25 January 2018

Brewery Hoppin' at the Hangar

Hunter Gatherer at the Curtiss-Wright Hangar is the brewery that Columbia has been waiting for. It's the one that this town didn't know they needed.

Is it a bold statement to make?

Probably. But probably not, either.

First of all, Hunter Gatherer's new second location is in an old WWII-era hangar at the Owens Field Airport. It's in a hangar. How cool is that? It's such a cool old building and they did a fantastic job bringing it back to life with their restorations and renovations. We haven't seen any planes take off or land there yet but I can only imagine that we're bound to see it happen at some point.

There's an enormous taproom with two separate bars {note if you go: you can't open a tab at one and order from the other, gotta stick with just one} and plenty of space for everyone to spread out inside. The ginormous doors on the front and the back of the hangar also open up on pretty days.

Outside, there's a stairwell that goes up to a small rooftop area. Cool part of this area? The views out over the airport and the views into the hangar. Both are awesome.

Saturday was a great day for being outside so the grassy area surrounding the hangar was packed. People had brought plenty of blankets to sit on and little kids and dogs were running around and playing everywhere you looked. Hunter Gatherer's original brew pub isn't exactly known for being family-friendly {I don't think that I've ever seen any kids there, to be honest} but their brewery location was absolutely made for families.

Patrick, my mom, my friend Camlin, and I all went out to check it out on Friday. They had a huge turnout for opening night and we had fun checking out the new space. We knew we were going to like it but y'all, we had no idea how much we were going to love it.

So... we went back the next day! Patrick and I met up with our friends Chris and Sarah and Baby B. I haven't had the pizza there yet but it looked and smelled amazing.

I'm waiting the day when they bring their wheat beer to the brewery but for now, I'm just happy to be able to grab a pint in a hangar.

Columbia friends, do yourself a favor, and get out to Hunter Gatherer at Curtiss-Wright! It's a place that you're going to want to go to over and over again, trust me.

24 January 2018

Weekending In Hangars + On Trails

Bonus of living in South Carolina: you're almost always guaranteed at least one perfectly sunny, warm, gorgeous weekend in January. We don't do "winter" around here and I loved the springtime vibes that we have been rockin' the last few days and into today.

Low of 59? Highs in the 70s?

Bring on spring and bring on summer and bring on that short hair, don't care feeling.

I kicked off the weekend by chopping off 9.5" of my hair to donate and 5 days later, I'm still not used to the short hair. This is the very shortest it has been since I was in pre-school. It's short.

Followed that up with the first of many trips to Hunter Gatherer's new location at the Curtiss-Wright Hangar.

Spoiler Alert: I love this place. I have an entirely separate post planned to introduce you to my new favorite brewery in Columbia but just know that you need to make plans to grab a drink here ASAP. It's incredible. We may have gone two times in the first 24 hours that they were open.

We spent some time on Saturday showering our friend Amanda and baby boy. I love when this group gets together for a celebration of some sort... especially when cheese straws are involved.

On Sunday, after church / grocery shopping / brunch at the house, Patrick and I loaded up our bikes in the truck and drove out to Harbison State Forest to tackle one of their trails. We had been waiting for what seems like forever to have a free weekend afternoon to venture out on the trails and we had the perfect one on Sunday.

All in all, it was my kind of weekend.

Happy Wednesday!

16 January 2018

You're Running a What?!

I've always been intrigued by the idea of a triathlon, particularly so after this weekend in Kiawah 3.5 years ago.

I can handle my own with swimming, can fairly easily tackle the running portion, and I love to bike around everywhere, so I've thought about it. The idea got as far as actually going and trying on one piece bathing suits and joining the local Y so that I could practice the swimming. But it's the whole thing where you have to do the swimming first and then the other stuff. If swimming was last? I probably would have joined the triathlon train years ago.

But then I was introduced to the idea of the Winter Challenge, a triathlon race held in February that doesn't involve swimming. It switches out swimming with kayaking. Now, I can't kayak to save my life and didn't feel like investing in one to learn how during the cold winter months. The winter challenge was almost a no-go for me until I saw that they had a duathlon portion: a trail run + a trail ride.

