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Destination: Nashville

For years I was ready to hit the skies & go explore Europe. I had that chance four years go and loved every minute of it. I wanted to go back immediately. But then I went to Seattle a couple years later and realized that there are dozens of places in the US that I've wanted to go to that I haven't been yet.

& you know what? I'd much rather stay in the US and explore around here than go abroad. Go figure.

Anyway, the planning side of me & the traveling side of me are both very excited: I'm officially going to Nashville in September!


We have two things decided on so far:
trip dates & attending the USC/Vandy football game

& I have one thing already on my packing list ...cowboy boots!

Now it's time to plan the fun stuff. Has anyone been to Nashville? Any suggestions on what we should see/do/eat?


  1. Yay, how exciting!! I've never been but I do watch the show… go to the Bluebird!

  2. Nashville is very high on my US travel list! Sorry I don't have any recommendations, but I'll be waiting to hear all about your trip!

  3. OMG!!!! Can I please go in your suitcase?! Nash-Vegas is one of the greatest places on Earth! Okay... check the Ryman/Grand Opry, they do shows Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur... obviously go to Tootsies, get there early and get a good spot (Fri/Sat nights are insane), its also a great place to do a Sunday Funday! Rippy's is just as amazing, and if you like bbq, Jack's on Broadway is the place to go! Losers is a small dive bar but they have really good artist there, Zac Brown showed up one night for a live impromptu show and its basically like being front row! Verago/Whiskey Kitchen are equally as great if you are looking for something a little bit different.... ugh, I'm so jealous just writing this!

  4. can you tell that katie loves nashville? hahaha! i love it too - i've been twice and it's a party every single night. the strip of neon lights filled with bars and food - it's amazing. you can't lose no matter where you go & she's right - the weekend nights can get insane. JEALOUS.

  5. I live just 2 hours from Nashville... If you like to party then 2nd is where you want to be each night! Tons upon tons of bars....


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