All in all, we visited 5 breweries this trip {& reviews of all will be heading to the blog soon!}

It was a good birthday and a fantastic trip.

I put down my phone and took time to be present during our time in Charleston. Too often I'm focused on getting the best picture and staying up to date with what's happening in my social media world, that I miss out on what I'm actually doing.

This trip was about spending time with my husband. It was about actually vacationing rather than living by a schedule every time we take a trip. It was about asking the concierge at the hotel for a restaurant recommendation rather than stressing about where to eat. It was about impulse purchases and off-the-beaten-path breweries.

It was a birthday full of family, friends, presents, cupcakes, birthday cards & wishes, and some exceptional food.

Cheers to year #29 & all of the adventures that it will hold!

10 July 2017

The Last Weekend of 28

The most accurate depiction of how my weekend started:

Nothing like having to get your Clemson class ring cut off your hand by your jeweler because your fingers inexplicably decided to react to Columbia heat and humidity and swell up to the point that you can't get your ring off and it begins cutting of the circulation in your finger.

This was on Saturday morning... after spending most of the day Friday dealing with the fact that someone backed into my parked car at work.

Y'all, I'm so glad that Lindsey and I had plans for her to visit this weekend! Not only did she get to enjoy the whole ordeal at the jeweler {and snap that wonderful picture}, but some girl time with her was long overdue.

We visited Soda City Market until it got entirely too crowded & hot. I love how much the market has grown since the first time Patrick and I visited in 3 years ago, but dang, it gets crowded fast these days.

I took her to the best cookie place in the world, Blue Flour, and this gluten free girl definitely indulged in a cookie {because they're that good & so worth it!}

We celebrated Craft & Draft's 3rd Anniversary with a pint of Olde Mecklenburg Brewing's Hornet's Nest.

Sunday morning, Lindsey headed back home and Patrick hit the road to help his dad out for most of the day... want to know what this girl did with her completely free Sunday?

It was a gorgeous morning, so I headed down to the Riverwalk to take advantage of the "cool" 85 degree weather and get in a short walk before heading to the gym.

I won't bore you with the rest of the day that was full of grocery shopping, laundry, and working but y'all, I had THE most productive day. Between Lindsey's visit and a crazy productive Sunday, I'd say that the weekend was pretty much salvaged after the rough start.

Good thing, too. Because it's BIRTHDAY WEEK!

& y'all know how much I love birthday week :)

06 July 2017

Weekending for the 4th

Hello, July!

For the 5th year in a row, I was lucky enough to spend my 4th of July weekend down in Kiawah. I used to think that being out on the lake was my favorite way to celebrate Independence Day but y'all, I think it might be the beach... especially when Patrick and our friends Laurel & Steven all are able to come down to celebrate.

July 1 and 4th of July weekend always means one thing {other than the beach}: Kiawah Half training begins.

Let's just say that at 7am it was 82 degrees with a heat index of 98 degrees and 96% humidity. Patrick and I went out Saturday morning and it was like we were trying to run through a hot tub. Running was miserable. It seems like I always pick the hottest, most humid day to pick running back up.

We spent the day recuperating on the beach.

Saturday night, we went out to the Ryder Cup Bar at The Ocean Course. I love that they only have local craft beers on tap at the bar - I think this time there was a Westbrook, a Low Tide, a Palmetto, and a Coast beer. I snapped up the Coast 32/50 Kölsch.

Aren't the sunsets gorgeous out there?

Sunday and Monday were more of the same. Sleep, beach, sunset drinks, repeat.

Yeah, don't let that picture above fool you. The beach was crazy crowded and looked more like this the rest of the time:

{That crazy storm above? It never reached us and our race of packing up and sprinting back to the house to beat the storm was a complete wasted effort...}

At least it was pretty again for sunset drinks later that night!

Patrick and I packed up early Tuesday morning, headed back to Columbia, and stopped by our friends' 4th of July pool party.

We might have been at home, showered, and asleep on the couch by 7pm that night. We party hard on the 4th y'all. Seriously though, we both need a vacation from our vacation. Good thing it's a short week, right?

Next up? Birthday week!

I'm in complete denial that the summer is halfway over and that my birthday is a week from today. What happened to June? And the first week of July?

30 June 2017

Thank You for 41 Years

If you've been around here long enough, you know a few things that I love:

Clemson Football
Riverbanks Zoo

The zoo in Columbia has always been one of my very favorite places to go. I can't remember the first time that I ever went there. I can't tell you the exact count of times that I've set foot there {but it's definitely in the several hundreds, including a visit last week}. I can't tell you the number of times that I've raved about this zoo to other people. But I can tell you that going there is the best. If you've been to Riverbanks, you get it. If you haven't, you might think I'm a little crazy because of how much I enjoy visiting and walking around there.