Done and done.

The duathlon looks something like this:
- 2.25 trail run
- 10 mile bike ride along trails
- 4.75 trail run

The race is one month from tomorrow and I can't wait! Haven I taken my new mountain bike out on an actual trail yet? Well, no. Patrick and I have mostly been sticking to the paved areas around town and in our neighborhood. It's been so cold around here lately and we haven't had the time to make the trek out to Harbison State Forest yet. But, with forecast highs in the upper 60s this weekend and no Sunday plans, you can bet that we'll be hitting the trails very soon.

Do I have any goals for this race? Not really. My only goal is to complete it!

Plus, I'm pretty excited that I'm getting a lot of use out of my new bike. We've been tackling some crazy hills around our neighborhood {the downside of living super close to a river} and exploring areas of Columbia that we usually don't or haven't explored before. I can't wait to get back down to Kiawah on my Townie cruiser though... my legs aren't going to know what to do with a completely flat terrain.

Are y'all training for any fun races this year?

10 January 2018

Brewing + Pouring at Columbia Craft Brewing

Don't look now, but Columbia is slowly starting to develop a craft brewery scene.

You've got the ones that have been around for awhile: Hunter Gatherer, River Rat, Conquest, and Swamp Cabbage Brewing. There's the still-fairly-new brewpub, Twisted Spur, on Gervais. Cotton Town Brew Lab just started becoming available around town on local taps {but their actual taproom hasn't opened yet}, Hunter Gatherer's new biergarten out in the Curtiss-Wright Hangar is opening any day now {next Friday!}, and Columbia Craft Brewing is going on week 6 of being open to the public.

It's not Charleston, Asheville, or Charlotte, but I'll take the baby steps that Columbia has been accomplishing over the last year!

Columbia Craft Brewing, located on Pulaski Street between Gervais and Blossom, is the newest brewery to come to Columbia. In the six weeks that they've been open, I've been a few times {possibly more than I'll admit here} and have sampled most of their beers.

More often than not, you'll find me drinking one of these two beers there:

007ession {session ale} + Columbia Craft Lager

They have a good number of what they call their Carolina Weisse beers. These beers are Berliner Weisse style beers that are low alcohol, tart, wheat inspired kettle sour beers that have different varieties of fruit thrown in. Ones that they've had so far include passion fruit, guava, mango / peach / apricot, and raspberry. I'm not a huge fan of these yet but they might be growing on me.

Personal favorite thing about Columbia Craft? It's the closest brewery to our house. I have nothing against driving out by the stadium {other than the fact that it's the Gamecock football stadium...} to visit River Rat but y'all, I love being able to pop across the Gervais Street Bridge and be right at Columbia Craft.

Columbia Craft Brewing is an awesome addition to Columbia! I'm ready to see what the second location of Hunter Gatherer and Cotton Town Brew Lab add to the brewery scene here when they open up.

09 January 2018

Exploring Magnolia Market + The Silos

Hands down, the thing that I was most excited about when going to Austin was our road trip to Waco, Texas.

Were we being all kinds of basic by going to Waco? You bet. Did we care? Not one single bit! I have loved everything Fixer Upper, Chip, & Jo since the day I first saw the show and have always wanted to go and see the Silos in person.

We woke up bright and early on Friday morning last week, got on the road, and we were at Magnolia Market just after 9am when they opened. It was a chilly morning and since it wasn't the weekend, it wasn't crazy crowded.

First stop: the Bakery.

I ordered a Shiplap cupcake, a classic sugar cookie, and the Prize Pig {a cheddar + bacon biscuit}. All of them were delicious! The best part was not having to wait in a crazy long line... we were probably 15-20 people back in line and were able to wait inside the entire time instead of in a line wrapped around the building like we saw later when we were leaving.

Next up was our #milestomagnolia picture. Once again, there was no line because it was so early and on a weekday rather than the weekend.

We spent quite a bit of time wandering around the shop. It was beautifully set up and you could see the care and thought that went into each and every part of the store. I love a well organized store. We all ended up making a few purchases while we were there... I did my best not to go overboard.

