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Brewery Hoppin' at the Hangar

Hunter Gatherer at the Curtiss-Wright Hangar is the brewery that Columbia has been waiting for. It's the one that this town didn't know they needed.

Is it a bold statement to make?

Probably. But probably not, either.

First of all, Hunter Gatherer's new second location is in an old WWII-era hangar at the Owens Field Airport. It's in a hangar. How cool is that? It's such a cool old building and they did a fantastic job bringing it back to life with their restorations and renovations. We haven't seen any planes take off or land there yet but I can only imagine that we're bound to see it happen at some point.

There's an enormous taproom with two separate bars {note if you go: you can't open a tab at one and order from the other, gotta stick with just one} and plenty of space for everyone to spread out inside. The ginormous doors on the front and the back of the hangar also open up on pretty days.

Outside, there's a stairwell that goes up to a small rooftop area. Cool part of this area? The views out over the airport and the views into the hangar. Both are awesome.

Saturday was a great day for being outside so the grassy area surrounding the hangar was packed. People had brought plenty of blankets to sit on and little kids and dogs were running around and playing everywhere you looked. Hunter Gatherer's original brew pub isn't exactly known for being family-friendly {I don't think that I've ever seen any kids there, to be honest} but their brewery location was absolutely made for families.

Patrick, my mom, my friend Camlin, and I all went out to check it out on Friday. They had a huge turnout for opening night and we had fun checking out the new space. We knew we were going to like it but y'all, we had no idea how much we were going to love it.

So... we went back the next day! Patrick and I met up with our friends Chris and Sarah and Baby B. I haven't had the pizza there yet but it looked and smelled amazing.

I'm waiting the day when they bring their wheat beer to the brewery but for now, I'm just happy to be able to grab a pint in a hangar.

Columbia friends, do yourself a favor, and get out to Hunter Gatherer at Curtiss-Wright! It's a place that you're going to want to go to over and over again, trust me.


  1. Okay, now I definitely need to head back to Columbia! What an awesome space. That pizza looks so good, too. We had a pizza food truck at Columbia Craft (I obviously can't remember the name - haha), and it was delicious! Have a great weekend!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven


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