It has always been a special place to me, so you'll have to excuse me for a minute while I go on a trip down memory lane and bombard you with a few zoo pictures today. Satch Krantz, president & CEO & Head Monkey of Riverbanks for 41 years, is officially retiring at the end of the day.

I've been going to the zoo since I was little, but luckily for y'all, I've only got pictures from the digital age on my laptop ;)

... & mom to the rescue! She texted over this addition to the post:

Satch used to drive the zebra striped zoo van home sometimes and y'all, it was ALWAYS the highlight of my week. He'd drive the van home, load us up in it, and drive around the neighborhood. For five year old me, it was the best thing EVER, and it's quite possibly the reason I love the zoo so much now, ha.

Baby Lion, 2008

Lights at the Zoo, 2009

Zoofari, 2013

Zoofari, 2013

Zoofari, 2014

Zoofari, 2014

Rhythm & Blooms, May 2015 

Brew at the Zoo, 2015

 Brew at the Zoo, 2015

 Proposal, August 29, 2015

 Lunchtime visit to the zoo!

Zoofari, 2016

Thank you, Satch, for making Riverbanks Zoo into an incredible place. Thanks for a world class, award winning zoo; for all of the behind the scenes tours from baby lions to gorillas to sea lions; and for putting on fun events like Zoofari, Brew at the Zoo, and the wine tasting in the gardens.

Cheers to 41 years!

26 June 2017

Weekending in the Summer


I finally, finally, finally upgraded my Columbia Fireflies wardrobe and purchased another shirt that I could wear to games. There had been long debates about whether or not I should get the #34 Dash Winningham shirt {because he is my favorite player after all} or if I should get the #15 Tim Tebow shirt.

I went with the Tim Tebow shirt and was 100% happy with my decision.

6 days later, they announce that he's being pulled up and last night was his final game as a player for the Columbia Fireflies.

Welp. That was a perfectly time purchase, huh?

Other than the news of Tebow's departure, it was a great weekend. It was an unexpected one at home but it meant that we got to fit in some quality time with our friends. We went to a Fireflies baseball game Friday night and I, sensing that Tebow was leaving sooner than later, took advantage of some sweet seats behind home plate and snuck in a few pictures.

Saturday morning, Patrick and I checked out Soda City Market and walked away with a new piece of artwork for our house. This is one vendor that I always stop by when I'm at the market and I was one happy girl to walk away with something this weekend.

We got the pineapple painting below but it was a close call between that one and the pretty blue/green crab.

We stopped for an early lunch at a place that I've never eaten at before.

True story. Even though I've lived in Columbia for over half my life, I had never had a piece of fried chicken from Zesto. I'm not sure how I made it that long without their delicious chicken.

From there, it was off to my friends' gender reveal party...

... & it's a girl for Kayla & Jayson!

Sunday was spent in the kitchen. Patrick and I made my Cheddar, Garlic, & Black Pepper Biscuits for breakfast. I threw together some pimento cheese that afternoon {with the intention of taking some of it to Kiawah this weekend... assuming it doesn't disappear between now and then} and we cooked a pot roast in the crockpot for supper. Sundays were made for good food!

We're off & running on another week - happy last week of June, y'all! Anyone else ready for the best month of the year? July, I see you and I'm ready for you!

23 June 2017

Five on Friday!

Wow - the first three weeks of this month have flown by!

Anyone else feeling that way, or is it just me? It's crazy to think that we'll be headed off on our 4th of July vacation in one week. Y'all. July is NEXT WEEKEND. How did that happen?

Linking up with April for another Five on Friday!

Our mid-week date night this week was a night at the All Star Home Run Derby at the Fireflies stadium Monday night. It was a cool, cloudy night and we scored some great barstool seats in the outfield. We had a good view of all the little kids trying to catch the home runs flying out of the park.

I may have purchased a new Columbia Fireflies t-shirt {finally!} while we were there Monday night.

It might be a Tim Tebow shirt.

I asked ya'll on Instagram earlier this week about whether or not I should get a Clarisonic. It was an overwhelming YES. Now the question is: which one?!

Our front living room is on it's way to a new look. We worked with our interior designer {she also did this room at the beach house} on picking out a couch and fabric for it. We have now officially ordered our first piece of new furniture for that room.

We want to buy two more chairs {they'll be done in the top fabric} and a new rug for the room, but we're hoping that we can get back into the furniture building and build a coffee table and TV stand. Stay tuned!

It's been all craft beer on Magnolia & Main lately, but let's chat about this new wine I was introduced to last week. It's a Pinot Grigio Rosé.

It's fantastic. It's delicious, inexpensive {$10 a bottle}, and has a screw cap top... which basically makes it perfect for tailgates in the fall. Because yes, I'm already counting down the days {71!} until football season and tailgating are back in my life.


Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!
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