27 November 2013

Loco Lime Taco Tuesday

If you're going to do Taco Tuesday in Charlotte, you need to go to Loco Lime on Central Ave or you're going to miss out on some awesomess.

You cannot beat $1 tacos.

Some friends from work introduced me to Loco Lime & Taco Tuesday about a year ago and I am forever grateful. The tacos are fantastic little street tacos and the salsa is sooo good {well if you like cilantro & garlic a lot}. 

Here are your choices:

I usually get the grilled pollo with no onions on a flour tortilla. No. I can't be normal, ever, when I order food at a restaurant. I assume that Asada, Carnitas, and Al Pastor are the best because that's usually what everyone gets when we go. They also have a Veggie one that isn't listed that is supposed to be worth getting.

The tacos are simple with just your meat selection, onions, cilantro, & cheese on a corn tortilla {or flour if you're like me}

These things are so good that they tend to disappear quickly once the arrive to the table. My two tacos disappeared so fast that I forgot to take a picture! Good thing that it's easy to order extra tacos if you're still hungry because I needed that third one ;)

So if you're craving mexican in Charlotte... try to hold out until Tuesday when you can hit up Loco Lime for some $1 tacos! You cannot beat a $3.25 bill that gets you three tacos and all the chips & salsa that you want.

26 November 2013

Pre-Charlotte Turkey Trot 5K

I'd say that the majority of the 5Ks that I've run in have been about 200 people or so, with the exception of the NoDa 5K and the Color Run. I have no idea what to expect for the Charlotte Turkey Trot when the website announces, front & center, that registration is capped at 11,000.

Um... 11,000?!

I'm not even sure how to handle that. The NoDa run was about 1,000 people and that was insane. ELEVEN TIMES THAT?! Oh boy.

Has anyone noticed that it's freezing in Charlotte this week? Why didn't I even factor that as a possibility when I was signing up for this race? Been so cold and rainy this week and even though it'll be sunny Thursday morning, it's still going to be below freezing at race time.

This is beginning to sound like one of the worst decisions that I've ever made. I'm hoping the freezing weather will make me run faster just to get out of the cold. Maybe? I know I'm going to be thinking about how I would much rather be running here!

On a brighter side, remember that 5K I ran in at the beginning of the month? Remember how due to some weird circumstances it looked like I should have finished in first place for my age group?


First place!

I am fairly certain that will never happen again so I might have been a little annoying in attempting to get Concord Parks & Rec to admit that I had won 1st place and to hand over the award. Sorry I'm not sorry.

As per usual, here's the playlist for Thursday morning's 5K. This might be one of the most random assortment of songs ever...

Here's to a super chilly, under 30 5K!

25 November 2013

College Football: Week 13

You don't expect to go to the Clemson vs Citadel game and expect to have a lot to talk about afterwards. It's a noon game against an FBS opponent... usually snoozers. Well, that wasn't the case on Saturday. So, here we go.

The Purple Out was very impressive on Saturday and I wish we'd throw that into the schedule every couple of years. The student section rocked out {unexpected} and the purple balloons were a nice change from the orange ones released.

Confession: I started crying right about the time that I saw the solo Young bus pull up to the hill carrying only the seniors. Seriously? Didn't expect that. Thankfully I was not the only one crying the entire time the seniors were making their way down the hill.

It was Senior Day. Senior day is inevitable every year - you cannot keep your Tigers in school and playing for Clemson forever, no matter how much you would like to. As it turns out, you can't keep your school presidents either. It was a huge surprise to see President Barker dressed out at the top of the hill to run down the hill before his last game as Clemson's president. Pretty sure he got a little choked up at the reaction of the crowd.

At the same time, we realized that the team was dressed out in all purple {first time since 2010 & first time for this senior class} for Military Appreciation Day & Clemson's Purple Out.

Sad little Hot Rod :(

You also cannot keep Tajh Boyd forever. Sigh.

Daniel Rodriguez is Military Appreciation Day, end of story. If you don't know who he is or his story then you should definitely check it out. It is worth a watch. I am so grateful that Clemson believed in him & gave him the opportunity.

What up, new Clemson President! 

I hope you checked out that Tiger suit closely because this is what we expect of our presidents:

But for real Tajh, don't leeeeeeeeave!

Catman, I'm going to need you to stay too, please.

If I never check off another thing on my Clemson bucket list, I feel pretty good about at least getting this one: I saw Daniel Rodriguez score a touchdown! Not only did I see him score a touchdown, but I saw him score it on Military Appreciation Day while in a purple uniform. Everyone in the stadium was immediately on their feet screaming for him, including The Citadel fans.

But the most upsetting part of the day? When we got to town, my mom and I decided to quickly sell our two extra tickets. The scalpers were missing from their normal spots so as soon as we came across a random one we rolled down the window. He offered us $10 a ticket... I countered with $15 a ticket. We gleefully drove away excited that we had sold our two extra tickets to the Citadel game & if the past was any indication, the scalper wasn't actually going to be able to sell them to anyone.

The couple who ended up buying the tickets and sitting next to us bought the tickets for $120. 