We walked through their garden area, made a quick stop in the Magnolia Seed + Supply shop, and then grabbed lunch from the food trucks on site.

I could have spent all day sitting at the picnic table and people watching.


Seriously, I could have sat there alllllll day long.

It was the perfect day at the Silos! The only thing that could have made it better would have been a Chip or Jojo sighting, but I guess you can't have everything.

We did make a pit stop at Harp Design Co on our way out of town to check another item off of our Fixer Upper bucket list.

Now, if you don't mind me, I'm off to pick up my copy of A Magnolia Story for a quick re-read while I wait on my copy of Capital Gaines to arrive... the first two books of our newly-formed book club at work are appropriate reads after our visit to Waco, TX. If you ever have the chance to visit Magnolia Market, fan of Fixer Upper or not, you need to go. It is 100% worth the visit!

08 January 2018

Scenes from Austin

Austin, you were awesome.

From the art and murals on every single square inch of available space to the authentic Texas brisket, the road trip to Waco, and the awesome memories made, it was an unforgettable trip.

There were food trucks all over the city. They were everywhere. I know that Columbia doesn't really have a food truck scene but I always thought Charlotte had a decent one. Austin put Charlotte to shame, y'all. There were SO many food trucks.

I loved seeing all of the murals around town. I think the only building without a mural on the side of it might have been the Texas capital building.

Columbia's State House is still my favorite, but the one in Austin comes in a close second for sure. It was stunning. We made a quick detour by it and ended up spending quite a bit of time there exploring the halls and different levels.

Our road trip to Waco, Texas on Friday morning was easily the highlight of my trip. Magnolia Market is incredible and was so worth the trip. That part of the trip is getting a whole post of it's own because there's no way that I could sum it up here.

 The other highlight of the trip? Hanging out with the 4 awesome women that I work with and making some really fun memories together as we explored Austin and Waco.

Austin, I'll be back someday... for all of the artwork and inspiration, but definitely for the authentic Texas brisket.

05 January 2018

Five on Friday

It's been a minute, hasn't it?

I think the end of 2017 was the busiest end of year ever for me. It was non-stop from mid-November until now... and even now, I'm still on the go because I'm currently exploring a new-to-me town, Austin, TX with the awesome group of women that I work with.

Today, we're off to Waco, Texas to MAGNOLIA MARKET! Am I a tiny bit excited? You bet. As soon as we decided that we were headed to Austin, I have been mentally planning the day trip to Waco. I adore Fixer Upper and Chip and JoJo, and cannot wait to see Magnolia Market in person in just a few hours.

Here's the first Five on Friday for y'all!

One of the gifts under the tree for me this Christmas was an Apple Watch.

10 days later, I'm happy to report that I LOVE this watch. Huge fan. I don't know how I made it so long without it. It worked great for the 5K that I ran this past weekend and I'm on a mission to figure out all of the fun things that I can do with it.

Speaking of 5Ks, it's that time of year again. Cold weather has arrived and it's time to run all of the races all around Columbia. I ended the year with three races in town and got some pretty epic finish line pictures, like this one:

I call it the "I can finish this race in under 29 minutes?!?! RUN!!!!"

We're getting super outdoorsy and active around our house. After talking about it for yearssss and years, Patrick and I finally have our own mountain bikes.

Of course, as soon as we got the bikes, the weather got super cold and not great for biking. We've been able to get them out around the 'hood a few times though. I love biking at the beach, but I love being able to hop on the bike at the house and go for a ride. We're hoping to get to some of the trails soon, like Harbison State Forest, but haven't quite made it there yet.

If you haven't been to Columbia Craft Brewing yet, you need to make plans to go there soon as well. Columbia was in desperate need of an additional brewery or two and Columbia Craft was the first of 3 planned breweries to open up.

Their Columbia Craft Lager and the 007ession Session Ale are my two favorites.

We may not have gotten snow in Columbia this week {boo!} but we do have a pretty cool outdoor ice skating rink.

Ice skating + Columbia may not sound like a good combination, but I promise you that it is. My uncoordinated self made it around the rink several times without any mishaps! Main Street Ice is legit.


Happy first Friday of 2018!

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