31 July 2014

New Space: Entry Way Ideas

In my new apartment, we hung exactly two things on the wall: a massive mirror over my dresser & a massive mirror over my couch. Every other wall is as bare as can be.

It's driving me crazy.

But my new apartment is gorgeous and the last thing I wanted to do was start throwing things up on the wall just to get something hung. I'm not the most patient person in the world so I'm on a mission to start figuring out how to decorate the new space.

First on the list is a building project.

I have a little entry way right when you enter the apartment and it's a perfect space for either a narrow table or bench. I've been scouring Pinterest for some ideas & here's what I've found:




But I think what I really want to do is take this coffee table & turn it into a narrow entry way table... if I can find a long, narrow window at Sleepy Poet or Habitat Restore. Otherwise this won't work at all in the space.


Either way I go... there's definitely some building in my future! Considering those closest that I've come to building furniture is putting together a bookshelf/supervising someone else putting together an Ikea dresser... this should be entertaining.

30 July 2014

New Space: Tour

Ahhh... happiness in new apartment. Here's the new space!

I signed my lease, paid my first month of rent, and ran over to my apartment to snag some pictures real quick before my friend brought lunch over. Yup. Ate lunch in my new apartment about ten minutes after setting foot in it for the first time.

Ok, I know, pictures please.

View from the front door

Laundry room!

I can't get over the fact that I have a coat closet!

& this entry way? I have big plans for this entry way.

The kitchen!

You can never have too many pictures of this kitchen.

I'm sorry but can you see the back & arm rests in the tub? Yes, please.

A linen closet too? Shut up.

 The only picture of my bedroom. Oops.

Can't wait to start decorating this place!

29 July 2014

New Space: The Little Things

It was a long, hot weekend of moving but I am officially {& finally} moved into my new apartment! This move has convinced me that I have too much stuff. But, now that it's moved & everything has a home, I'm probably not going to do anything to fix that problem. Oops.

I love every bit of my new space. It's new, clean, bright, airy, and amazing. There are quite a few little things that I discovered around the apartment this weekend that have made the apartment that much better.

The ceiling on my porch is painted blue. It's a faint, very pale shade of blue but but regardless, it's blue. I love it. It reminds me of my parent's house and of Charleston.

I have a fridge with a water/ice dispenser. No more Brita pitcher. No more reaching in for a handful of ice & dropping half of it on the kitchen floor.

The apartment has laminate hardwood floors which meant I had a reason to buy this rug.

There's a linen closet and a coat closet!

There's an entry way which I've never had before which means there's going to be a fun building/decorating project for this space. Because I'm super impatient/excited about the new apartment, that project might happen as soon as this weekend.

This shower.

A ceiling fan with a light on it.

Y'all, the excitement level over this new apartment is unreal and I'm sorry, but there's going to be quite a few apartment related posts in the near future :) Check back tomorrow to see the whole new space!

25 July 2014

Oh Hey Friday AND Moving Day!

It's Moving Day! It's Moving Day! It's Moving Day!

Adios, old apartment! Helloooooo pretty, brand new, gorgeous apartment! I am so excited about moving out of my old apartment that I'm not even dreading the moving process. My apartment has been a half packed up wreck since the last weekend in June and it's been driving me up the wall. I just want to unpack & have everything back in it's proper place again.

First of all, Happy Anniversary to my parents! This year makes #38 for them and they're celebrating by helping me move into my new apartment, unpacking boxes, and hanging things up on the walls.

Yup. I know. I have fantastic parents.

Unexpected email of the week: an email from IPTAY with my season ticket & parking pass information for this season. That means that football season is right around the corner y'all! Get ready for this blog to switch from running, gators, & Kiawah to Clemson, tailgating, & Seahawks.

36 days to go...

Moving Problems: I went to my kitchen this morning to grab a bowl of cereal for breakfast. The cereal is packed up, the spoons are packed up, and the bowls are packed up. Solution?

Mmm way better than a bowl of Special K.

I've been scouring Pinterest for fondue recipes over the last week and came across this one. Seems like a perfect one to try out as an appetizer for Taco Night next week.


Help! A Nashville trip is in the works for September & I need to know where to go, what to do, and what to eat! Any suggestions?

Happy Friday!

23 July 2014

Destination: Nashville

For years I was ready to hit the skies & go explore Europe. I had that chance four years go and loved every minute of it. I wanted to go back immediately. But then I went to Seattle a couple years later and realized that there are dozens of places in the US that I've wanted to go to that I haven't been yet.

& you know what? I'd much rather stay in the US and explore around here than go abroad. Go figure.

Anyway, the planning side of me & the traveling side of me are both very excited: I'm officially going to Nashville in September!


We have two things decided on so far:
trip dates & attending the USC/Vandy football game

& I have one thing already on my packing list ...cowboy boots!

