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Post Johns Island 4th of July Cross Country Trail Run 5K

Do you want to know what's absolutely miserable?

Running a 5K when it's 81 with a heat index of 94 degrees.

I convinced my friend Steven to run this race with me. We both thought that it was a great idea before we started the race. See? Nothing but smiles.

 Walking to the starting line.

This particular race is a super small, "just for fun" type of race. They still time you and hand out age group awards, but they try to keep the costs of the race down as much as possible. Which means that there were no chips to track your time and you followed the guy on the bike to know what the course was.

Steven ran the 5K in his best time ever. The finish line was right where the course comes out of the woods around 2.25 miles and he crossed the finish line right as I was coming out of the woods. To say I was jealous that he was done running in the hot, humid, miserable weather would be an understatement.

But... I finished not too much later.

Not my best time, but not my worst either. I'll also take that since the race was a trail run, it felt like 94 degrees outside, and I hadn't done much running since my last race in April.

My mother, the official photographer for the day!

Beer at 9am? Ok.

Another example of keeping costs low :)

2nd Johns Island 4th of July Cross Country Trail Run: COMPLETE

Recovery from run?
Yeah. I can do a hot, humid, miserable run any day of the week... as long as I get to recover for the rest of the day just like this:


  1. You go girl!! I don't like running when it's too hot outside so I am very impressed!! Looks like a wonderful way to relax post 5k :)

  2. Way to go! I really need to get back to running outside but I am having a hard time with this summer heat!!

  3. whoohoo! you go girl! i see you are still hashtagging #stillnotarunner - but i think you're doing awesome.

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