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Loco Lime Taco Tuesday

If you're going to do Taco Tuesday in Charlotte, you need to go to Loco Lime on Central Ave or you're going to miss out on some awesomess.

You cannot beat $1 tacos.

Some friends from work introduced me to Loco Lime & Taco Tuesday about a year ago and I am forever grateful. The tacos are fantastic little street tacos and the salsa is sooo good {well if you like cilantro & garlic a lot}. 

Here are your choices:

I usually get the grilled pollo with no onions on a flour tortilla. No. I can't be normal, ever, when I order food at a restaurant. I assume that Asada, Carnitas, and Al Pastor are the best because that's usually what everyone gets when we go. They also have a Veggie one that isn't listed that is supposed to be worth getting.

The tacos are simple with just your meat selection, onions, cilantro, & cheese on a corn tortilla {or flour if you're like me}

These things are so good that they tend to disappear quickly once the arrive to the table. My two tacos disappeared so fast that I forgot to take a picture! Good thing that it's easy to order extra tacos if you're still hungry because I needed that third one ;)

So if you're craving mexican in Charlotte... try to hold out until Tuesday when you can hit up Loco Lime for some $1 tacos! You cannot beat a $3.25 bill that gets you three tacos and all the chips & salsa that you want.

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