It is finally time to focus on the last game of the year: The Clemson vs Carolina Game.

As many Carolina fans have said the last few years, the past doesn't matter. 

It doesn't matter that they have played every year since 1909.
It doesn't matter that Clemson has a decisive lead in the series, 65-41-4.
It doesn't matter that Carolina has won the last four years.
It doesn't matter what either team has done or hasn't done this season.
It doesn't matter that both teams are ranked in the BCS top 10.
It doesn't matter what either team did in week 1 or even last week.
What matters is Saturday at 7pm.

This week makes me extremely glad that I do not live in South Carolina. This game seems to bring out the worst trash talking by the most ignorant "fans" on both sides. I like to hide away until game time and avoid all of it!

Let Rivalry Week begin! GO TIGERS!

22 November 2013

A Southern Twenty-Five on Friday!

Took last Friday off... next Friday is a Holiday... I could get used to only working every other Friday! Linking up again this week with  AprilDarciNatasha, and Christina for a little Five on Friday.



Wednesday night I went on a bit of a spending spree and in addition to my sweet new running shoes, I also did some online Christmas shopping. I can now officially mark three people off of my Christmas list! I'm really excited about each of these three presents but since these three people all read this blog... I can't share :( My Christmas tree will be anxiously awaiting the presents to arrive though so it doesn't look so bare underneath once I put it up next weekend!


It doesn't matter to me that stores start putting up their Christmas decorations on Halloween, or that Thanksgiving gets completely left out of the picture in the retail industry, Christmas does not happen in my apartment until after Thanksgiving. Christmas shopping doesn't count! My tree doesn't get put up. The stockings don't get hung on my bookshelf {side note: I'm extremely jealous of each and every one of you with a mantle}. There is no holiday cheer in my little apartment until the Sunday after Thanksgiving... which is thankfully a week and a half away because I cannot wait to get some Christmas cheer into my apartment!


Hey look at that, just like everyone else, I've completely bypassed Thanksgiving! I'm looking forward to a totally jam packed five days next weekend. Just thinking about everything that I'm going to try to squeeze in to a three day time period is exhausting. There will be family, friends, Black Friday shopping, an engagement to celebrate, a football game to tailgate for, a football game to attend, a 5K to run, and on, and on. You would think that eventually I would learn not to try to do everything possible but nope, haven't quite received that message yet...


Last week, on my wonderful Friday off, my mom and I stopped by one of our favorite stores in Greenville: Swoozies. Have you ever been? I found a zillion things to buy in there and walked out with one. Seriously? They have great gifts and awesome holiday things so if you need a gift for someone {um, it is almost Christmas} or want something monogrammed, this is the place to go! Don't live in Greenville? Check them out online & if you shop before Thanksgiving, you can use the code THANKFUL20 to get 20% off {win!}


Hey, so you know how I went out and bought running shoes for the first time ever this week?

Holy Cow Bells.

Had I known how much better running would be with a proper pair of running shoes, I would have bought them a long time ago. I hopped on the treadmill last night and immediately felt the difference... so much that I didn't stop to walk like I normally do.
Nope. No way.

I ran 3.1 miles without stopping once.


I ran a 5K without stopping! For the first time ever!

Happy Solid PURPLE Friday! Clemson is celebrating Military Appreciation Day tomorrow during the Citadel game and it's our first "purple out". It's also the last time I will ever see Tajh Boyd in a Clemson uniform in Death Valley and I'm not sure I can handle it :(

21 November 2013

How to Buy a Pair of Running Shoes

So far on my Running Wish List, I have managed to cross two items off {yay!}

The first was the long sleeve running shirt from Gap, which I highly recommend. It's comfortable to run in and I like the little holes in the sleeves to stick your thumb through. The downside is that it's harder to check your time on your watch if you run with one.

Anyway, back to how to buy a pair of running shoes.

{Step One} Find a fun little running store to go to. My choice?
Run for Your Life. Fantastic local store {shop local!} with extremely helpful sales clerks.

{Step Two} Find a sales clerk and when they ask what can they help you with, say "I want to buy a pair of running shoes!" They may reply with something like "Uh, ok, I think you're in the right place." I guess I was stating the obvious when I walked in there, huh?

{Step Three} Make sure to point out the fact that you have never bought a pair of shoes for running so that they take the time to look at your feet & the way you walk. They may immediately rule out the one pair you have your eye on though because it isn't the best fit  for you :(

They'll also ask you how much you run, what type of training you're doing, etc. I was just like listen, I'm not training for a marathon or anything. Just find me a pair of basic running shoes.

{Step Four} Proceed to try on every shoe they have in your size & specific style. My feet aren't special at all and my sales guy, Rob, recommended me to buy a stability running shoe {like he recommends for 80% of the people who come in looking for shoes}

And when I say every shoe, I mean every shoe. I tried on Nike, Brooks, Asics, Saucony, and New Balance. White ones, purple ones, multi colored ones... every shoe.

99% sure that guy regretted giving me so many choices once he realized how indecisive I was.

{Step Five} Decide on a pair you like & buy them!
Buying the most colorful shoes wasn't exactly my intent, but these felt the best to move around in, so whatever.

