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A Weekend in Beaufort

 Last Friday, Patrick, Riley, and I loaded up the truck and headed to a new-to-us spot in the low country: Beaufort! 

Patrick and I made a very brief stop in Beaufort about four years ago as we were making our way from Columbia to Charleston to Kiawah to Beaufort and eventually on to Savannah for our friends’ wedding weekend. We were only in town for about two hours to grab lunch and to walk around for a minute before continuing on our trip down the coast. We had big plans for a four day weekend in Beaufort this past spring to attend the PGA Heritage to celebrate the end of tax season but you know… #2020 happened. After what feels like a zillion years of trying to find a good weekend to do it, we were finally able to get our schedules aligned to spend another weekend in Beaufort at our friends’ family’s house.


I was over the moon when I checked the weather for our trip and realized that we were finally going to have some gorgeous, chilly fall weather! We had a pretty good tease of fall in September before temperatures jumped back up into the 80s and I was pumped when I saw the forecast for low 70s at the high and into the 40s/50s at night. 


On our way down, we made a quick stop at Old Sheldon Church Ruins. It’s something that’s been on my list to do for years and I was finally able to cross it off this weekend. It’s a beautiful spot that’s definitely worth stopping by to see.

Outside of that, our weekend plans consisted of four things: hanging out with friends, eating a bunch of delicious food, watching all the football, and spending as much time outside as we could. I’d say we accomplished all four with flying colors.

Riley discovered a love of boats over the weekend, too. The waterway was busy all day on Saturday with boat after boat going past. If we were outside, we'd run over to the water's edge so that we could all wave to the boats. Big points to the boaters that waved back or honked a horn for us!

This weekend was a much-needed three-day weekend and weekend out of town for us. We were able to explore Beaufort, spend time with good friends, and completely log off from work/house things to be able to relax.


Hopefully, we’ll have two more weekend trips down to the low country (this time to Kiawah!) before going into hibernation for the holidays, the arrival of baby girl, and tax season. Cheers to fantastic weekends in the low country!

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