Now it's time to plan the fun stuff. Has anyone been to Nashville? Any suggestions on what we should see/do/eat?

21 July 2014

The Two Person, One Brewery Bar Crawl

This is what Saturday was supposed to look like:

Wake up & go for a 2 mile run on the Greenway
Hit up the Farmer's Market
Go to Toast for Brunch
Walk around/explore uptown
Go out for a nice dinner


Woke up at 7am and it was raining. Scratched the run idea & went back to sleep.

Woke up at 11am, watched a movie, went to the Farmer's Market, & then to Bad Daddy's for a late lunch.

Decided that we were going to go park the car uptown and have our own little two person bar crawl.

First, last, and only stop of the bar crawl: Unknown Brewing.

I went to Unknown Brewing for the first time back in November for their grand opening and I hadn't been back since. We stayed outside the whole time that we were there and never made it inside to see what all they had.

Turns out, they have a ping pong table.

Patrick and I got beers, hung out for a little while, and then made our way back to the open ping pong table... where we got into a loooong game of ping pong {which I won!} and decided that we were never leaving.

The nice thing about this brewery is that it wasn't one where you just sit and drink beers. They had the ping pong table. They had several sets of corn hole boards & were letting people play corn hole inside since it was raining out. There were long tables that were great for playing card games. They even had a little miniature foosball set in addition to a few other board games like Cranium and Pictionary.

It was a perfect rainy day afternoon, even more so when a few more friends showed up to play.

We had a lot of fun while we were there which is why our bar crawl never really got further than the first stop. I know that I want to go back there again sometime soon!

18 July 2014

Oh hey, Friday!

Oh hey, Friday! & the end to a 4 day week! & birthday weekend! & {fingers crossed, y'all} my final weekend in my first post-college apartment!

Happy {belated} birthday to my dad! He's lucky enough to share the same birthday month with me ;) We celebrated both of our birthdays down at the beach this past Sunday with drinks & appetizers with some of our friends who live in Kiawah. I had every intention of getting a picture of my dad & me that night but completely failed. Oops.

Maybe pictures of food will suffice?

No? Ok. Here's one from four years ago when we went to Europe. Happy {belated} Birthday, Dad!


Amanda @ as the wine cork turns put up a challenge to run 115 miles before Halloween. It was a perfectly timed challenge for me as I needed to get my butt in gear with training for fall/winter races.

I ran six times on the beach while on vacation plus my 4th of July 5K. I've run twice this week since getting back and have a greenway run set up for tomorrow morning with a friend. Whew. It's safe to say this is the most consistently I've ever run.

I am so happy to have a weekend in Charlotte, even if it means spending a weekend in my disaster of a mostly packed up apartment. We'll be spending as much time as possible out of my apartment, that's for sure!

Seriously. I've stayed at work late and gone biking after work just to avoid spending time in this disaster... which has tripled since this picture.

I got this pretty little thing for my birthday. I cannot wait to use it!

Fondue + Wine = a fantastic girls' night.

Who else is a fan of the weather that Charlotte is having right now? It was 65 degrees when I got in my car to go to the gym this morning and it felt great! I'm not ready for summer to be over yet but a couple of days of cool, humidity free weather sure has been nice.

Happy Friday! Why? Cause there are only 43 days until Clemson beats Georgia!

16 July 2014

Mingo Point Oyster Roast

Every Monday night during the summertime months, there's an Oyster Roast held out at Mingo Point. I say "Oyster Roast" loosely because it's a lot more than oysters. There's oysters, crafts for little kids, nature talks, a buffet filled with amazing food, a great view of a marsh sunset, etc.

My parents, a family friend, and I all went down to Mingo Point last Monday night to check things out. My parents and I had never been before so it was something we were able to cross off of our Kiawah to do list. Plus, the weather was cooperating and it was a good night to be outside.

 This is venue that is often used for weddings &/or receptions. Can you tell why? Gorgeous.

 They do have alcohol for sale at the Oyster Roast. There were four types of wines, a couple of local beer options, and some mixed drinks. I stuck with the pinot grigio as per usual.

The oyster fans in our group. My mom and I opted out of oysters for the buffet.

 My plate: loaded baked potato skins, barbeque chicken, red rice & sausage, mac & cheese, and pulled pork. Everything {with the exception of the chicken} was outstanding. I went back for seconds on the rice, mac & cheese, and pulled pork. We also went for a bike ride as soon as we got home from this because we ate soooo much food.

 They do a nature talk each week for all of the kids that are at the event. I may not qualify as a kid anymore but the program was on alligators, so I had to stick around & listen.

 Mingo Point is one of our favorite places to bike to. The views aren't too shabby and every once in awhile you can spot a dolphin hanging out back here.

If you ever come out to Kiawah to vacation in the summer, I highly recommend hitting up this Oyster Roast. It's a little pricey but well worth it.
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