In case you were wondering, the colors of my new shoes are described as silver, diva pink, and purple. Love it. I can't wait to take these out of the box and start breaking these shoes in before my next 5K!

20 November 2013

The Liebster Award

Alright, so I've been nominated for this award twice now from two different bloggers, so I guess I should stop procrastinating and participate :) This is your warning that this is a slightly longer/wordier blog than usual.

The Liebster Award is an award given to bloggers by bloggers, and is basically a different way to get to know each other based on a set of 11 questions.

Two amazing bloggers nominated me for this... Morgan at New Found Love and Lauren at Life as a Wife {you should check them both out!} They both posed 11 questions for me to answer but instead of answering 11 questions posed by each of them, I'm answering about half from each by picking & choosing between the two lists of 11. So here we go!

{one} What made you start blogging?
I joke around that I went through a quarter life crisis this summer and that this was one of the byproducts of that. I decided one day that I was finally going to follow through with the idea of writing a blog and texted back and forth with my friend Becky about it. What was I going to blog about? What was I going to call my blog? No idea. A couple of days later I was staying up late in bed at Kiawah trying to figure out what design I wanted for my blog and what I would blog about first. I also discovered Pixlr, my new favorite website and addiction. And now here we are!

{two} Thanksgiving or Christmas? Which is your favorite & why?
Hands down, Christmas. That probably has a lot to do with the picky eater thing so I'm not big on the whole Thanksgiving meal thing {other than the mashed potatoes}. Christmas has more meaning, more tradition, & more festivities. 
Christmas Eve Service
Ridiculous pictures on Christmas morning
Christmas Cookies
Lights at the Zoo
Shopping for Christmas presents {am I the only one who loves to do this?}
Christmas Trees
& a hundred other things

{three} What is your favorite thing to cook?
Umm... I have a really bad habit of getting hooked on a new dish and then cooking that one dish over and over and over again until I eventually find something new to cook. Currently, it's Veggie Chili and Black Bean & Corn Salsa.

{four} Best vacation you've ever been on?
My first thought was either Seattle or Europe, but both of those were trips that were jam packed with tons of toursity things and we were constantly doing something. Not that I mind touristy things, but I don't really consider that "vacation". I try to do so much stuff when I have time off of work that coming back to work is usually when I can breathe and relax again. So I'll have to say that the best vacation I've ever been on was the last vacation where I truly got to sit back and relax and enjoy the time away. That last vacation happened in the 10 days between graduation & joining the real world. We went down to Long Boat Key Island and stayed in a ocean front condo. It was the perfect vacation:
Sunny, gorgeous days
Plenty of time on the beach soaking up sun
A day out on my aunt & uncle's boat
Lots of reading
Amazing views
Lots of carefree/unplanned time {which, if you know me, is extremely rare}

{five} Where is your favorite place to shop?
Target. Not just Target, but Super Target.
Yes, there is a difference and yes, Super Target is that much better.

{six} What is your favorite movie?
Any of the Harry Potter movies... but I either have to watch those alone or with Liza & Becky because I have a tendency to quote all the movies and they are the only ones who can put up with it.
Outside of the HP world... Sweet Home Alabama, How to Train Your Dragon, and Because I Said So

{seven} If you have spare time, what do you do?
Right now? Spanish, Spanish, and more Spanish.

{eight} Where is somewhere you have always wanted to visit?
I have always wanted to visit either Nashville. Or Savannah. Those two cities have been on my list for the last few years and I haven't been able to cross them off. Hopefully I'll make it to at least one of those cities sooner rather than later. 

{nine} If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
I would love to pack everything up and move somewhere I have never been. Montana. Oregon. Tennessee. New Zealand. But I have no desire to be that far away from my family, Clemson, or the beach so...

{ten} What is one skill/hobby you've always wanted to learn?
I've always wanted to be able to speak/understand a second language. I'm attempting to learn this skill as we speak {thank you, Rosetta Stone}

{eleven} What did you used to want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be an elementary school teacher so bad, and then I took a Teacher Cadet class my senior year of high school and realized I so could not be a teacher. Despite that, going to hang out in my mom's kindergarten classroom is still one of my favorite things to do!

and I'm breaking the rules.
Out of all the blogs that I follow/read, most of y'all have already done this or something similar to it and I don't want to make y'all be redundant. Guess that's what I get for procrastinating? :)

19 November 2013

Oyster Roasts Are About Pictures, Not Oysters.

{PANTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, sorry, had to get that out after the longest two minutes ever - back to the post}

Cameron & Jacob moved back to town and decided to host an Oyster Roast for their friends and family to celebrate that fact.

I, being the very picky eater that I am, do not go anywhere near oysters. Ew. Disgusting. But as everyone knows, oyster roast are about way more than eating oysters {although I know some of you might disagree with that statement based on the number of raw & steamed oysters you consumed}. 

It's about seeing people you haven't seen lately.
It's about socializing.
It's about celebrating one thing or another.
It's about taking a million pictures.

What, just me? Y'all don't take a million pictures at an oyster roast? You're missing out...

Oyster Roasts are the best.
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